Saturday, September 22, 2018

Music is Everywhere

When I was growing up (many, many years ago), I discovered all my new music and artists on the radio. In the evening, I’d turn on the Top Ten countdown and listen to the popular songs. I even taped some on my reel to reel recorder using a microphone held to the radio speaker. (I did mention it was a long time ago.)

 I bought 45s and full vinyl albums with my allowance. Later on came the 8-track player, cassette tapes, and finally the CD. If I wanted music on the go, I could listen to a portable radio, a boom box, a walkman, and years later an iPod. No doubt about it, music has evolved quite a bit in my lifetime.

Nowadays there are many different places to discover new artists and music. Recently, I’ve discovered some new artists and music on television. And I’m not talking about a music program. No, it’s the soundtracks of various television shows. Every now and again, I’ll hear a snippet of a song and it doesn’t leave me, so I’ll Google it.

Here’s my latest find—Human by Rag'n'Bone Man. I actually heard the song on the commercial for the new show Jack Ryan. I probably won’t watch the show, but I’m grateful to it because I discovered this song.

And although the hero from my latest book can't use this as his theme song as he is anything but human, I still love it.

Drakon Unchained
Blood of the Drakon, Book 5

Victoria Marshall is living a lie. She works for a member of the Knights of the Dragon, a secret society that traps and uses dragons for their own gain. As a child, she made an unlikely friend—a drakon. He went missing, and she’s spent the past twenty years searching for him. The only thing distracting her from her mission is Luther Henderson, her boss’s new head of security.

Luther is also living a lie. One, if discovered, could lead to a fate worse than death. He’s attracted to Victoria, but can’t fully trust her, doesn’t know if she’s truly innocent or a true member of the Knights. It’s not only his life at stake, but those of the people he loves.

As they’re thrust deeper into the dangerous dealings of the Knights, they each have to share their secrets in order to survive.

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Tina Donahue said...

Since I was into dance from little on (ballet in particular), I was mostly exposed to classical music. Didn't get into pop until college. To this day, I hate loud bass. The kind that rattles the windows from noisy neighbors. The constant boom-boom-boom reminds me of a kid tossing a ball against the side of a house. Irritating as hell.

Many times while I'm listening to music, a plot or a scene for a book forms. That's nice. :)

Your newest release looks great!

N.J.Walters said...

Music can transport us or create a mood. I love all kinds of music, depending on my mood. I grew up on the Top 40 with older country music thrown in, but there are songs I love across all genres. Always wonderful to find a new song or artist.