Sunday, May 20, 2018

Update and New Cover ~ Kalkin

Good Sunday morning everyone! A couple of weeks ago, Michele and I had a setback, but we corrected course and now we can tell you what's about to change!

As you can see, Kalkin has a new cover. That's due to us, changing publishers. Kalkin will be re-released in June and then in September, Caden will follow.

Yes, Caden is finished, and he is bigger than Kalkin. Also, according to our Beta readers, so good. Also, they seem to enjoy Caden more than Kal. Which, to be honest, we were sweating it. Caden is a bit darker, and a bit heavier in terms of storyline, but we promise, it does have an HEA.

Which leads us to something else. Our new publisher is awesome. And, since we tried it before, we're going to do it again. After each full-length ACS book, you will get a FREE short story. (Links will be available.) The first short story after Kalkin is called "Twins." The second short story is called "Teacher." Also, individually, Michele and I will be adding novellas to our series. (We'll have more information on the novellas in the coming days)

Which leads me to my final point. Due to what happened to our previous publisher, Michele and I have had to reevaluate what we're writing and where we want to go in our careers as writers. The Window Rock Universe has been something we have dreamed of since we became friends, and it only seems fitting that we continue with our dream. We love each book that we wrote, and we home to continue on with each of our smaller series, but until we can be sure to have all of our ducks in a row for those, we will be concentrating on the following series:

Apache County Shifters
Leaving the Past Behind
Turnskin University/After Dark
Psychic Retrieval Agency

These series all fall within the Window Rock Universe and will be coming out at various times during the year. Right now, we are working on Midnight (Psychic Retrieval Agency) and in June we will begin Entrapped, Royce and Charisma's story.

We hope you will stick with us, and we hope you'll enjoy this new endeavor with us!

TL and Michele


Tina Donahue said...

What an awesome cover. This looks so hot. Congrats!

Dragon Momma said...

So looking forward to all!