Tuesday, January 8, 2019

In With the New, Celebrating the Old #celebration #writing #gratitude

Since it’s my first blog of the new year, normally I would write about what I am planning to do in the new year. What goals I have set for myself for the next year. And this year, like every other, I certainly have set some goals for myself.

But I thought this year, instead of going on and on about the goals I’ve set, I thought I would talk about what I did accomplish in 2018.  Because the goals we accomplish deserve just as much attention as the ones we set.

1.       I recovered from publishing 4 books in December. I know it doesn’t sound like an accomplishment but it certainly was. For the months of November, December and January I barely had time to do anything but promote those books. And I still didn’t do anywhere near as much as I wanted to. After all that I needed a moment to breath and I took it (which is a great feat for me, I’m not good at standing still).

2.       I joined my local RWA group. After attending the RWA convention in 2017 I realized just how disconnected I had become from the writing community. In 2018 I endeavored to fix that. I joined my local RWA chapter and made some really good friends. Now I have some people in my life that understand just what this crazy writing thing is all about. As much as I love my other friends, you really have to be in this world to understand just what it’s all about.

3.       I joined a critique group. This one goes hand in hand with the previous, but it still deserves its celebration because finding a critique group that works for you, and one that helps you, is hard to do. Every moment isn’t a fairytale. I definitely hear things I don’t want to, but my writing has definitely improved because I’ve been working with this group. They have helped me find some of the area’s I’ve gotten lazy on in the last few years, as well as reminded me of the same old pitfalls I fall into way too often.

4.       I finished Nanowrimo this year. While this may not seem like it should make the list, since I do this every year. This year was particularly difficult, and I only made it through by a hair. It definitely felt like a greater achievement this year more than most.

5.       I made major progress on several older works. I’m great at coming up with new ideas, but horrible at going back to old ones. But this year I made steps to work on two older drafts. One an old Nanowrimo project that is proving to be difficult to revise, but I am keeping at it. And I made good progress writing an old sequel to a series I started years ago. II have picked up and put down this story at least three or four times over the last few years. But this time I didn’t just add a few words, or rearranged a few sentences. I more than doubled the word count. I am almost through the first draft now and hope to have it out this year. 

6.       I reinvigorated my love for naughty stories.  For the past year or so I’ve drifted away from my genre. I haven’t been reading it in lew of more mainstream works (partially because finding the works I loved so much is now much harder without Samhain, my go to publisher, around). But in the last few months I started to pick up more erotic romance, and I am getting charged up to write another naughty book very soon.

These are the things I accomplished this year, and I am very proud of each and every one of them. Is it everything I hoped to accomplish in 2018…of course not. I never accomplish everything I set out to do. But that doesn’t take away from the amazing work I’ve done this last year.

So what did you accomplish in 2018? What do you want to scream to the rafters about?


Tina Donahue said...

Publishing 4 books in a month is a HUGE accomplishment, Willa. You should be dancing in the streets. You go, girl! :)

I've never belonged to a critique group - frankly, I'm not a joiner. Even found the Brownies and Girl Scouts to be a trial when I was kid. However, I do wish when I started this publishing journey, I had thought to hire a great editor for both content and line editing before submitting to houses. Getting pubbed might have been easier. But then, who knows? I will say I've learned invaluable things from each editor at the publishing houses I write for. They've made me a better writer, and their suggestions/wisdom were free. :)

Hope all your dreams come true in 2019. Now go and have some chocolate to celebrate your accomplishments in 2018. :)

Harlie Williams said...

Way to go Willa! I was in my RWA group until I moved to a small town. Loved them and learned so much.