Thursday, September 6, 2018

Chh...Chhaa...Changes #Amazon #melissa_keir #SNSD


Hello and welcome to another monthly post with my insights on writing and life. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find my posts interesting. 

Change is particularly challenging for me. It could be because of my OCD and anxiety but I know change is tough for many people. Moving homes sets off fights as people pack up their precious belongings and decide what to keep and what to pitch. Even changes such as a daily schedule change adds to a person's stress levels, triggering fear and anxiety.

This week the writing community struggled with a big change. Createspace was being replaced by KDP/Amazon. Most of us saw this coming when Amazon purchased CS years ago and began to cut their services. Authors suddenly freaked out because most of us found CS to be a wonderful option for putting books in print. Their phone support was unparalleled. I could always speak on the phone to a real person, no email needed. 

Let's talk about what this really means...No longer can authors upload their files to CS but now to Amazon which will automatically link the e-book and print together (big plus). Distribution options are limited. Where as before you could put your book on the CS catalog as well as a library and bookseller sites, now those options aren't available. 

Amazon offered to move author's books for them or we could do it ourselves. The move was easy (I did it myself) but there are always some glitches. A few of my print books didn't come over but unfortunately all the books which were retired did. This made my dashboard a little messy. I've also found that the covers are having a few issues such as edges and words on KDP which they weren't with CS . I'm sure they will get that worked out. 

While this is something many of us saw, we held out hope that Amazon would incorporate the CS platform rather than use theirs. CS was easy and offered a seamless upload and viewing. I hope Amazon gets on board with the feedback and complaints and gives us back some of the options CS offered. 

In the meantime, put a smile on your face and move forward. After all, you do have other options, such as Ingram and BN for your print options but they all have their own benefits and negatives. 

You can check out my latest release...which isn't available in print!

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Marcus Pigg, an Ohio private investigator, escapes his full house and heads to a casino. The “lovey-dovey” couples at home made him crazy. Alone and miserable, he doesn’t plan to get involved in a kidnapping rescue.

When Marcus decides to help Sharon, he anticipates danger and threats. But he never expected to find passion or love. Can they learn to trust each other, or will their hearts pay the ultimate price?

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Do you use Createspace? Did you move your files and have any issues? Do you put your books up elsewhere? I welcome your thoughts. 

Until next month,

Melissa Keir


Vicki Batman, sassy writer of sexy and funny fiction, blogger at Handbags, Books...Whatever said...

I've not moved my files yet. I've been thinking. You're right about change. sigh.

Tina Donahue said...

I'm like you, Melissa, I dread change. I haven't self-pubbed yet, outside of boxed sets, and those are always handled by someone else. When the time comes...ew, I'm dreading it. My computer will eventually go out and I am so not looking forward to getting Office 10 and having to learn all this junk again.

Melissa Keir said...

Vicki- Luckily Amazon was smart enough to give me the phone option because I was calling them each day with another issue. There are still some covers which are there but the file is not loading correctly. Their tech team is on it.

Tina- There are some things I like about the change but it's just hard to deal with changes. I hope people are finding the information helpful.