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Devils & Rye
Top Shelf Series – Book Four

A Dark Romance from USA Today Bestselling Author Alta Hensley

Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.
It had been years since I had seen her.
Years since I last saw those eyes with pure, raw innocence.
So much time had passed since I lusted after what I knew I should resist.
But she was so right.
And I was so wrong.
To claim her as mine was breaking the rules. 
Boundaries should not be broken. But temptation weakens my resolve.
With the pull of my dark desires…
I know that I can’t hide from my sinful thoughts—and actions—forever.

*Devils & Rye is a dark billionaire romance. 
If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, 
and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.

Release Date: March 27, 2018
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USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Hot, Dark and Dirty Romance.
She is also an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author. Being a multi-published author in the romance genre, Alta is known for her dark, gritty alpha heroes, sometimes sweet love stories, hot eroticism, and engaging tales of the constant struggle between dominance and submission.

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Once again, Ms. Alta Hensley has penned a story that is spine-tingling, on-the-edge-of-your-seat, I can’t look, but I can’t look away page-turning tale.  There is a unique cast of characters, some you will hate, some will have you hot and bothered, and some, you just aren’t sure about.   The characters and situations are explicated detailed.  The story is not for those who want wine and roses with a sweet storyline.  The story is raw, edgy, dirty, painful, intense, explicit and erotic.   If you don’t like a splash of shock, a dash of taboo, and a heavy dose of sex, then don’t take a sip of this TOP SHELF cocktail.

Alec is one of the owners of Spiked Roses, he has done well for himself, still single, but doing well financially.  He is shocked when he hears from his former business partner and longtime friend, Rhett Knox.  In a letter, he asks Alec to please take Makayla to their lake house and keep her safe. 

Makayla, twenty-years-old, had just come to New Orleans and was to start working as a hostess in the club.  The letter brings up old demons, ones that Alec walked away from but once again; they have made their presences known and not only will it affect Rhett, but Makayla and her innocence. 
It all revolves around the long-standing Iron Colt Brotherhood, which has been around since before the civil war, and most of the well-to-do families were born into it and passed down from generation to generation in families like it was for Rhett and Alec.  

“I know that being part of the society can help make every man’s—who is willing to pay the price—dreams to come true.  The power of the men involved, the connections, the favors that can be granted.  Politicians have gained their positions because of the brotherhood.  Investments that have formed multi-billion dollar companies from nothing originated out of the brotherhood.  If a member asks for a ‘favor,’ then the favor is granted by the other members of the brotherhood.  But no favor comes for free.  For every favor you ask, you have to put your name on a rock that goes into a large urn.”

“That every a year, rocks are pulled, and the names on those rocks have to participate in a ritual of some kind.  A ritual that could be deadly. “

Rhett will leave his most precious item, his sheltered daughter, Makayla, in the care of Alec because he refuses to allow her to be part of the ritual when her name is drawn and instead, forfeits himself.  But will that be good enough?

Alec and Makayla at the lake house are attracted to each other, and he is fighting his desires to claim her. For Makayla, she wants Alec, and their desires will take over.  Alec is old enough to be her father, he and her father were business partners, and he should resist, yet she wants this too.  What they have at the lake house is sweet, but that is going to change because of her impetuous decision, the very one these men are trying to protect her from.

Makayla can’t let her father’s life remain in jeopardy, and she will take off to try and rescue him, and the story will take on a matter of life and death danger.  Now it isn’t only Rhett, but Makayla who will be part of the ritualistic games.  Will Alec be able to save them, and what will be the cost of returning to the Brotherhood?  Six women are going to be sold off to the highest bidder as slaves, and their Masters are allowed to do whatever they chose, for the women, they will endure a living hell of humiliation and pain.

“There was no Makayla and Alec.  There was only Master and slave.  It decimated all that was good left inside.  All that was left was evil as the demons watching on.  All that was left was rape, conquer, demand, hate, and hope.  A dark, awful, alluring hope that if we played along, maybe—just maybe we could save my father and walk out of her alive.”

The rituals of the Brotherhood are all a game to many of them, and that is why Alec walked away.  The treatment of the six women and six men, one of whom will die, all for greed and power.  Will Alec, Rhett, and Makayla survive the ritual and walk away?  If they do, what will become of them when this ordeal is over?

“To have to sit at a table and wish for another man’s death turned me into the living and breathing Devil—evil, sinister, and a pure monster.”

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