Monday, April 9, 2018

Amazon #1 Bestseller for M/M/ Author Maggie Walsh

The latest book in the Angel Pack Saga, FIN, is a huge success. 
The Angel Pack is more than a series of erotic romance, it's an adventure. Come and get lost in this unique world of paranormals of all kids, including Lucifer himself, as this group conquers evil. In FIN the epic battle comes to a head and in the end only one remains standing on a bloody field of battle. 
See what all the fuss is about and start your adventure today with BETRAYAL. All books in the Angel Pack and Beyond the Angel Pack can be found on Amazon.
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The battle the pack have all been waiting for is now upon them. Their enemy advances closer as even the world around them falls to total annihilation.
Jesse and Micah try to grasp the severity of the situation while still keeping everyone safe, but soon learn that is not possible. Pulling on their love for one another in hopes that it will see them through, Micah and Jesse step out onto the field of battle, along with those they love, and hold onto their faith that Fate knew what she was doing when she chose them.
As the battle ensues, many surprises are revealed, but a world of heartbreak shatters their resolve. In the end, will they stand victorious or will Hades win and bring the world to its knees in darkness for eternity?
When all is said and done, when the battle is over and the smoke clears, only one remains standing, in a field of blood, but is it one on the side of good or evil?

Jesse took a deep breath and grabbed the can of shaving cream, sprayed some on his hand, then lathered his face. He reached for his razor and lifted his chin, pulling the blade up against his skin. As he did, his thoughts went to Micah, and a smile came to his lips instantly. His mate was the most wonderful man he had ever met, and he really was the luckiest man to have ever lived to have Micah Angel as his. Even if they were to lose and die, at least he had been blessed with spending the last few years of his life with Micah, knowing what real love was.
Tears came to his eyes every time he thought of his mate’s love for him, but they were tears of pure joy and love. He never knew love like he felt for Micah, and the love that Micah gave to him in return, was even possible until he found his mate. He thanked Aurora and the gods every day for Micah. He didn’t know how he had lived the years he had before he met his mate because he couldn’t imagine life without Micah in it.
“Are you okay, baby?” Micah’s soft, sexy voice came to him from the doorway, and Jesse lifted his gaze to find Micah leaning against the doorframe. His gaze met Micah’s in the mirror, and he gave his mate a loving smile.
Micah returned the smile and pushed away from the doorframe, then walked toward him, stopped behind him and placed a hand on his nape. “You look so sexy standing here with just a towel wrapped around your hips, your wet hair all brushed back away from your face, hanging loose down your back, and a foamy white beard on your face.”
Jesse chuckled. “It’s the white beard that does it, right?”
Micah leaned in and nibbled on his neck. “Mmmm, definitely the white beard.”
Jesse stood there enjoying his mate’s attention, for a moment just getting lost in the feelings. Gods he couldn’t get enough of his man. “So what’s the plan for today, love?”
Micah kissed his neck one more time, then looked at him in the mirror. He could see all the stress on Micah’s face as well, and the worry in his eyes. “I’ve called a meeting of the council and all their seconds as well as each one’s best strategists. I have a feeling this battle is coming soon, and we need to come up with some kind of plan. I know it will be impossible to figure out what Hades will do, especially with magic and powers involved, but I’d like us to start coming up with scenarios and try to formulate some kind of plan.”
“I agree. We can’t be fully prepared, but maybe putting everyone’s heads together will help us come up with something. Do you still think we should keep Phen, Ryland, and Lucifer in the dark about the battle not including them?”
Micah sighed heavily as he rested his chin on Jesse’s shoulder. “I’ve been thinking about that. The prophecy and Aurora said that we would all find our mates and would have to stand together to face this final battle. I know they are thinking that they will be involved because they have been here fighting alongside us every step of the way, but Dante and I believe that’s not the case. And now that Nicco’s mate has returned just as the horsemen have been set free, it makes us believe it even more. Even though others around us have found mates as well, I think it is just a coincidence and has no bearing on the prophecy, or the battle. You know they will want to be right there by our side, but I still don’t think they are supposed to be. I think that they have been brought in to help us get prepared for what is to come and to be the ones left standing when it’s all over. Like continuation of government.”
Jesse’s eyes went wide, and he turned his head to look at Micah. “So, you don’t think we can win?”
Micah wrapped his arms around Jesse’s waist from behind and hugged him. “That’s not what I’m saying, baby. Yes, I have a few doubts, but it would be irresponsible and foolish of me not to. We are few going up against many. You know Minos and Hades will come with an army of their rogues and Nephilim, and I need to be realistic. There is a good chance we may not be victorious. And even if we are, look at the rest of the world around us. What will be left when all is said and done? Lucifer, Phen, and Ryland would be a strong force of magic and power to lead those who were left,” Micah replied as he slowly carded his fingers through Jesse’s wet hair at the back of his head.
“That’s true. Can you see those left on Earth seeing Lucifer himself as one of their new leaders?” Jesse asked, laughing.
Micah joined in and then kissed Jesse again. “I would want to stick around just to see that.”
The two stood wrapped in each other’s arms for a moment as they thought of what that new world would look like. Then Jesse sighed and said, “I don’t like that they won’t be a part of this though.”
“I know, baby. Neither do I. Let’s get through tonight, then I have the meeting scheduled for first thing in the morning.”

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