Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Coming soon: Beauty's Beast

     "You better slow down on the drinks, Leann, you aren't used to them." Katy Daniels warned as the last call for drinks were announced at the hotel bar.
Leann shot her best friend a quick frown.
     "What the heck, here I am in San Diego, a town full of service men and not one around me. What's wrong with me, Katy?" Leann frowned as she glanced around the huge conference room. She saw the same familiar faces every year, the same old boring stories. For some reason there was not a teacher alive here at the convention she wanted to be with. She loved her profession, but she found male teachers a turn off. Perhaps she needed to readjust her thinking, but right now, was not the time. She saw Mark Watson and waved, but even though a lot of women teachers thought he was the prom King, he did nothing for Leann's libido.
     "We're probably at the wrong hotel for service men." Katy told her with a chuckle.
     "You are right, this place is full of teachers."
     Katy looked at her friend, "And what's wrong with teachers?"
     Leann glanced around the room, "I don't know, except I'm surrounded by them all the time. I don't always want to talk shop, you know."
     "Yeah, I hear that." Katy smiled sympathetically.
     Was that why she came, thinking she'd find Mr. Right waiting for her?
She realized it was a big part of it. She wanted to lose this ice-maiden feeling. She was ready to live again. Jerry was her past, but what was in her future? From the looks of the convention—nothing!
     She knew most of these people as she saw them every year for the past six years. Teachers! All of them. Career wise they had everything in common, but emotionally, they had nothing in common with her or of interest.
The new curriculums for the next year, the new schedules, the new computers, the all-new rules. That wasn't worth listening to.
     She spent eight hours a day teaching, then another two to four hours on the computer at school. She didn't want to talk about that here.
The alcohol was affecting her now.
     "Wrong? What are you talking about?" Katy came to her side and glanced at her.
     Leann stared at her best friend, unable to focus completely. That should have told her she had too much to drink. She sat down on the bar stool, and took the cherry out of her cherry coke, eating it. It was sweet and delicious. "I've been a cold fish since Jerry." She said after swallowing the cherry. "It's not that I can't get over him, it's that I feel cold inside. I haven't even reacted to a man in a long time. Maybe I'm too old… Maybe I've lost all my appeal. Every teacher in here has got propositioned at least once, except me. Even you! Not that I'm interested in any of them. I'm not! But a girl does like to be asked."
     "That could be your problem, you know."
     "What could?"
     "You aren't interested in teachers."
     "No, I'm not."
     "Look, Leann, you've had a little too much to drink tonight. And,don't be silly, you are in your prime and you are beautiful."
     "You'd say that, you're my best friend. But there are no men knocking down my door to be with me. I must be destined to be an old-maid."
     A young man came up to Katy and before Leann knew what happened, he had taken her to a table and ordered her a drink.
     Leann felt the instant loss of her friend. Now she was really alone here. This conference was about played out, and she'd arrived at the hotel only this morning. Shrugging she made a sign to Katy that she was going upstairs to her room. She had three more days of this. Why couldn't she enjoy it? Most of the interested male teachers found out she was a cold fish and didn't bother flirting with her any longer. Leann didn't mind, she found them boring. Same line, same old stories. She could no longer pretend interest. What did she expect? At least half of them were married, anyway. And it was the married ones that were the most obnoxious and acting available.
     Before each convention, she was excited, but it only took a few hours of meetings and drinking to realize that nothing ever changed about them. There were workshops, meetings, dinners, but it bored Leann now. Even the banquet and awards didn't excite her any longer. She was hoping to have just a little fun. Do something different.
     Aggravated that she couldn't enjoy herself, she opted to go to bed early.
What had she expected? She glanced out the big window in the front hallway and saw the flickering lights of San Diego. This was a beautiful town, with lovely weather and men coming and going in the service. So why, oh why couldn't she find just one, to carry on a conversation, or kiss her silly? In the mood she was in now, kissing wouldn't be out of order. She was long overdue for a romance.
Feeling the drinks now she had to watch her step, her head was swimming. She didn't usually drink so much but boredom had drove her to it. Why had she expected this convention to be any different than the others?
Making her way through the crowd of teachers, she finally made it to the elevator. A few people recognized her and waved to her, but she wasn't interested in hanging out with them. Old maid school teachers, had she become one herself?
     She punched the button in the elevator and went to the ninth floor and sighed when it opened, and no one was around. Not a soul in sight. It was unusually quiet on her floor.
