Friday, April 20, 2018

First look at: Radio Sass

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I thought I would share with you Radio Sass' cover and give you a sneak peek. Also, while I am here. Michele and I are going through a little transition. We have regained the rights to our Apache County Shifters series and we will be relaunching the books soon. Until then, you will find Kalkin is off the shelves, but don't fret, it will be back. As soon as we have a concrete date, I will let you know!



Natasha Nemescu is ready to start a new chapter of her life—even if it is a couple years later than she intended. As a new student at Turnskin University, she looked forward to her classes and a chance to join the new Co-ed Greek house she’d learned so much about while trying to find the right college for her.
However, when she arrives nothing goes according to the plans she’s made. Her classes are at night. She’s getting weird looks from the rest of the students and everyone is calling her “your highness.” 
Natasha isn’t royalty—she’d know if she was.

Yet, three men are about to rock her word, and prove to her, there is royal blood in her system. Whoever said college would be the best years of her life, obviously never met Natasha Nemescu before. 


“Natasha Nemescu,” Natasha said, stepping up to the table situated in the middle of Turnskin University’s quad. She’d been waiting for this since she found out the college took humans, almost two years ago. “Freshman.”
The dark hair girl glanced up at her, then searched through the organized packet resting in a brown storage box. “Nemescu, you say?” She arched a brow while she continued to delve through the folders. She didn’t seem to overtly nice, but then again, Natasha didn’t know her and she didn’t know Natasha. 
You’re not in Blue Creek anymore… No, she wasn’t. She had to remember things were different here. She had to make new friends. She’d grown up in a community of shifters and vampires. Neither, even as a human, bothered her. They were her friends and neighbors. Her teachers and customers when she worked with her mom, in their antique store.
In all actuality, she wished her friend Sadie had come with her. They’d been inseparable since they first met in Kindergarten and when Natasha decided to go to college away from home, she’d tried to convince Sadie to come with her. In the end, Sadie stayed back in Blue Creek with her parents. The shy ocelot hadn’t been comfortable leaving home.
I wish you were here.
“Oh, here we go,” the girl said grabbing her file. “Since you’ve pre-applied for our new Co-Ed house, your registration form in in your packet along with your class schedule, maps and other pertinent information.” 
Natasha accepted the envelope and opened it. As she looked through it, she frowned. “I’m sorry…night classes? I kind of wanted day time.”
The girl tilted her head then shrugged. “Well, sorry.”
“Yeah, sure.” Natasha stuffed everything into the folder then shoved it back into the packet. She turned from the table. Oh well, what do you expect? You’re the newbie. Not top man on the totem pole.
True. At least with her here now, she’d take the classes given to her, then in spring, she’d sign up for the ones she really wants… during the day. As she started away from the table, the murmurs of those around her grew more intense, while stray glances were thrown her way. 
“Nemescu…” one said.
“What did she say? Nemescu?” A girl gave her a side eyed glance.
“No way,” another whispered.
The uncomfortable sensation of being ogled slid down her spine and settled in the pit of her stomach. Natasha pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear and quickened her pace. She didn’t understand why they were so consumed by her name, or why some of them sounded as though they were in awe of her existence. In fact, truth be told, she was more of a Niven—her step-father’s last name. She couldn’t remember a time Liam hadn’t been there for her. And, when her mom gave birth to her brothers, Liam actually made it a point to make sure she understood she belonged.

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