Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cold weather needs hot romance!

How's the weather by you? Here in the Chicago area, it's been vacillating between sub-zero cold for days at a time, followed by warm-ups that melt all of the snow and tease us into thinking of spring. Then there's another blast of cold with snow...followed by sub-zero temps, and the cycle keeps going. Sigh.  The only thing you want to do, besides stay in bed, is curl up with a good book, next to a big, glowing fireplace, with a mug of hot chocolate. Or even better, find a hot man to share the heat from the fireplace with you, and to make some heat of your own!

Excerpt from Never Too Old For the Game of Love
Set-up: Tegan, a divorced mother of two, is having an affair with the brother of one of her neighbors. No one except her best friend Patti knows about them. They can only meet for the one weekend of the month that her ex has the kids. In December, they were thrilled to get a whole week to be together. For his part, Alejandro has come to realize that he has finally met the woman of his dreams. But he hasn't figured out how to tell her that yet. So he books them a weekend in a cabin at a place in rural Illinois, a couple of hours from his condo in downtown Chicago. 

     When they got to the cabins, Tegan was charmed with the place, and wanted to go with Alexander into the office, to check in.  There was a restaurant in there, as well as a gift shop. The woman who verified their reservation, then gave them their key, told them, “And congratulations on your anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Reyes.  We are pleased that you have decided to celebrate with us, and we hope you enjoy your stay.”
     Tegan raised her eyebrows at Alex, but he merely thanked the clerk, and led Tegan out of the door, back to his car, so they could make the short drive over to their private cabin in the woods. 
     “Mr. and Mrs.?  Anniversary?  What’s going on here?” Tegan demanded.
     Alexander smiled guiltily at her then, saying, “It’s a family-run place.  They only allow married couples to make reservations.  So it was only a little white lie.”
     Then, when they got to the cabin, and he opened the door, he picked her up and carried her through the doorway, telling her, “And it was to have been our anniversary celebration.  The timing is off because of your changing when we could be together. I’m just glad they let me change the dates.”
     He put her down, and went back out to the car to get their things.  When he returned, he dropped them all onto the nearest chair, then he locked the door.  He turned to her, and waved his hands around at the room, “Nice, huh?”                              
     Tegan walked over to him and looked up at him questioningly, “Anniversary of what?”
     His eyes now smoldered again, as he lifted her face and looked deeply into her eyes, “We were supposed to be here together on Friday the nineteenth of December.  That would have been exactly three months since a certain woman I barely knew drove me so utterly insane with lust that I acted like an uncivilized animal and had my way with her without even asking her permission.”
     He lowered his head and kissed her, gently, then with increasing urgency.  He moaned, then lifted his lips from hers to say, “I have been trying to get you out of my system ever since, but the more I have you, the more I want you.  You’ve become an obsession with me, Tegan O’Neill. I have to have you.”
     With that, he pushed her backwards onto the bed, and proceeded to have her again and again, in many different ways.  By the time they were ready to leave the bed, it was getting dark out, and they were both hungry.
     “Are we going out to eat?”  Tegan asked.
     ‘Not tonight, my dear,” Alexander said with a smile.  “Tomorrow night we can eat at the restaurant in the main office.  We’ll have breakfast there tomorrow morning too.  But tonight I have made other arrangements.”
     “What kind of arrangements?” She asked, thinking that the town was a long drive away from where they were, and it was a typical small town, so delivery choices would be limited.
     Alexander now pulled on his pants and his boots, then tossed his coat over his naked torso, saying, “I’ll be right back.  Wait right here.”
     In a moment, he returned carrying a large box that Tegan recognized as being one of Patti’s containers for carrying food to parties.  Alexander put the box down on the table by the kitchen area that held a tiny sink, a microwave, a small fridge, and a coffeemaker.  Then he went back outside, and returned carrying a second, smaller box.  He put that one down, and closed and locked the door again.
     Tegan had been snuggling down under the covers, since it was so chilly outside.  Now she got up and walked over to see what was in the boxes.  She was surprised and pleased to see that there was a microwavable tray of Patti’s chili rellenos, as well as one of tamales; there were chips, with salsa and guacamole in smaller containers, and there were plates to put it all on, and silverware also. 