     Trying to shrug the disappointment away, she took her heels off and carried them in her hand. She was dressed to the nines and not one man asked her for a drink or dance. Of course, her quick, sarcastic tongue stung most of them. She felt like an overdressed rag doll. She supposed she deserved being alone, on a night like this. She was an ice maiden! And it seemed everyone knew it, too!
She turned the key to her room, but it wasn't working. She tried again. It still didn't work. She sighed against the door, she could barely see to get the darn thing in the keyhole. Resting her forehead on the frame of the door, she wondered how long it might take her to get inside. Only a few moments away from crying, she sighed heavily. Wasn't anything going to go right for her?
Suddenly the door opened, and she twisted her head in question, as she entered.
But there, standing in the middle of the room was one of the most handsome men, she'd seen, with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. A lovely scrolling tattoo on his big arm stood out. She knew instantly she had too much to drink, but could she possibly conjure such a gorgeous man, and wrapped in a towel, no less! Woe!
     She blinked!
     He winked!
     She refocused. He still looked better than ice-cream.
     Not just any man, but handsome, with thick, dark, run your hands through, hair, and piercing indigo eyes. A dark shadow on his chin made him even more appealing. He studied her a minute then a brilliant smile broke over his face that seemed to light up the room.
     Oh yeah, she was definitely dreaming.
     He wore gorgeous like it came in flavors. From his hairless chest, to his six pack abs, he stood in perfection.
     She felt as if she'd walked into a movie set.
     The fact that he dressed or didn't dress had her staring at the rippling muscles in his arms, and the smile that sent a wave of awareness through her. His smile was just a little crooked and sexy as all get out.
     "Well, I was expecting you, but wow, not this good. Come in, and close the door, honey." He told her, eyeing her up and down. His boyish grin charmed her.
Leann sighed, threw her shoes on the couch and smiled. It was a dream, but a damned good one.
     The way he was looking at her made her feel as though she had just stripped her clothes off. His glance undressed her, with those oh so blue eyes and veiling lashes. She loved men with good eyelashes, they were completely sexy. His lashes were thick, but not overly long, they framed that blue-eyed stare he gave her. With one glance he raked her from head to toe, and a slow smile spread across his satisfied face.
     Startled she closed the door, then looked around, "Uh, I think you're in the wrong room." Her voice went huskey. She should leave or make him leave but for the life of her, she couldn't have stopped the chain of events about to take place. She had no idea!
     "Oh no," he came closer now, staring at her, "You're in the right room alright." He kept coming toward her, then he dipped his head and kissed her pink lips.             "You're beautiful." He murmured.
     "Well, umm, thank you." She blinked and savored the kiss. Why object, it was mesmerizing. "I mean…I guess." She smiled.
     "I didn't think I'd be this lucky!" He took her hands and looked at her shiny evening gown.
     "Me either," she barely breathed. She looked around when he looked startled. "I don't mean to complain," she said, giving him a quick once over. "But…Why are you in a towel, in my room?" she finally found her tongue.
     "Cause I'm lucky I guess. You're perfect." The man aimed his marvelous smile right at her. And that slight crook to the smile sent a thrill down her back. Her cheeks flushed, she felt the flush, in more places than one.
     "I am!" She almost laughed. "How much have you had to drink?"
     "Only one, I just got here, and took a shower. You don't mind, do you? It's hot outside and I didn't want to smell sweaty for you." He asked as he came closer and moved her  brown hair away from her face. Then without thought he bent his head and kissed her again, this time on the shoulder and up her neck, to her ear. Threads of delight sped along the same direction, like a live wire. This one was even better than the first. The action woke her senses. Soft lips massaged hers then as he found her lips.
     Oh, my word, he tastes good!
     When he pulled away, she sighed. Boy, was this ever a great dream, her fuddled mind smiled at her.
     A little tipsy her head swam, as she let the sensations of the kiss lap in her mind. Like a tide washing over her, she gave into the man with the lips. Leann's response was to wrap her arms around his neck and kiss him back. The man could kiss. Like ice thawing slowly, she felt her body react to him. How could this be. She didn't know him, her brain kept trying to tell her. It didn't matter, this was what she wanted all night. She couldn't refuse him, it would be rude. Besides, things like this didn't happen in real life, this had to be a dream! She'd wake up any minute now.
     She allowed herself to enjoy the way his lips took hers, played with them, then melted them into putty. She swooned.
     "Your sensational," she whispered.
     There went that fantastic smile again.
