Sunday, October 7, 2018

Homecoming 2018 by Harlie Williams

It's still HOT in Texas. Let me list the ways we still have to contend with the heat.

1.  We are still using the AC in the house and our cars.

2.  Humidity is NOT our friend. 

3.  You will sweat at a football game.  And take a shower when you come home.

4.  I gave up on pedicures.  I'm at school now, so I have to wear closed toed shoes.

5.  I can't bring myself to go get that first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  I need the weather to be cooler.

6.  Your husband wants to make gumbo but even he says its too hot for it.

7.  Our leaves don't change to pretty colors.  They just die.  Like our grass.

8.  On the weekends you are looking to see which friends still have their pools open. 

9.  On the couple of days that we did have cooler weather, our dog didn't want to come in at all.

10.  Seeing anything holiday sets you off.

In other news here are some pictures of my son and Homecoming 2018.  He took someone to the game.  Eek!  Next year it's real.  Like the dance.  *thud*

Junior High Pep Rally.  #78

My son is a baseball player first.

They were both so very nervous.  :)
With his best friends.  And yes, they are twins.


Tina Donahue said...

Aw, your son's cute. Glad he had a good time at Homecoming.

It finally got cooler in Cali. Down to upper 60s at night and mid 80s during the day, the humidity from the hurricane finally gone. Thank God.

Harlie Williams said...

@Tina Thanks. He's mine. We are supposed to get a cool front this week, but I'm still holding out for that.

Fiona McGier said...

While here in Illinois, we've been sweating through temps in the mid 80's during the day, which is definitely NOT normal for October! I haven't even had the heart to dig out my container of cold weather clothing out of the crawl spaces, because I'm still wearing flip flops and capris.

But a change is happening, and since husband, 3rd son and I are going camping, of course, it's going down to highs of about 45 during the day, and into the 30's at night. Sigh. Can't win for losing, eh? At least we have lots of sleeping bags...and a campfire is more enjoyable when the weather is, shall we say, "nippy?"

Harlie Williams said...

@fiona We are finally in the 70's right now. About time but we still have bugs and the trees still have leaves.

That's a bit nippy for me to be camping. Campfire or not. I'd rather be in a cabin. LOL!