Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why I read (and write!) Domestic Discipline

Though I've written in many different genres, I've recently dived into power exchange romance and domestic discipline. Domestic discipline, in case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, involves a consensual relationship where the dominant partner disciplines his/her mate whenever they break set rules in the relationship. In my work that consists of a good, over the knee spanking by some hunky hero.

I'm a single 41 year old woman who is independent, a bit eccentric, and pretty set in her ways. Gender roles in relationships have always been beyond my understanding. I grew up an only child. My dad was self-employed and worked long hours away from home. That left my mother and I with all the housework, yardwork, and we also had a farm where we raised our own meat and produce. We did everything, and when something broke, my mom and I learned how to fix it. We re-shingled houses, built outbuildings, rewired houses, worked on plumbing. In my life I've learned how to weld, use a chainsaw, trim my horses' hooves, change oil and do minor maintenance on the vehicles I drive.

So, basically, I don't know how to let a guy be the "guy" in a relationship. And it intimidates guys. At least every guy I've dated, because I know how to do the guy things. Or, more often than not, I know how to do the guy things better 😏😏

And this backstory brings me around to why I would be interested in domestic discipline. Because being the master of everything all the time is exhausting (which any working woman and mom can relate). I'm currently the caregiver for my mother who is elderly and disabled. She lives with me and I'm taking on more and more of the housework, yardwork, critter care, and house maintenance as she ages. Which I enjoy doing, and I've taken the role on willingly.

Yet, I can't help but imagine what it'd be like to hand over the reins to a hunky hero when something breaks down. Or if I have to argue with some business that owes me a refund or replacement. Or if I have a sick fur baby the same day as I have twenty other things that have to be done, too. It'd be nice to have a partner that could respect my abilities, and not be intimidated by them. And I won't lie, I'm bossy, and maybe I need a quick swat on the backside from time to time to keep me in line 😉😉

I try to write heroines in my domestic discipline books that have similar backgrounds. Women who are independent, and taken on more than their share of life's responsibilities. And then I give them a grounding force. A sexy hero who respects them, but will let them step back from being the master of everything.  Women like me who wouldn't give up that control easily, so a good spanking just might do the trick.😁😁

Thanks for hanging out with me today! I hope you'll check out my last Blushing Books release Taming His Virgin Wife, Book 1 for my new Wyoming based series Devil Creek Ranch. I'm currently hard at work on the second book tentatively titled Claiming Amber, which I'm waaaaay behind on, but being the master of everything all the time can get in the way of the muse. Where's that hunky hero when you need him. . .

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Tina Donahue said...

You've had a fascinating live, Olivia. I certainly understand the desire to let someone handle things every now and again. Like you, I'm extremely independent and some would say bossy (I look at is as knowing what I want and not being afraid to voice that opinion). Needless to say in HS and college, I didn't play the helpless female with guys. I'm not sure guys really want that. I know I wouldn't. I'd want a strong woman at my side. I, too, write spanking into some of my romances. It's hot role-playing that always ends in tenderness for my characters. Wicked fun. :)