     A woman couldn't turn away from a kiss like that, her mind exploded.
As though on cue, he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, when he pulled down the covers and started undressing her. Her head was spinning and before she could voice her disproval, he had her dress unzipped and his lips followed a long trail down her back. It gave her goose-bumps, and a tingle. This had to be a dream, she decided quickly. Only she didn't want to wake up, if it was. This was what she'd dreamed about happening all along. How could she refuse it? Why not for once, enjoy it!
     Even his words were like a well written script.
     Sensations rocked her. She was speechless. Who did he think she was? Did it matter, his kisses electrified her. She felt the cool air hit her sensitized skin. His lips burned all the way down her back, sending warning signals to her inebriated brain that paid no attention.
     Throwing caution to the wind, she closed off her mind that told her no, this wasn't right. Instead, she scolded her mind for even thinking it. This was exactly what she had wanted. Meeting the perfect man didn't just happen. She dreamed him up, and she'd wouldn't bother waking up until much later.
Before she knew what, he would do next, he turned her around and gently took her dress away. Startled but mesmerized, she stood staring into those blue eyes that nailed her to the spot. So deep a blue, like indigo, his eyes raked her with a gleam.
     She had worn a sexy white strapless teddy underneath her black sequined dress and it delighted him as his eyes lit up with a smile. "Lady, you are so beautiful. I don't know how I got this lucky, but I’m not about to complain." His voice sounded husky as some of his words vibrated against her skin. He even had a southern drawl.
     "You are such a dream," she sighed. "You know all the right words to say." she started to say, but his lips captured hers as his hands busied themselves with her beautiful teddy. She tried to breath, tried to think of one reason why she shouldn't enjoy this moment. Her mind had slipped quietly away. Just let go and enjoy it! Kelly had told her that.
     Suddenly her teddy fell to her feet. She shivered, he covered her with his big hands, feeling all along the way. His hands covered her back, moving up and down even to the round firmness of her backside, and she sighed against his chest. For a second, she thought this erotic dream was going too far and she should object or wake up one, but how did you stop something so perfect? It certainly wasn't the time to object, it was the time to respond. Even she knew that!
     He finally stopped the exquisite pleasure and took his towel away. She gasped at the sight of him. She saw how erect he was, and her eyes widened. "Wow," she smiled. It was really happening. In her dream of course. Maybe that was harmless. But her mind was too fuzzy to make sense of this moment. Sometimes, you had to just let things happen. This was too good to stop. You couldn't possibly stop a dream like this one, could you?
     "You cold?" He whispered.
     "Not really," she murmured, between the hot kisses he delivered over and over. She liked the way his lips touched, then drew away and retouched. He picked her up in his arms and laid her against the cool blue sheets. She cuddled into them. She didn't realize how erotic a pose she struck.                                           He stared and smiled.
Before she realized it, she was reaching for him, kissing him back and responding. The way he touched her, kissed her, how could she fight something so beautiful. Wasn't she the ice maiden, well, the ice was sure thawing….
     He was so handsome, gentle and saying all the right things her mind exploded. Good sense didn't prevail and for once she was glad. She hadn't felt this alive in a long time. She'd worry about this dream, tomorrow.
     "Am I going too fast?" He asked softly.
     "N-no…" she whispered enjoying the way his lips moved over hers. "I'd say you're doing everything perfectly."
     She looked into his eyes and drown in the sexy glance he shot her. Her mind no longer worked, but her body was alive and for once she didn't want to think or worry, she wanted to feel. Her hands went over him, she wasn't shy. But everywhere she touched was a rock-hard body, silky smooth to the touch too.
His kisses were hot and soft. She felt him leave a trail down her neck, and onto her shoulders and before she knew it, he moved to the softness of her breasts where he kissed her there, tenderly. He was in no hurry either. He enjoyed exploring every inch of those pouting breasts. She raised her shoulders and back to be closer to his warm sweet kisses. It felt so erotic, so unstoppably wonderful. Over and over his lips pulled, suckled, and kissed her there until she was on fire for him. She felt a slow burning heat in her lower belly, and a wetness between her legs. She was on fire for this man. It was a new feeling. It had to be a dream, it couldn't be real, but she continued to offer herself as his sacrifice.
     "You're so tiny, am I hurting you?" He asked softly.
     "N-no…not at all!" She sighed with such satisfaction. "I'm a little overwhelmed, I've never felt this alive in my life… I mean, you've got to be the best dream, I've ever had."
