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A New Spin off Series from the best selling Eternal Flames Series By Maggie Walsh
and Cree Storm.

                                                  "Savage Heart" book 1

Russell Savage has been around since the dawn of time. He is the original shifter and has spent most of his life fighting in one war or another as well as hoping that one day he would be blessed with a mate. Little did he expect to find him, clinging to life, as the last victim of a serial rapist and killer in Crystal, Colorado. Going on pure instinct and need, Savage whisks his mate to the place he has called home for thousands of years. 
Gill wakes in a strange place, with a gorgeous stranger watching over him, explaining that he is the ultimate of shifters and Gill is his mate. All the promises Savage makes about love, safety and acceptance is something out of the romance novels Gill loves to write. However, how can he believe Savage when his own parents never offered any of the same. Little did Gill know how easy that would be but underestimating how far his family would go to get him back threatens the life Gill and Savage are trying to build. 
How will Gill and Savage unravel the evil Gill’s father has started so that Gill can finally find love, peace, and paradise, in a place they call…Savage Island.

He opened his eyes again and tried to sit up, but the twinge in his back pulled again. Gill ran his hands over his face and through his hair, scratching the top of his scalp. He needed to figure out where he was, why he was here, how he got here, and what the hell was about to happen. So first things first, he needed to get his butt out of the amazing bed he lay upon and get moving.
Motion behind the curtain at the open door caught his attention and Gill froze again as he held his breath. Suddenly a gruesome face flashed before his eyes, and his heart began to pound in his chest.
“You’re safe here. No one will harm you. I give you my word,” a deep, sexy, soothing voice said from somewhere outside the door.
“H-how did I… I… I mean… um… How did you…” Gill trailed off, then swallowed hard.
“How did you get here? How did I know you were finally awake? Or how did I know what you were thinking?” The voice asked.
“Um, all of the above I guess,” Gill replied, his voice coming out calmer than he felt. Gill was surprised to see that although he was concerned, he wasn’t exactly scared. More like anxious.
Heavy footsteps thudded against wood, the sound coming closer. Gill wanted to sit up and pull away, lifting the blankets to cover his naked chest. Shit. He had been so curious about the wherefores and the hows, as well as the decor of the gorgeous room, that he hadn’t even noticed until now that he was shirtless. Or was he more?
Gill lifted the blanket enough to peek underneath, then pulled them up to his chin as he closed his eyes tight. It was just as he suspected. He was lying in a strange place, with a strange man nearby, and he was completely naked. Shit, did that mean... Had he been violated? Wouldn’t he remember if he had been? Had this man done something to him while he was asleep? How did he get Gill out of his room at the shelter without him knowing? Son of a crap cake! What the hell was going on?
“Be calm, Gill. It’s okay. Like I said, I give you my word, no one will harm you here and no one has,” the voice promised.
“So then... what’s happening? How did I get here? Why am I naked? Where am I? Who are you? Why does my back hurt so much? And what are you going to do with me? If you’re looking for a ransom, I hate to tell you this, but my dad won’t pay. He doesn’t believe in paying off kidnappers or blackmailers, so if it’s money or favors you’re hoping for, you’re shit out of luck when it comes to my parents. And if you’re trying to get some kind of money out of me, then you’re in even less luck. I don’t have a dime,” Gill quickly fired off his questions in rapid succession, then began to ramble.
A sexy chuckle came from the open doorway, that went straight to Gill’s cock, and the damn thing went from limp and uninterested to steel rod and wanting in under two seconds.
The heavy footfalls came closer and suddenly the most gorgeous man Gill had ever laid eyes on stood there in the doorway with the sun at his back creating a soft silhouette. But Gill could still make out the man’s size, which had to be close to six foot six, drool worthy and the finest specimen of male perfection that Gill had ever seen, and age, which was older than him, just as he liked it. Whoever this man was, he looked to be about ten to fifteen years Gill’s senior, but he looked damn fine for his age. Not a wrinkle or grey hair to be found from what he could see from their distance.
He blinked a few times, coming out of his thoughts, then cursed himself when he realized the guy had asked him something and he was clearly making a goober out of himself by staring and drooling.
“Yes,” he said, in a voice too high for his liking, and wanted to pull the covers over his head and hide.
Either this guy didn’t notice, or he was being polite and didn’t let it show, thus trying to spare Gill from his embarrassment. He was sure it was the latter.
Adonis took a few more steps into the room and slid his hands into the front pockets of the tight blue jeans he wore. The move brought his attention to the very large and impressive bulge that was now framed between those pockets, and Gill swallowed hard. Boy what he wouldn’t give to see that up close and in person. Shit, what was wrong with him? He didn’t know this guy or even where he was. For all he knew this guy had kidnapped him or he was an evil serial killer. And here his pathetic ass was lusting over him.
That deep, sexy, chuckle came again, and Gill looked up, his gaze meeting stunning sapphire blue eyes. Now that the man had come into the room further, Gill could see him more clearly, and the first thing he noticed was the guy was even better looking than he first assessed. He did indeed have a few silver-grey hairs at both temples. The look didn’t make him look old at all, just more experienced and wise. Gill really liked it.
“I am definitely and completely flattered by your response to me, handsome, but if you think you can get out of your own head for a few minutes and stop fucking me with your eyes while staring at my dick, I think we can get to the talking portion of this meeting. If you can’t, then we both run the risk of me ripping my clothes off and joining you in that bed, then fucking you through the mattress.”
Gill’s eyes went wide as heat filled his face and his cock twitched with need.
“I can smell your arousal, Gill, and I am fighting very hard to control myself. There are so many things we need to discuss, fated one.”
Finally Gill was able to take a breath and pulled in a lungful of air, then released it slowly. Okay, he could do this. He could stop behaving like an untouched teen boy and man up. As much as he wanted exactly what the man had said he was about to do, Gill knew that was insane and the man was right. One, they didn’t know each other, and two, they had a lot to talk about. He knew he should be afraid right now, but he wasn’t. For some reason he just knew he was safe here and with this man, so Gill straightened his spine and lifted his chin, ready for whatever was about to happen.
“First let me start by introducing myself to you. I am Russell Savage, but everyone calls me Savage."

For more from Maggie Walsh check out her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com 

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