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"Learning To Live"
Eternal Flames 11-Crystal
By Maggie Walsh
and Cree Storm


BLURB: Discovering that Snake and Ozcog are his mates makes things not just terrifying to Rory, but distracting, too, and distractions are the last thing Rory needs right now. A serial rapist is on the loose in both Crystal and Maddox and Rory needs every trick he knows to help find him. Ozcog and Snake are going to have to take a back seat, because no mate or threat to his life is going to stop Rory from doing what he needs to do to make his hometown safe again.

“We’ll figure this out,” Snake said from beside him, bringing Ozcog back to the now.
 He looked up and met his mate’s gorgeous light brown eyes. Since walking in they had been so focused on Rory, but he had two mates to worry about and get to know. Not that Snake couldn’t take care of himself, because fuck the man was built real nice and hot as hell. He was maybe eleven inches smaller than Ozcog’s own six foot eleven, and Snake looked to be around two hundred and twenty pounds, but there was nothing small or fragile about him. Snake was perfectly toned, and Ozcog could see that he was a fighter. Just from getting to know Wade since the human mated his chimera leader King Suneth, he knew Snake was one of Wade’s Black Op guys and used to be a specialized soldier.
“Yes, we will, because failure is not an option. Especially when it comes to my mates. I will do whatever I have to do to protect both of you for the rest of my days, and to make you happy.”
Snake smirked as he raised a brow. “You do know who I am, right? I don’t need anyone to protect me. I do fine all on my own.”
Ozcog stood, then stepped closer and raised a hand, and cupped Snake’s cheek. “Yes, I know, and from what I hear, you are a very capable and fierce warrior. I have truly been blessed with the mates fate has given me. I didn’t mean to insult you, or suggest you couldn’t handle yourself, I only meant that as a mated trio, we would all protect one another. That is how a mating works. Not one over the other or others, but all equal. We will all be there for each other.”
Snake’s eyes darkened and Ozcog could scent the desire building within the human. “I like the sound of that.”
Ozcog took a step, bringing them closer. “I know as humans, you and Rory don’t understand the pull of a mating or the need to be everything to and for your mate, but I promise you, that if you would both at least give it a chance, you will soon understand.”
“I’ve never seen my friend happier than when he is with Suneth or talking about Suneth. And from witnessing all the matings around Crystal and Maddox, I know there must be something to this whole fate mating thing, so I’m game. I mean, I’ve had a thing for Rory for years and I had only heard his voice on the phone and in my com link. Then when I met him in person, I just knew he was meant for me and that we belonged together. I have never had a threesome in my life and honestly, I have never even given it a thought, but again, with the matings I see around us, I know it’s possible, as well as beautiful,” Snake said as he stared up into Ozcog’s eyes.
“I must admit I never thought I would have a trio mating either, but I am thrilled that I do. Fate has truly smiled down on me and blessed me. Now, I know as humans go, I have an odd name, but Snake? I know humans don’t typically name their children that way. So what’s your real name, mate, and why Snake?”
Snake chuckled, his eyes twinkling with mirth. “Snake is my call name from when I was in the SEALs. We all have nicknames and they just stuck in our civilian life. Well, sort of civilian life. My real name is Teagan Keller, and I’m the weapons specialist for our group. I know practically everything about every weapon known to mankind. Knives are my personal specialty. And Snake, because I can slither, or sneak, into just about anywhere unnoticed and strike my enemy with the quickness of a snake’s bite.”
Ozcog smiled back. “So my mate is deadly, huh? Good to know,” Ozcog said and licked his lips.
“Yeah, and for all your boasting neither of you had a damn clue we even walked into the room. Geez, why don’t you jump each other already and get it over with? The sexual tension in this room is so thick I can almost taste it,” Donny said from behind Ozcog.
Ozcog turned and he and Snake faced the duo. Donny stood there with a shit-eating grin on his face and their mate stood frozen watching them, his gaze filled with longing and desire. Well, that was a good sign. Even if it took them some time to get Rory to trust them, that was okay. At least the interest was there.
“We were just getting to know each other a little better while we waited for you. Is everything okay?” Snake asked, and Ozcog could hear the concern in his voice.
Rory looked to Snake, then him, and Ozcog could see the pain in his eyes, but he could also see a fire in those gorgeous arctic blue orbs and knew their smaller mate was about to hand them their asses. The thought actually sent a shiver of lust through him and Ozcog found that realization amusing.
“You mean you don’t know already? I would think with you two having your ears pressed against the door, eavesdropping on a private conversation, then you should know the answer to that question already,” Rory replied heatedly.
And there it was, the little spitfire he knew lay within his mate, and he fucking loved it. It showed him that no matter what Rory had been through, his mate was not a pushover and wouldn’t allow him or Snake to get anything over on him. Pride filled Ozcog as he thought about both his mates. One was a fierce warrior and the other brilliant, and both hot as hell. Wanting to see a bit more fire, Ozcog replied, “Technically, I didn’t press my ear anywhere. I can hear from yards away. Perks of being a shifter.”
"And I can shoot your balls off from yards away. Perks of being the brother of a SEAL team leader,” Rory stated with a smart-ass smirk.
Ozcog felt and heard his own tone rumble, noting how the sound came through when he replied, “Noted.”
“I’m sorry, Rory, but sometimes it’s habit from the job. I’m sorry if it hurt you. That was not my intent. I could see that something was really wrong, and I was very worried about you. I had no idea what we would hear, and I honestly never thought it would be what we did. I only wanted to know how I could help you. How we, could help you,” Snake said as he took a step toward Rory.
“You want to know how you can help me? Then back off and give me my space. So much has happened tonight and I’m exhausted. I just want to climb into bed and sleep for a week.”
“We’ll give you whatever time you need, mate and even some space, but we’re not going anywhere. We’re here for you if you need us. No matter what that may be,” Ozcog said.
Shock filled Rory’s eyes, but he quickly covered it up, and Ozcog could see relief take its place. Yeah, Rory wanted them. He may be afraid, and try to push them away, but it’s not what he really wanted.
Rory nodded. “Okay then. Well, I’m…um…going to walk Donny to the guest room, then I’m going to bed. And you―”
“I’ll be right out here on the couch, making sure you’re both safe,” Snake replied.
“And I’ll be outside, flying above, watching the perimeter to make sure of the same. No one will get in or out of here without my knowing. Have a good night, mate, and sleep sound knowing you and Donny are safe,” Ozcog added.
“Um…yeah, well…fine. Goodnight,” Rory said nervously, then turned and grabbed Donny’s arm. The two of them headed back down the hall to the rear of the house and Ozcog heard them talking softly in one of the rooms.
He turned to face Snake and pulled out his cell phone. “What is your number?”
Snake rattled it off and Ozcog called it, then hung up when it rang. “Now we have each other’s numbers. Call if you need anything, I’ll just be outside. Have a good night, mate.”
Snake smiled and mover closer, then lightly brushed his lips against his. It was just a whisper of a touch, but it sent a thrill through him like he had never experienced before. “Be careful out there and call me if you see or hear anything.”
Ozcog gave a sharp nod as he smiled, then turned and headed out the door.
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