     "Then let's not wake up from it," he whispered.
     "Okay," she murmured as he continued to explore her.
     He looked at her, and the tender smile melted all her resistance.
     "You have a very nice smile." She said sweetly.
     "And you have a perfect body."
     "I do?" she smiled at him.
     She clutched him, her hands going up and down his back as they lay on their sides, staring at each other. Her hand followed the curve of his hard abs to his slight flare of hip and without a forethought, she grabbed his backside and squeezed. "You have a cute butt too."
     She heard his soft chuckle.
     "I don't know you, but I want you to enjoy this. And don't worry, I've got a condom." He whispered. "So, you don't have to worry about a thing."
She nodded, "That's good. I appreciate your thoughtfulness." She chuckled and kissed him, "Such a perfect dream man."
     She didn't even have to worry about getting pregnant. It was a dream, and she wasn't going to miss one moment of it. She dreamed up a fantasy man, that's what this was. Well, she was going to enjoy it. After all, in reality, she'd never been with a naked man before. She'd never been kissed so thoroughly eith er.
He moved further down to her belly button where his hot tongue shot out to lick and kiss her there. His hand reached around her to massage her backside and bring her up to his warm mouth. She sighed. "You're magnificent."
"And you’re a dream come true, lady." He smiled with those beautiful eyes of his.
     She sighed happily. As his head went further down. He parted her legs and she still didn't stop him. Her heart was hammering, her belly ached, but she wasn't sure for what. She never wanted a man so much in her entire life, and she wasn't going to miss a moment of the pleasure. Besides, how could a dream hurt?
He moved her legs wide and his head went down, and his mouth suddenly covered the most intimate part of her, he sought the core of her womanhood and she jerked from the sweet ecstasy of that kiss. "Oh," she sighed with such contentment. Nothing prepared her for the jolt of awareness that shot through her. Hot lips torching her there, driving her crazy with wants and needs. The shadow on his chin created an abrasion that stimulated her response. Then, his tongue wickedly sought her there and the pleasuring began, stealing her breath, sending a mindless parade of sensations through her entire body. Her legs quivered, her belly ached for the fulfillment which she knew must soon come, as she was fast losing her mind. How could a dream be so fantastic, her mind wandered as she run her hands through his thick hair?
     "Oh, my, this must be heaven…" she smiled when he raised his head to look at her.
     "I'm not hurting you, am I?"
     "N-no…. " She smiled, as her hips moved to meet that warm and sensuous mouth. She moved herself to be closer, her body begging him for his attentions. She couldn't end this dream yet, she had to know the end of it. She had to endure his sweet pleasures to the end.
     He spent a long time making her squirm and hot. He took her to the edge of orgasm several times and she could almost feel it, then he let her ebb, beginning again after a short pause. The pleasure increased her desire each time, his teasing produced a soft moan. His hands ran up and down her legs, as his tongue worked meticulously for her pleasure. She began to pull him up. "Oh, my. Oh… oh…. "
       "Yes, oh yes… " she cried as her hips met his.
      With one movement, he slid himself to her sweet love nest and he thrust himself inside her. Plunging into the warm depths of her sweetness.
She yelled out, as he broke her innocence in one thrust. But as he would have pulled away, she grabbed him and pulled him back. "Don't leave me now, I must know what it feels like. Just once… I've got to know."
He raised his head, "What the …. "
     She looked at him, but the pleasure over rode the pain and she grabbed him and encouraged his movements as her hips began to move and her inner muscles contracted around his shaft. "Don't stop now… " She cried. "Please don't stop… "
     "I can't believe this… but damned, your fantastic, did you know that? And I'm honored to be the first."
     "Honored?" she asked with a smile.
     Then his movement became faster and his lips dipped to kiss her breasts again, and she swooned and moved her hips toward him.
     That five o'clock shadow on his cheeks stimulated everything he did, her breasts were raw, but begging his touch. Everything she did came natural and automatic.
     He was a beast, but a gentle beast, her mind decided.
     It was a beautiful experience and she almost died when suddenly she orgasmed. He must have felt the same as his breathing stopped and satisfaction lit his face like a firecracker. For drugging moments, they lay satiated moving slowly in rhythm with each other. She gasped, and sighed, and moaned. He kissed her on the lips then, so tenderly, she melted into him then. Then, all motion seemed to stop now as they met in total surrendering of their bodies. Her eyes widened with delight and the moment was so beautiful she reached to kiss him on the lips again. "Thank you," she murmured.
