Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Thirty Days of Gratitude #SNSD #reset_your_attitude

Thirty Days of Gratitude (or reset your attitude)

Each of us goes about our days focused on what's important...getting the kids ready for school, finishing up our daily chores, meeting our word count, and the myriad of other things on our lists. 

Very rarely do we pause to take a moment to thank those around us. I do say thank you quite a bit but it's usually in passing--thanking the waitress for the extra butter or thanking the person holding the door. 

When was the last time you sat down and really thought about all the things/people who are important to you?

November is the perfect time as the month culminates with the celebration of Thanksgiving. Sounds good, right? But where to begin? What do I do?

Each of us can be thankful in many different ways. We can write a list, take some time to reach out to others, post it publicly on social media or even send a small note. The trick is to make it your own, something you do as easily as breathing. 

When we take a moment for being grateful, we appreciate our own place in the world around us. What we have is enough. We see the blessings in our lives and can see more clearly what is important. 

If you are looking for a box set about a family who understands the meaning of family, Home is Where the Heart Is--will have you laughing and crying. 

Five Wilder Sisters left Amherst, Ohio trying to escape their small town lives. Slowly, each returns and finds out that love is right around the corner.


The fire was quickly put out. When the screeching of the alarm stopped, one of the firemen came over to talk with me. As he pulled off his helmet, I noticed his familiar face. It was T.J.
Smiling at the soot on his cheek, I said, “Thank you, T.J. Is everything okay in the house now?” I wanted to run my hand over his face and brush the smudge off. Just being around him made my knees weak. You would think after sixteen years I would be over him. Maybe my mind knows, but my body doesn’t yet, I thought sarcastically.

“Syn, were you trying to cook again?” His eyes sparkled, making the butterflies in my stomach flutter. “The fire is out. It was mainly contained in the oven. It appears that someone was trying to dry their laundry in there. There was minor smoke damage to the kitchen and living room areas, but I think that if you open the windows and air the place out, it should be okay in a couple hours.”

I felt safer knowing someone I knew personally was here checking things over, but wished it had been someone who hadn’t broken my heart. “Thanks again, T.J. It’s my dad, he has Alzheimer’s, and isn’t himself these days. He must have thought he was being helpful. First, I heard the vacuum going. Then, the fire alarm goes off. I can’t believe he put his laundry in the oven!”

“I’m sorry about your dad. He was always such a big, scary guy. Remember that time I came over to see you in high school and he wanted to show me his shotgun collection?”

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderfully grateful November... until next month!



Tina Donahue said...

What a great, positive post, Melissa. Yes, there are so many people to be thankful for. People and community who make everyday living possible and worthwhile. :)

Tim Smith said...

Melissa, thank you for posting something so timely. You're right--too often, we don't take time in the daily hustle to go beyond "Thanks for the great service at lunch." Time to change that.

Also, so nice to see yet another reference to my former hometown of Amherst, Ohio! I was back there in late summer while visiting the Lake Erie islands. My newest private eye mystery/romance, "The Other Woman" takes place in Sandusky, where my hero resides.

Melissa Keir said...

Thanks Tina. I'm continuing my thoughts on being grateful on RB4U on Friday.

Thanks Tim! I've finally finished the Wilder Series. It's hard not to love Amherst, even though so much has changed since I was there growing up. My dad moved to Port Clinton so that's become my new go to place to visit! All the best with your release!