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New from Maggie Walsh and co-author Cree Storm
"Mating Song"
Eternal Flames-14 Crystal
Music had always soothed Deja and helped him through troubling times. So when he meets his mate, Shadow, and sees how his close proximity is hurting him, Deja takes a job he had only dreamed could be possible.
Shadow should be thrilled that his mate has gone off to live in Maddox, but yearns to claim what fate has brought into his life. However, living as long as he has, seeing and experiencing all the ugly life has to offer, he knows he is no good for the sexy man. When it’s opening night and Deja is attacked, things change. 
Can Shadow keep his mate at arm’s length, unclaimed, and safe from those that would be out to hurt him?


 Shadow walked into the house, praying he wouldn’t come across Deja. His mate had been living under the same roof as him for over a month now and it was driving Shadow insane with need. Fighting his panther day after day was getting harder and Shadow honestly didn’t know if he could continue his fight to not claim his mate.
Deja seemed to be everywhere and Shadow’s constant hard on was testament to it. Fuck, he had jacked off with visions of the man since the day he heard Deja singing to his brother in the hospital. However, nothing compared to the other day when he had been in a meeting with Suneth, Wade, and the other guys. Thinking about it, Shadow couldn’t remember hearing the man singing since then.
Fuck, they had been sitting and planning on what to do about the Senator when Deja’s sweet voice had caught all of them off guard. They had all gotten up and left the conference room only to see his little mate in his own world, dusting, singing, and dancing. The second Deja did that split, Shadow thought he would explode in his pants right then and there. Images of his mate’s flexibility and how many ways he could position the gorgeous creature while he fucked him into the mattress had assailed him all at once.
Not wanting to bring attention to his mate that he was home, Shadow quietly made his way upstairs. Shadow was known for his stealth ways. Being a soldier most of his entire existence, Shadow had learned how to hide himself even in plain sight. If Shadow didn’t want to be seen…he wasn’t. It worked out well for him and his team when he was recruited to Wade’s Black Ops group. However, it seemed that his skills sucked when it came to Deja. The man always seemed to see him when no one else did. Just like right now. Turning Shadow could only stare at his mate as he stood at his bedroom door watching Shadow, knowing that yet again Shadow had been trying to avoid him.
“You don’t have to hide from me in your own home, Shadow. I know you want nothing to do with me right now and I have respected your wishes,” Deja softly said.
Shadow tilted his head to the side. “Yet, you still make sure I see you everywhere I look.”
“What would you have me do, Shadow? I live here. Am I supposed to lock myself in my room until I know you are nowhere to be seen?”
Yes! Damn it! Shadow knew his thoughts were ridiculous, but seeing his mate, smelling him all throughout his home and surrounding grounds kept his cock so hard that he was most likely ready to break the Guinness record for bouts of masturbation in a day.
“I’m sorry, Shadow. I am willing to do many things for you but locking myself away isn’t one of them,” Deja softly replied.
“Do what you will. I don’t care,” Shadow snapped making his way towards his room.
Shadow saw the dark circles under his mate’s beautiful silver eyes. If Shadow wasn’t mistaken the man had lost some weight and he had already been too thin. This was his fault and honestly, he had no clue how to fix it. He could not have a mate. His soul was too black…too tarnished…too repulsive to even think of tainting his mate’s purity.
Shadow had seen too much in all the wars he fought. He had lost too much from his original home, family, and so much more. Shadow knew that if he were to accept this gift that Kali herself had bestowed upon him it would do nothing but destroy the sweet man before him. He had far too much blood on his hands. Allowing Deja to go on with his life without someone like himself, was the best way for him, as Deja’s mate, to provide the happiness, health, and care to the man. It was what mates did for each other. They provided those things every day of their lives and this was Shadow’s way of taking care of his mate…even if no one else understood what he was doing.
Shadow was so engrossed in thought…that is the only reason he could think of, not to have been aware of someone rushing up from behind. One second he was walking to his room and the next someone was slamming into his back, wailing on his ass screaming and cussing.
“Lon! Get off him! Lon! Stop it dang it!” Deja shouted.
Shadow flipped the man from his back, raising his hand to knock the shit out of him when someone pulled Shadow off of Lon and slammed their fist into his face. “Don’t fucking touch my brother, you son of a bitch, or I will kill you.”
Casius went for him again, but Shadow had too much training to allow another sucker punch. Shadow launched his body at the dragon shifter plowing his fist into the man’s face hearing a satisfying crack. Then Lon jumped on his back shouting, “You fucking piece of shit! I should kill you for what you’re doing to my brother!”
