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New Release - Because You Loved Me BLMorticia & Remmy Duchene #gayromance #interracial #multicultural #newrelease

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Last month I told you about my release, Push. Read more about it here. I had another release called Because You Loved Me, book one of the Again series. 

Check out the blurb, links and excerpt below. 

Because You Loved Me – Again Series Book One by BLMorticia and Remmy Duchene

Blurb: Hitoshi Ren has a pretty good life—a great education, friends he considers family, a crush on one of the world’s biggest crooners, and a secret he believes has died. But when that secret walks back into his life in the form of late-night phone calls, he has to put his life aside and hop on a plane to face his past demons.

To make matters worse—Rixton Corrigan seems quite determined on turning Hitoshi’s head. 

Rixton Corrigan has been on a nonstop ride and he wishes to get off. The exhaustion of touring the world in support of his latest album and his brother’s disapproval of his carefree lifestyle has taken its toll. Since he’s doing a video and a couple of shows in Japan, he decides it’s a good time to unwind and cut himself off from the western world. Time that’s best spent alone until he can get his head on straight. 

However, those plans are tested when Hitoshi Ren shows up at his hotel, looking sexy and irresistible. His brother tells him to stay away, but how can he when he’s always been attracted to Dustin’s best friend?


First meeting between Rix and Hitoshi

When the elevator finally stopped, the bellhop led him down a fancy corridor, to a set of double-wide doors with gold trimmings. His escort then bowed and headed off the way they’d come. Hitoshi arched a brow then knocked.
“Who is it?”
“Rixton? It’s Hitoshi.”
“Hey, what are you doing here? How did you even find me?” Rixton sounded agitated and under the weather.
Hitoshi frowned. “Look, I have things I could be doing. But, as usual, you’re irresponsible and leave other people worried about you. Can you open the door, so I can see you’re not bleeding to death? Your brother is worried about you.”
Clicking noises sounded, and Rixton poked his head out. “Sorry, man. I’ve been sick. I thought I was getting over whatever mess I’ve got. I guess the bug found me again with the long trip.”
“You think you can call Dustin back?”
“Sure. Why don’t you come in? Unless you’re scared to get my germs.” Rixton opened the door wider, walking away from Toshi. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll go grab my phone to put my older brother’s mind at ease.”
“Um—I don’t know if coming in is a good idea. I can’t afford to get sick right now.”
Rixton shifted back around to meet Toshi’s gaze. “Oh well. I thought you might want a drink or something. As a thanks for stopping by? If you wanna rush off, though, I suppose I can’t stop you.”
“That’s not it. My father’s immune system is compromised. Being around him with a cold is…well…bad.”
“Oh, okay. I get it. All right.” Rixton ambled back over and nodded. “Thanks for checking on me. I’ll give Dusty a call right now to tell him I am indeed okay. Maybe we can have a drink some other time. I’ll be in Tokyo for a while.”
Hitoshi turned but stopped. There was no way he was going to see his father. Otōsan would never agree to that visit. Deep down, he was running from the fact Rixton was pretty much naked and covered in tattoos.
 “Actually, I can stay for a while. Have you eaten?”
Rixton twisted his lips into a flirty grin. “No, I haven’t had much of an appetite. Why? Got some ideas?”
Hitoshi stepped by him into the apartment. He glanced around and frowned. “Do you have a kitchen?”
“Yeah, but it’s probably getting cobwebs. When I’ve had an appetite, I’ve ordered takeout.”
“Do you at least have food in there?”
“I really haven’t checked. I guess we can go find out.” Rixton closed the door and sauntered in the other direction.
For a moment, Hitoshi stopped to gather himself. The only reason Rixton was affecting him was because Hitoshi hadn’t been with anyone in a while. There were no other explanations.
Besides, Rixton was Dustin’s brother. Naked or not, Hitoshi wouldn’t poop where he ate. With a deep breath, he followed and entered a small kitchen. He took a look in the fridge to find it stocked. Without speaking, he sniffed at the sandwich meat. The ham was still edible. The other things, not so much.
 “You should throw those out.” He set them on the counter then wandered around until he found all the provisions to make a sandwich. “By the way, you should shower, Rixton. You’re kind of funky.”
Rixton snorted. “Yeah? I guess the old saying, you can’t usually smell your own funk is true. Or is it because I can’t smell anything through my nose?” Rixton exhaled. “All right, I’ll be back in ten minutes. Make yourself at home.” Rixton exited the kitchen.
It took a couple of minutes after Rixton left for Hitoshi to pull it together. He made a sandwich, sliced it in half, and even cut off the edges. He ensured it was pretty healthy—ham, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, ground pepper and a couple of slices of jalapeno. He set it on a plate then found a bottle of orange juice. He poured some in a glass for Rixton, wishing he had something to calm his nerves. Vodka, tequila—absinthe.

BLMorticia entertains her readers with hot and smexy sex, humor, and lots of swear words. She attempts to incorporate metal music or the military in most of her works. Nothin’ sexier than metalheads or military servicemen and women! 

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Remmy Duchene was born on the small island of Jamaica but now calls Canada home. When not working a day job, she can be found writing, hanging with family and/or friends, trying to find the latest inspiration or watching baseball . With an addiction to Asian Dramas and BTS, you can usually find Korean Hip Hop and Pop on her playlists as well as anything that's probably too naughty to be listened to without headphones.

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