Thursday, January 3, 2019

Cover reveal: ROMANCING REBECCA by January Bain

Good Morning, my fellow book lovers! Ah, my first post in 2019. May I wish one and all a most Happy New Year and a great 2019! :-)

I have a fun post for you today. A cover reveal for my latest book, Romancing Rebecca, being released from Totally Bound on February 18th. I'll be heading out on a 'virtual' tour curtesy of Goddess Fish and there will be a sweet cash prize for anyone visiting one of the tour stops. Hope you win! What's not to LOVE about virtual tours, eh! I get to go there from home...

Think being a romance writer makes the road to true love smoother? Think again.
Canadian romance writer Rebecca Fairfax thinks a few months living in an English castle will allow her to test out her research theories about the castle and get new material for her writing. Oh, and she’ll be able to carry out her Brass Ring Sorority sisters’ dare to kiss a duke, too. Only, the whole experience ends up changing her life in a way she could never have seen coming…
Ash Piers isn’t interested in peerage and titles. He’s a freewheeling playboy who’s adopted a hedonistic lifestyle after a disastrous love affair. He thinks the upstart Canadian is a gold-digger of the worst kind, kissing his father, the Duke of Piers, on first greeting, then getting engaged to him a moment later! But, damn, he’s attracted to the woman who’s living in his home for the summer. How’s he, a red-blooded Englishman, supposed to keep his hands off her as propriety and family demand?
But with the castle lurching from one crisis to another, Ash and Rebecca have to work together to ensure his family make it through events that threaten to tear everyone apart. And when an ancient and deadly danger looms, both Ash and Rebecca are forced to conquer all fear—physical and emotional…
Part madcap caper, part serious treasure hunting, the Brass Ringers never fail to entertain or get their way!


“Perhaps I should carry you?” he inquired, his plummy voice tinged with concern.
“Perhaps that would be best.”
She looked into his eyes. Oh my, what a lovely shade of melting chocolate. Then she caught sight of the thief from the corners of her eyes.
“Stop him! The thief—he’s getting away.”
“I thought the matter had not been decided yet?” He raised a sardonic eyebrow, his mouth twitching. Strange, he seemed less worried about the real thief than she did.
“Your tour guide can vouch for me. He pointed the way before I gave chase. Plus, this guy”—she pointed at the slippery culprit still moving with obvious discomfort down the tunnel, holding onto the side while hopping on his one good foot—“gave the game away by announcing what was in the package. The FabergĂ© egg. How could he know that if I was the one to steal it?”
Hmm, those melting pools of chocolate. Are those flecks of gold? Hard to be certain in the dim light. He paid her words homage and his expression softened. “Of course, that does make a great deal of sense. Though he still might have seen you take it.”
“Duh, of course, it does.” She slipped into defensive mode. “And I did not take it—I’m not the one trying to sneak away.”
“Right you are.”
“You can let me go,” she said with reluctance. “And nab the guy.”
“Are you certain? I don’t want you falling and suing us.”
“For goodness’ sake, I’m not going to sue your ass. Though, on second thoughts, perhaps I should consider suing you for slander.”
He pulled away from her, leaving her instantly colder and bereft of the lovely sensation of being in La-La Land. She tugged off her helmet, letting her fair hair spill out over her shoulders. She fluffed it out with one hand for added emphasis.
“You wouldn’t happen to be a duke of something or other, would you?” she asked at his recoil, praying it was so. That would even make up for slugging through water and ruining her best pair of motorcycle boots.
“No, just an earl. The Earl of Craigmere to be precise. My father’s the duke, so I don’t inherit until he’s gone, which I hope is a long way off—at least most days. He can be a real ballbreaker about my life at times, though perhaps he has reason.” He ran a hand through his hair, disheveling the arrangement and only managing to look even more fetching. “Excuse my language. Ash Piers at your service. Why did you want to know if I’m a duke?”

Available for Pre-order January 8th from Totally Bound Publishing

I'm on facebook, and just the place you can find me for information about my upcoming Book Tour as it happens in real time! Hope to see you there. :-) 

That's all for now, hope to see you February 3, 2019, for my next post. In the meantime, have a good one! Hugs, January 


Tina Donahue said...

Happy New Year, January! Awesome cover. Congrats on your upcoming release. :)

January Bain said...

Thanks, Tina! Happy New Year to you! And all the best in 2019! Hugs, January