Seconds later Six and Flyer were by his side, doing their best to stop the dragon shifters’ attack and then Suneth came out of nowhere, shouting, “Enough!”
All fighting stopped as they all turned to one very pissed off gargoyle. Turning, Shadow thought for sure he would see his mate’s distressed eyes, instead he saw nothing but burning anger. Well Shadow had wanted his mate to go away. From the look in the man’s eyes, he was so pissed off at Shadow that the man knew he was finally going to get his wish. However, Deja shocked the hell out of him when instead of ripping into him, he went for Casius and Lon, shoving them both. “What the fuck is your problem?”
Lon growled, “What the hell, Deja? That fucker denies you and you expect us to sit back and take it? Bullshit! Being gypsy’s is no reason to deny what fate has brought to someone and he damn well knows it!”
Casius snarled and looked at Shadow in disgust. “When Asbuth convinced us to stay in his home instead of ours at Donny’s or one of my other mates, he said no one gave a shit about who we are.”
“There is no prejudice in my Chimera,” Suneth stated firmly.
Vano snorted as he slowly made his way closer to his brothers using his walker. “Maybe not against dragons or phoenix, but it seems to me at least one of your men detest gypsy’s.”
Shadow snarled, “I have nothing against gypsy’s or any other being whether they be human or paranormal!”
“If that’s so then why do you refuse to claim Deja? He’s your mate and yet you run so fast and far your gonna hit a tree and hurt yourself,” Vano snapped.
“Stay out of my business! You know nothing!” Shadow snarled. He felt his panther begin to come to the surface and was doing his best to push him back.
“Vano, I’ve already explained to you and your brothers you can not interfere in a mating,” Suneth calmly stated.
“I am not interfering, Suneth. I am telling that fucker he’s an idiot! Deja is the sweetest most loving man I know and I’m not saying that just because he’s my brother. I’m saying it because he doesn’t deserve to be made to feel as if he is less than or not good enough,” Vano explained still giving Shadow an evil look.
Shadow snapped, “You don’t think I don’t know what kind of man your brother is? Well you and your brothers are wrong. I know he is pure of heart and it is because of that I do not claim what is rightfully mine. I refuse to taint his soul in any way, shape, or form. So back the fuck off!”
Casius nodded. “He isn’t sleeping.”
“Or eating,” Lon snarled.
“You are a prejudice prick! I’ve known men like you. You think because we are gypsy’s it gives you the right to treat us like shit! You can knock us around, treat us like we are nothing but dogs on a leash. Well fuck you!” Vano snarled with such anger and hate that Shadow almost missed the small flicker of painful remembrance and he would know that look. He saw it every time he looked in the mirror.
“Shut the fuck up all of you!” Deja shouted.
Shadow looked at his mate in surprise and although he had noticed his mate looked tired, it was the first time he realized just how much weight his mate had lost. Every part of Shadow wanted to go to the tiny man and force him to eat, sleep…take better care of himself. His panther paced within him just as unhappy by Deja’s brother’s declarations. Yet, Shadow knew he could do nothing for his mate.
Deja took a few breaths then looked at his brothers. “I love you all and I appreciate you trying to help, but you have to listen to Suneth. Stay out of this. Shadow might be my mate, but that is in term only. Now I may not understand all his reasons, but I respect his decision. You need to stop trying to force something that has nothing to do with you. Just let it alone.”
“Deja, we only want you to be happy. Fuck you’ve hardly sang a song in weeks. You know you can’t do that,” Vano snapped.
“I’ve been singing at work and I just sang the other day while cleaning. You were there, Vano. I’m fine,” Deja muttered.
“You’re not fine damn it and it’s this fuckers fault!” Casius snapped pointing at Shadow.
Shadow didn’t understand what the hell Vano meant about the singing, but he was getting sick of the attitude he continued to get from Deja’s brothers. “Do you think this has been easy for me? I would give anything to not see Deja every fucking place I look!”
Realizing what he just said, Shadow snapped his mouth shut but not before he heard Deja’s loud intake of breath.
Shadow hated the look of horror and hurt on the human’s face. He rushed around everyone and out the door. He needed to escape not just his mate, but himself as well. Not even taking the time to remove his clothing, Shadow shifted into his black panther and took off into the forest.

Author's note: This is the fourteenth book of the Eternal Flames series which will now be read at mixed with Eternal Flames Maddox series, you should read those series in order. The reading order can be found on our websites.......maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com and creestorm.weebly.com. 

For more from Maggie or to see what she has coming next, please visit her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com.

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