Saturday, January 20, 2018

Darkness Rises is available now!

Good Morning everyone! It's the weekend and I don't know about you, but I am happy to be thawing out from all that cold weather we had this past week!

I'm also ready for the kiddo to go back to school. LOL!

Today I thought I would share with you a snippet of something different. Darkness Rises.

Michele and I wrote this for the London Calling Anthology, and now it has released on it's own!



London 1886

An unseen force has been awakened under the bowels of London. Jonah McRae, and his band of Dreadfuls have been called forth to dispatch the undead, and send them back to the depths of hell. What he hadn’t counted on was a raven-head beauty, Annabelle Craig. 

Monsters are Annabelle’s life. Trained by the best monster hunter of them all, she is ready to take on the scourge plaguing London at night. However, the lines between monster and hero are skewed when Jonah, an immortal and his men are bound and determined to fight beside her. 

The chemistry between them builds. 

Each night the zombie horde grows stronger and shows no sight of easing. Without finding the source of their reanimation, The Dreadfuls along with Annabelle’s Misfits, are doomed to fight until the whole city is razed or the culprit is found. What’s worse; the compulsion to take what is not his, pushes Jonah to the extreme: Take what he desires and let the city burn. Or, forgo his cravings and sacrifice himself to save London.


“Mr. Tinnin laughed. “She is a spirited lass. I’ll have fun watching her.”
“Stay away from her,” Jonah snarled.
“Are you falling for her?” Humor laced Mr. Tinnin’s voice.
“Never. Vampires don’t love.” However, he felt a possessiveness for her, more so than he’d ever experienced or understood. “We take what we want, when we want. We keep pets. Nothing more.”
“Mmm, I would love to have Miss Craig as my pet.” Andres winked at him. “She would be fun to bed.”
Again, the anger-jealousy mix churned within him. Jonah tried to breathe through it. Perhaps the effects from the spell were longer lasting than he or Omer had suspected. “I need to consult Omer. I believe the magic has caused issues with me.” Without waiting for a response, he took off, misting into the dreary London night.
Jonah spent the evening trying to get rid of the cloying need to shred everything in his path, while Annabelle’s faint scent clung to him with each breath. She wasn’t particularly remarkable. Didn’t have some extraordinary beauty to her, except for her raven hair and blue eyes. Yet the minute he saw her, he had to have her.
In some weird way, he wanted her to give herself freely to him. To bare her neck, and allow him to feed. Not enough to change her, but enough to lay a claim. The thought had his dick stiffening behind the enclosures of his pants. The brutal way his heart pounded stole his breath, and for a second he wondered if it might leap from his chest.
None of this made sense to him, and as he topped the hill near the mansion, he couldn’t force his feet to move. He didn’t want to be there. He wanted to be wherever the cursed Miss Craig was, while she wanted nothing to do with him—not surprising, after his little display with Mr. Tinnin. The bastard knew exactly what he’d been doing when he tried to intimidate Annabelle.

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jean hart stewart said...

Love this excerpt......It's a real teaser....

Tina Donahue said...

This sounds fascinating - definitely want to read - and I love the cover!