Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Bearing It All is almost Here!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm a bit late, sorry! I have been burning the midnight candle at both ends and to be honest, not sleeping. Which is totally not good for me.

Anywho... Michele and I have been trying to finish up a couple of books for release this summer, Caden being one of them and a few others.

But, today, I would like to share with you, Bearing It All...

BIA (As Michele and I refer to it, is Bodhi--Hayden's twin's book and Emma, our soft, gentle can get along with anyone, bear.

We also have a contest going right now for everyone to participate in. So, at the bottom of this, please fill out the form for your chance to win! Also, as a little reminder, Bearing It All is only 99 cents until it releases!!

Emma Monte has three really big secrets. One, she’s the guardian of her little sister Cassidy. Two, she loves everything 80’s inspired and three, she’s throwing the biggest wedding she can for her friends—okay, so maybe the second isn’t really a secret. When she’s invited to spend spring break with Hayden and her family in Window Rock, Arizona, all of her secrets will be revealed. 

Bodhi Raferty has been biding his time. He knows the little bear is his mate, but he’s willing to wait—if it means spending more time with her. When the opportunity arises to go home, he ready to take that final step and claim Emma for his own. However, his mate is hiding something huge. The only question is, can he help her pull it off?

Bodhi and Emma aren’t the only ones in for a surprise. As the week’s events unfold, there is a pair of Rafertys ready to be introduced, and they have the ability to upstage them all.


“No,” Emma answered. “I need space for two. Me and Cassidy.”
Bell glanced at the list. “Cassidy signed up for Tate's truck. She'll be with Tate, of course, Henry, Victor, and Shelly. By the way, who's Cassidy?”
“My sister,” Emma answered. Maybe she’d been a little too cautious when it came to keeping things to herself. “Surprise.”
“I already gave her the speech, don’t look at me,” Hayden said shrugging as she squeezed past them. “Are we ready to get this shindig on the road?
“You and I have so much to talk about on the way,” Bell said, as they headed for the door. “Lucky for you, we have one more seat in Jackson’s truck.”
Emma grimaced. “I don’t know. I don’t want to interrupt anything with you, Christoph, or Jackson.”
“You won’t be,” Bell answered, waving her off. “Besides, Bodhi is joining us.”
What, did everyone know about her deal with Hayden’s twin? “Uh . . . well . . . I guess, right? I mean it is the last spot.” She gave a nervous laugh.
“Oh, don’t be such a silly billy,” her friend chided. “We’re going to have fun. It’s only for a few hours.”
“Right. A couple of hours. What could go wrong?”
“Are we ready to go?” The deep, soulful sound of Bodhi's voice rocked Emma to her core.
“We were just finishing up car assignments.” Bell beamed. “Let’s go every—”
“They’re already outside, I came back in to get the both of you.” Bodhi pointed at Emma. “Little brunette out there said, and I quote, “you suck, carry your own shit,” end quote.”
“I am going to kill her.” Emma rubbed her forehead. “Sorry. She’s mad because she’s not at the lake with her friends.”
“’S okay,” Bodhi said. “I grabbed your stuff and put it in the back of Jackson’s truck.”
Did he have ESP, too? “Uh, thanks.”
“You’re welcome. We’re burning daylight, though.” Bodhi motioned for them to get going.
“You heard the man,” Bell said. “‘We’re burning daylight.’”

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