     Never had she enjoyed kissing like this. It was a wonderous kiss, soft, tender strokes of his lips against hers, warm, inviting kisses as the pleasure shot through her for lingering moments. Her cheeks were raw, but she didn’t' care, she sought the union of their lips, like a bee seeks honey. He moved gently, thrusting just enough to keep the sensations coming. Nothing prepared her for such happiness. She wrapped her heart around this mind-bending pleasure she had sought and found. Never in her entire life had a dream been so real, so satisfying.
They kissed for a long time as the sensations slowly faded and their breathing finally came back to normal.
     He raised his head and stared into her starry eyes, "Lady, you’re the best." He kissed her nose and laid beside her.
     "I think that title belongs to you." She sighed. "I never dreamed something like this. Never realized how wonderful making love could be. I was always afraid of it."
     "Did I hurt you?"
     She looked at him, red faced, "I forgot, I was too busy enjoying it." She smiled.
     He smiled back.
     "Sweetheart you are something else, and honest too!"
     She ran to the bathroom and barely realized that he'd penetrated her so completely. She cleaned herself and went back to the bed, curled up against him and she smiled against his hot skin, "Thank you, again!" She sighed and went straight to sleep in his arms. Her head on his chest, and her hands lower. "It couldn't have been a more perfect dream."
     He looked at her and seeing how beautiful she was he smiled and brought her closer and held her all night as they slept.
     The next morning, she woke up he wasn't there. She realized she was naked and her eyes bugged out. What a dream she'd had! Wow! The perfect man, the perfect seduction, oh my and her virginity, wow! She'd have to drink more often, she thought with a slight giggle.
     "What in the world, have I done?" She sighed, looking around the room and realizing for the first time she wasn't in her own apartment. Her mind raced for an answer. Then with a smile she sighed, "Oh yeah, it was just a dream!"
She sat up, covering herself. She sighed heavily, it was back to reality now. At least she had a taste of what love might be like. But the fact that the dream had so satisfied her stunned her a bit.
     She sighed and looked around for her clothes. Finding none, she wrapped the sheet around her and headed for the small kitchen. Her thoughts were filled with her dream man.  He was so handsome, and so gentle. If only it were true!
Her mind was still a bit fuzzy and she realized she was dizzy and nauseous. Even though it was a dream, it was the best dream.
Then she saw him sitting at the table in the kitchen, he had a cup of coffee in one hand. He looked as though he was deep in thought. His face took on a seriousness. It was her dream lover. He was real? I can't believe it!  It really happened?
No! It couldn't be!
She ran over to him, took his face in her hands and held him spellbound for a moment.
Indigo eyes met hers.
"Good morning," there was that sexy crooked smile. She recognized it.
But he spoke. She shook her head, her eyes widening.
Shock riveted through her.
Her mouth went dry, she felt faint.
She stood there staring for a full minute, her mouth hanging open. She pinched herself to see if she was awake or not. It hurt! She was awake. Who was this gorgeous creature in her kitchen?
He turned to see her. "Hi sleepy head." He smiled.
"Hi," she smiled shyly now. Oh, what had she done, it wasn't a dream! What had she done?
She bordered on pure panic! Surely it wasn't real?
"I didn't want to wake you." He said, as he saw she had wrapped the sheet around her. His eyes went to the sheet and he smiled. The fact that her nakedness bothered her amused him.
"It's time I was up." She looked around and realized she wasn't in her apartment.
"Did I…. "
He saw her confusion and smiled. "You came to my door, with your heels in your hands, looking like a Cinderella. But I'm a little confused. I mean, usually when I call the agency, they don't send a virgin… "
She reddened. Virgin? "The agency?" She repeated with a slight frown. "What agency?"
"Yeah, the one you work out of."
"I don't work here. I'm from Texas!" She tried to put it all together, but it was difficult. How could her dream materialize like this?
His look galvanized her. "I don't understand. I called a call girl agency last night before you arrived."
Her mouth fell open, her face was still red. "You thought I was a… a hooker?" She cried, her face was a wad of confusion and frowns, as embarrassment flooded her mind.
"Oh no! You aren't, are you?" Now he looked astonished.
She shook her head with shock, "N-no. I'm a teacher. I'm here for the convention."
"You're serious?" His face contorted.
"Yes, I thought I was in my room. I-I thought I dreamed you up. I was a little inebriated last night."
"What room number?"
"This is 939."
