Sunday, January 7, 2018

Happy New Year! by Harlie Williams

My motto this year!

Can you believe its a new year?  I can't.  Time is flying by for us at the Williams house.  The kid is taking his first end of semester exams this week and he is stressing about it.  We had a good time over the holidays but I'm glad its over.  In Texas, it got cold.  Of course, not as cold as some people but enough that my feet are still cold.  When you go to the in-laws for Christmas, you would think that it would be warmer by the Texas coast.  Nope.  It rained and it was windy and cold.  

Things I learned last week on vacation:

1. My husband is a softie for babies.  (New great-nephew)
2. When we go on our cruise in March (in 66 days), I will have to carry my son's birth certificate. He is 12 but looks 16.
3. Almost 16-year-old girls are sniffing around my son. Seriously?
4. My husband really, really liked my gray hair. Yes, my awesome sister in law colored it back to its natural color.
5. You can be cold for 5 days in Port Arthur.
6. Your dog can become homesick, too.
7. You can NOT find anything Houston Astros. But if you want Houston Texans stuff, it's everywhere.
8. You can function without a television on every single hour of the day.  My father in law can't function without it on all.day.long.
9. My mother in laws homemade biscuits are still the best...EVER!
10. As much as I love being gone, it's awesome to be home.

I hope that everyone is warm, safe and had a great holiday.  Just remember, it will be summer before we know it.  Ugh.  I hate being hot, too.  Why can't I live where it's about 80-85 degrees every day with a cool breeze.


jean hart stewart said...

Yay for grey hair!!!!! I like mine better than when it was a mousey brow. holidays are fun for being home is better.....

Tina Donahue said...

Happy New Year, Harlie!

Homemade biscuits sound soooo good. You've made me hungry. :)