     She turned to Alexander and smiled.  “When did you get this all set up?”
     He smiled back at her, “I called Patti last week, while you were gone.  She delivered it to my condo this morning, when you were sleeping late again, as usual.  I met her by my car, and we packed it all in with dry ice.  The other box has all I need to make my sangria.  Now why don’t you get a fire going over there, and I’ll get this ready for us.”
     “Should we drag the table over by the fire?” She asked him, but he shook his head.
     “Nah, I’d rather drag the fake fur quilt off of the bed and sit on that, right in front of the fire.  That okay with you?”
     She shook her head, “You think of everything, don’t you?  And I thought that I was the organizer, the party-planner par excellence.  You make me look like a slacker!”
     She went over to the fireplace now, and using the wood next to it, had a cheery blaze going in no time.  She looked over at Alexander, who was busy slicing fruit for the sangria, while the microwave made enticing smells fill their cabin.  “How did you know I know how to build a fire?”
     He popped a maraschino cherry into his mouth and smiled at her, “You told me you were a Girl Scout, then Katie’s Girl Scout leader for years, remember? I do listen when you talk, you know.  It might not seem like it, because sometimes I have trouble concentrating, when the blood leaves my ‘big brain’, to rush down to my ‘little brain’, but I pay attention to you.”
     She walked over now to touch him, and he drew her into his arms for a long kiss and fondle. 
     “I guess I’d better watch what I say from now on, then!”  She said, once she was able to free her lips to talk again, “I just assumed you were like most men, and just saying ‘uh-huh’ in all of the right spots, to make me think you were listening.”
     He let her go then, and turned to pour sangria into two glasses, and hand her one.  “How do you think I got to be such a great salesman?  You have to listen to what your clients tell you, or you’ll miss opportunities to ‘knock their socks off’.  Most of them expect you to fill the needs they tell you about, but it’s the needs they don’t even know that they have, until you fill them, that get you the big commissions!” 
     Now he checked in the microwave, and said, “It’s ready.  Let’s eat!”
     They sat by the fire and had a picnic of Patti’s wonder foods, and drank Alexander’s secret recipe sangria, and thoroughly enjoyed stuffing themselves until neither of them could eat another thing. They pushed the dishes into the corner then, and Alexander stretched out, and pulled a pillow off of the nearby couch, and lay back, sighing with contentment.
     “You made coffee, didn’t you?” Tegan asked, and when he nodded, she got up and got them two mugs of it, and brought them over, to sit next to Alexander and snuggle with him, pulling the fake fur covering over their legs.  They spent some time quietly watching the flames dance in the fireplace.
*                            *                              *                              *                           *                            *
I have been told by reviewers and editors, that my strong point is the realistic men I create. I grew up with a brother, I still keep in touch with some of the male friends I made in college, and I've been happily married for many years, raising three sons and one daughter. Over the years I've learned that while men may think and act differently from women, before they are male, they are human. It's not that hard to imagine men who can share their feelings...especially with a woman who reflects back at them a version of themselves that they want to achieve.

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Tina Donahue said...

Love the story line and excerpt, Fiona.

Really want to see a cover!

Tim Smith said...

Nice concept and excerpt, Fiona. I really like the cozy impromptu cabin dinner scene. Very atmospheric and intimate. Looks you have another winner!

jean hart stewart said...

Great excerpt. But I think the sex scene a little overdone. Again and again in many different ways? A lot of women are going to be disappointed if their guy can't perform like that....

Fiona McGier said...

RE: Tina, thanks. Unfortunately, this is the first book I had published, and I didn't have any idea of what I wanted the cover to look like. So it's just a chessboard with a male and a female "character" standing near each other. Not a hot cover at all. But what's inside? Ooh la la!

RE: Tim, thanks. I fell in love with Alejandro as I wrote this book, and he's still one of my favorite book lovers!

RE: Jean, this is fiction, after all, right? Besides, I remember some times when the husband and I were much younger, when only extreme exhaustion after many hours, would force us to stop by making us fall asleep. I can't be the only woman who has ever experienced encounters like that...and if I am, then I freely share my memories, enhanced by my imaginary lovers, so that my readers can imagine how toe-tingling it can be!