"Oh my…. " she looked crushed. "Oh my! I'm so sorry. I'm so ashamed. Please, just forget you ever saw me, Okay?"
He stared, and a glint came into his eyes. "Don't be sorry, that was the best night I've had in a long time. I'm just sorry I…I mean…you know."
"I had too many drinks last night. I've got a stunning headache this morning."
"No problem," he got up and went to the bathroom and brought back some medicine. "This stuff works for me."
She took the bottle. "How many do I take."
"I'm sorry about this." She practically ripped the top off the aspirin bottle. "I guess you have a really low opinion of me, now. I mean considering…I mean, I didn't dream it?" She had a hard time understanding what had happened. He gently took the bottle from her and set it on the counter. Her complete confusion seemed to amuse him.
"On the contrary. Last night was fantastic. I couldn't think more of you. Strange as this sounds, I needed last night. And pardon me for saying so, but," He hesitated and stared into her light blue eyes. I think you felt the same."
"What do you mean you needed it last night? What do you mean I needed the same!"
"I was just released from active duty, the Marines. It's been a hellova four years."
"Oh… I see."
"I couldn't have asked for anyone better than you. Best lover I've ever had. And the prettiest."
"I was?" That startled her. Especially since she'd never had sex in her life.
"Yes ma'am."
"Well," she said shakily. "I guess we have been introduced then, huh? I'll get dressed now and leave. But first, could I have a cup of that coffee? I think I'm going to need it."
"Sure, but I wish you wouldn't go."
"Oh, but I have to. I can't wear that dress. And I certainly can't wear this sheet. And I'm not sure I can ever face you again, after what I've done!" She wasn't sure if she should laugh or cry.
He poured her a cup of coffee, and then stared at her with a smile.
"Are you enjoying the convention?"
She stared at him, and the truth just rolled from her tongue. "No, not until I met you. It's really kind of dull. I come every year but it's always the same. I don't know if it's because it's a teacher convention or what. It is so dull. That's why I drank last night. Boredom will do strange things to you, I guess." She was babbling. Afraid not to, what could she say in her defense.
"You have a boyfriend?" He asked out of the blue.
"No, not a one." She shook her head.
"How long are you here for?" He asked.
"Three more days."
He stared at her. "I'm here alone, and well, I'm bored too. I have a suggestion, and you may think me a little forward, but, after last night, I don't think anything could surprise me more. Why don't we hook up and see the town together? You don't want to be bored, and I don't want to be alone."
"A-are you serious?" She asked. "After what we… "
"Unless you'd rather continue here with the convention. I could sure use the company. I've just been released from my hitch in the service, so I'm wondering what to do with myself. I'm going to visit a buddy of mine in a week or so, but until then I'm free. I'd enjoy showing you the town and the beach if you'd let me. I feel like I owe you something."
She shook her head, gathering the sheet about her as it was slipping in places. "You don't owe me… " She stared at him, and something in his expression made her pause and see him for the first time. Yes, he was undoubtably handsome, but he was alone, and lonely too. And he'd just given her the best night of her life. How could she refuse to help him in some way? "You know what," She stared at him for a long moment. "I know it's crazy, but—I think I'd like that."
He smiled, "Great, after you have your coffee, you can go get dressed and we'll see a few things. Wear something comfortable, as I only have a Harley to ride on."
"A cycle?" She chuckled.
"Yeah, you game?"
"I am! Sounds like fun." She smiled and stared into his eyes. "I'm not sure how to act around you, especially after last night. I mean… I guess you do understand, but I've never…"
"Be yourself, like you were last night."
Her mouth opened but she couldn't speak. Herself?
"Okay, meet me back here say in a couple of hours and we'll go see a few things."
"I didn't ask, but do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, not yet!" He smiled.
"Not even one back home?"
"No, I did, you're right about that, but she quit writing me. Haven't heard from her in over a year now. So, I'm assuming she found someone else."
"Okay, you're on. Why not?"
The fact that she'd had fantastic sex with a stranger was one thing. But the fact that she wanted it again really amazed her. She felt a sense of satisfaction she'd never known. A strange kind of confidence made her hold her head higher. What had happened last night? How could she change so drastically?
Still, she knew. He'd made a woman of her, and it felt great!
What got her most was she didn't feel guilty for it.
Kelly had been right, it was a fling, just what she needed.
Sex was something she had planned to share only with her husband. But how could it be a bad thing, if it made her so happy?

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Rita! Thanks for sharing an excerpt. Really enjoyed it! :)