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New From Best Selling M/M author Maggie Walsh
Co-written with M/M author Cree Storm
Book 2 of their new Bestselling Kaliss Series.

                                                           "Becoming One"

This is a spin-off of Eternal Flames and Eternal Maddox series. You do not need to have read either of them to read this series. Nelson had been in a coma ever since he had taken out an evil man trying to eradicate the paranormal race. Waking up and discovering he no longer had his Santorini Fox with him was devastating. Yet, his mate promised he would do everything he could to get him back even with a threat hovering over them all.
Orion knew he had been granted the greatest gift when fate had given him Nelson. Nelson had already proven how strong and honorable he was when he put his own life on the line to save the paranormal race not so long ago. However, accepting Orion with scars and all told how big a heart and loving his mate could be. So then who is threatening his mate’s life?
Can Orion get the little fox back and even if he does, will it matter if the threat to his mate’s life becomes a reality?


“Enough!” Orion shouted, causing everyone to go silent.
Once Nicu looked to Orion again, Orion continued, “You came here to challenge me again, didn’t you?”
“Yes. I deserve to be Regal, not you.”
Orion smiled as his eyes filled with happiness. The move taking Nicu off guard, and he tilted his head in confusion as he stared dumbly at Orion.
His mate looked up into the stands and turned in a complete circle as he addressed the crowd. “Is there anyone here who wishes to battle for position of Regal to our Re? Anyone? Step forward now.”
When no one moved, or made a sound, Orion turned back to face Nicu. “It looks like it’s just you and me who want the position. So I challenge you to fight for the job, Nicu, but this time, no outside help, no weapons, and no trickery. If you step into this ring to fight me, then we go old school.”
“Fine by me. I don’t need anything to help me beat your ass, shithead. I can do it all on my own. Mano y Mano,” Nicu replied.
“Yes, we will be hand to hand, but I said old school, as in the original fight that our great leader Volak, rest his soul, competed in in the first Ceremonies. We go back to the way all the battles were originally fought.”
Nicu’s eyes widened and filled with shock and fear as a collective gasp rang out again. Nelson had no idea what his mate was talking about, but from Nicu and everyone else’s reactions, Nelson didn’t like it. Jael stepping forward to question Orion didn’t help matters any, either.
“Orion, you can’t mean that. You know what that means,” Jael said, his voice cracking slightly.
“Orion, my friend, are you sure of what you’re saying?” Ezra asked, as he moved to Orion’s side, his voice was filled with concern.
Orion looked to Ezra and nodded. “Yes, Ezra. I know exactly what I am saying. It is the only way I will feel like I deserve the position. After yesterday’s fiasco, I have been filled with regret and worry that our people will question my right to be Regal. You know as well as I do that winning by forfeit isn’t winning at all,” Orion explained.
The two men stood staring at one another for a few moments before Ezra gave Orion a tight nod, then turned around and looked at Nicu. “The challenge has been made, do you accept it?”
“If I win will you accept it?” Nicu asked.
“Yes,” Ezra replied simply, but then added, “But I know you won’t win. So, do you accept Orion’s challenge for position of Regal to the Re?”
Nicu stood tall and proud as he answered, “I do.”
“Okay then. Let the battle begin. Clear the ring and bring the leather bindings!” Ezra ordered.
Leather bindings? What the hell was about to happen? Nelson thought to himself, but before he could think any more, Orion wrapped his arms around him and pulled their bodies close. “I love you with all that I am. You know that, right, Starlight?”
“Orion, you’re scaring me. What is this battle you’re talking about and why do I feel like grabbing you and running like hell?”
Orion gave him a beautiful, loving smile and kissed him tenderly. “My mate, always so worried about me, and never afraid to try and protect me. It will all be okay, Nelson, I promise. Please believe in me.”
Nelson cupped Orion’s burned cheek and Orion pressed into his hand. “I always believe in you, Sexy man. You’re the man I love. The man I live for. The man I would kill and die for. There is no other in all of creation who I believe in more than you. To prove it to you, as much as I am worried, but only because I don’t know what is to come, not your abilities, I won’t fight you on this, and I’ll go join Jewel.”
“Thank you, my love. But promise me something first. You and my Cuddle bunny.”
“Of course, Orion, what?”
“Cuddles, do you agree?” Orion asked in his mind.
“Like Nelson, I don’t know what’s about to happen and I’m worried about you, but I do trust in you and believe in you, my strong mate. So yes, I promise too.”
“No matter what happens, you will not use your magic of any kind to interfere with the fight, and if anyone, and I mean anyone else, tries to, you will use your powers to stop them from interfering. I need this to be just between Nicu and me. You heard him, he is the one who started that fire intending to kill Ezra, but I saved him causing these disgusting, disfiguring scars that have affected me for a long time, until you came into my life. I need to do this my two little loves. I need this,” Orion pleaded for their understanding.
“Then you have our word, love,” they both replied inside their minds, sending the words to Orion. “We won’t let anyone interfere, mate. No one. We give you our solemn vow,” Nelson added.
“Thank you,” Orion said and leaned in, kissing Nelson again.
Ezra held up his hands, silencing the crowd once more. Nelson noticed Ezra now held two long, thick leather straps in his hand. Nelson walked with Jael beside him, the Imperial guard not looking so happy, as they made their way to the stands, so he could join Jewel in Ezra’s box.
Once they were seated and the place was quiet, Ezra announced, “Orion and Nicu, step forward. Everyone else leave the fighting arena and lock all the gates. Once I leave, the last gate will be locked but the match does not begin until I give the signal. Is that clear?”
Both Nicu and Orion nodded.
Ezra continued, “If either of you starts before my signal, you are disqualified and you each know what that means. For those of you who may not be familiar with what is about to happen, this fight is called the Bástroid. There is to be no outside help in any way. No one is allowed to enter the arena until the fight is over. Anyone caught trying to interfere will be put to death. There are no magic, powers, or weapons allowed. The opponents must fight using their own skills. Two men enter, one man leaves. This is a battle to the death.”
“What?” Nelson cried. 

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