Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Some Sweet and Sexy Short Stories New Adult and Teen

     Forever Man. When Jolene Custer comes to work with black and blue marks, Luke Garza knows exactly what it's about, and he sets out to help her. Luke had been raised with a drunken abusive father, he knew all the signs. He'd taken a liking to Jolene when she first came to work there, but now he was ready to intensify the relationship. He related to her. When Luke asked her if he could come over and meet her family, Jolene was hesitant. 
    Jolene knew her father wouldn't like her having a man over. But Luke insisted. It didn't take him long to like her family either. All but her father, whom he still hadn't seen. 
    After gaining her brother's confidence Luke told Randy to call him if Jolene was ever in harms way. So Randy did. That night Jolene got beaten good and Randy took a kitchen knife out to keep his father at bay. Problem was, Randy wanted to use the knife. 
    But Jolene feared she'd never have a serious relationship with Luke because she had to be there to take the abuse so her siblings didn't get beaten. 
    Luke was persistent, and determined to get Jolene away from her destructive father.

Amy Benefield is leaving town. That is until Carson Walker finds her with suitcase in hand on the road to nowhere. Carson Walker, Kevin Stevens and Amy Benefield have been best friends since they were kids. Inseparable. But now, Amy is pregnant with Kevin's baby and he won't own up to it. Kevin's been in college for a year, and has become another would be Romeo. So it's up to Carson to make things right. Kevin pops off and tells her he thinks the baby is Carson anyway. So Carson does something even Amy wasn't suspecting. He asks her to marry him and he'll raise the child as his own. Only condition is that Kevin can never have parental control over the baby. Will Amy marry Carson or try to work things out with Kevin?

This is a short story for teens. Mia Tyler went to the General Store not far from her home every Saturday just to hang out with the boys, mainly Jeremy Potter and Bo. She'd been sweet on Jeremy since the summer before when he taught her to swim. But Jeremy knew she was too young for him. Jeremy was nineteen and Mia was only fifteen. sixteen in four months, she would always correct him. Trouble was, at her age, she was either too old for her siblings or too young for the kids she liked to hang out with. But when Jeremy came to the pond to swim one day he seemed to realize she was growing up and it startled him. It embarrassed her. Would he ever see her as a potential girlfriend? And would her mother ever accept that she was growing up and smart enough to know how to conduct herself?

    Lori Lanningham flew from New York to Plano, Texas, all to put a doldrum boyfriend and job behind her and be with her family, Aunt Judy.
    Handyman Mark Sutton had been sweet on Heather Lewis for years, but she hardly knew he was alive. 
    Aunt Judy lands Lori in a spot when she suggests he date Lori to make his lady friend jealous. Mark agrees to it before Lori has a chance to stop it.
    Just coming from a relationship that lacked luster and gusto, Lori isn't sure it's wise to dive into something else. After all Mark is a hunk, what if she falls for him and he pines for Heather?
    Sure enough, when she sees stars when he kisses her, Mark is looking at Heather. Lori's suddenly in too deep. She'd rather go back to her no relationship, than be hurt, especially at Christmas.


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Congrats on your releases, Rita! Each sounds wonderful. :)

Redameter said...

Thanks I try to have something for everyone on my sites.