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A Lion, a Tiger, and Her Bear... Oh, My!

Mates of Bear Paw River Series

By: Everleigh Clark

Release Date: July 24
#PNR #romance

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“You look like you can’t decide whether you want to kill us or **ck us.”
“Yeah, mating heat will do that to a girl.”
Adopted brothers, Traeger and Noah Shaw are too busy running from their haunted past to worry about things like mating. Then she comes into the picture. A bear shifter with a killer wit, amazing curves, sharp claws and an even sharper tongue. If her mating heat doesn’t kill them, they still have a psycho on their tails. You know, just to keep things interesting.
Bear shifter, Sam Cooper doesn’t need to count on anyone but herself. But these big cat shifters, AKA Dimples and Angry Pussy, aren’t taking the hint. The brooding lion and cute tiger are calling to her bear faster than she can say, “Oh My!”
And then there’s the whole human shifter war she’s trying to prevent.
It’s time to bear-up and kick a little sass!

 Excerpt 1

Take a walk, Angry Pussy

“How much damage are we looking at, guys?” Her velvet voice preceding her, Sam walked in.
Trae sucked in a breath so deeply, Noah thought he might choke. His body went rigid, and Trae let out a soft groan at the sight of her. His eyes dilated, and his fists clenched before he released a warning rumble and shot out of his chair. “What the hell are you doing here?”
“It’s my garage, asshole. Do you want to take the gear shift out of your ass long enough to tell me what’s going on with your truck, or not?” Her eyes turned molten as she stared up at the huge lion who outweighed her by at least fifty pounds. “Unless you know the difference between a socket wrench and a crescent wrench, I suggest you take a walk, Angry Pussy.”
“What?” The energy crackled between them as the room filled with testosterone, pissed-off female, and something else. Arousal?
“You heard me.” She frowned and grabbed overalls and slipped them quickly over her jeans and covering her perfect ass, wide hips, and glorious breasts. “This is a drop-it-off-and-I fix-it kind of place. If you want to stay and help, I can’t guarantee a car might not accidentally fall on your head.”
“Are you…” Trae’s voice lowered into the deep rumble that meant he was dangerously close to shifting into his lion. Which would not go over well in this tiny place. “Threatening me?”
“Telling you like it is.” She rolled her eyes and glared at him. “You want your truck fixed, you either sit down and shut up, or get out so I can work. Or you can take it to Hendersonville, about forty miles west of here, where Hank will charge you twice the price and still fuck up your car.” She tilted her head, smirking. “So, what’s it going to be, sunshine?”
“Hey, why don’t I stay while you go grab us some coffee or something, man?” Noah needed to de-escalate this situation fast. From the heaving of both their chests, and the rock-hard glares both Sam and Trae were giving each other, it was apparent they were about to kill each other. Or screw. Or both.

Excerpt 2

I get to be on top

“You.” The Goddess could be no more beautiful than this beauty, with her flushed face, angry gaze, and disheveled hair. “Get your ass in here before I kill you.” The last word erupted on a snarl, and her hand snaked out to yank him by the collar into the room.
Normally, someone that much smaller wouldn’t have moved him at all—not without his permission, but she’d surprised him—and holy hell.
“What the hell did you do to the bed?” he pushed away from the wild female.
“I broke it, like I’m about to break you if you don’t—”
She yelped when he yanked her over his shoulder.
Her fists pounded a little rhythm in the center of his back, nice love taps to a guy like him. But his lion didn’t appreciate the insubordinate, disrespectful behavior. Hell, Trae thought it was hot as fuck. But…
He stood her on shaky legs before positioning her to face the wall.
“What the hell are you doing?” she screeched as she tried to turn around.
He took a fistful of her hair and twisted her back into position, then gave her ass a hard smack. “You stay right there.”.
“I don’t have to—ah ah ow!”
He planted three more hard smacks on her rounded globes then pressed the front of his body against hers. She now stood cheek to wall, and his cock bulged at the seams of his jeans as he leaned into her. She trembled. With rage? Hell, yeah. With arousal? Fuck yeah. Even more than before. He dipped his fingers between her legs, and felt the arousal. “You like it rough, don’t you, little girl.”
“Screw you.” She shimmied to get free, and her ass ground into his jean-clad cock. Her mouth was saying one thing, her body another. Foreplay. Wild, deadly, the best kind.
He released her hair and backed up a foot to see what she did. A halfhearted punch came at his jaw, but he easily ducked it. He’d seen her in action. The female was pretending to put up a fight. “You can do better that, baby. Or do you want me to spank your naughty ass and then fuck you right there? Think you’d like that?”
She shrieked and leapt toward him, toppling him backward and onto the rumpled bed. “I get to be on top, asshole!”

 Author Bio

Everleigh Clark is a pen name of a USA Today bestselling author who wanted to write some fun paranormal romance. She’s also a homeschooling mommy, crafter and choc-aholic.

When she’s not wrangling kittens, googling math help or cleaning up slime, she’s plotting and writing her next book. Her characters are fun, lovable and messy. Just like the characters in her real life.

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July 23, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition--Verified Purchase

I am already a huge fan of this author under a different pen name, and as Everleigh Clark, she did not disappoint. Things I come to expect in her stories include some mystery, suspense, angst, playfulness and that wonderful quirkiness in her characters. She definitely included those traits in her new paranormal shifter series, along with acceptance of who each of her characters is, dealing with their past, and moving forward with the future. As a series junkie, I am especially happy to see that this is part of a series but will read as a stand-alone.

The plot will begin with several groups of shifters going into a facility in Kentucky where they are experimenting on shifters. Sam will agree to pretend to be a captive of Izzy all with the intent to rescue Caleb and the other shifters trapped. One group of shifters that will be assisting will include adopted Shaw brothers, Traeger, a lion shifter and Noah, a tiger shifter

The plot will have the rescue take place and many of the shifters who have been held prisoner, are in poor shape, and it is decided that Sam needs to ride back with the Shaw brothers. There are a few problems with this scenario, plenty of angst between Sam and Trae, and she is going into mating heat. It will present problems for these three along the way, and then they will be rerouted leaving Sam vulnerable.

“Saftey and adventure. Fun and danger. Geek and warrior. Together, they were unmatched in strength, wisdom, and power.”

The story will have many flashbacks to the past that have affected each of the three main characters. For Sam, the attempted rape on herself, and the death of her relatives that she feels responsible for. She hides her emotions and instead lets the art speak for what has happened, with body piercings, tattoos and even coloring her hair. It is all part of an armor she uses to cover up her feelings. Trae is the son of an Alpha and was training to be the next Alpha with Noah as his beta. The cruel and senseless death of their mother has him refusing to accept his role and leaves Noah in limbo, plus their pride has scattered without a leader.

When someone from their past threatens Sam, it brings the death of Nova, their mother to present. Once again, Noah’s life is on the line, and Trae is caught between salvation and destruction. Just when they were ready to make a move to claim Sam as their joined mate forming a triad. Will the mating bond between these three be the difference between life and death? Are they ready to accept their future and fate?

“I can’t just mate with you.” He pierced her with his serious gaze. “I want all of you, forever, for me, for Noah, for our pride, our triad.” –Treager

“I want this—you—more than anything in my entire life. Claim me, both of you.”

The story is a roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns, solving one mystery and leads into another. It has a great cast of characters, plenty of intense moments, learning experiences, accepting responsibilities, new beginnings, and new relationships. Several intimate scenes are somewhat explicit.

I look forward to the next book in The Mates of Bear Paw River series, Bearly Human—coming soon!

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