Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Is Lust Wrong?

Today is full, super, blue moon & total lunar eclipse, and I get to post my first post on Sweet 'n Sexy Divas. How wonderful is that!

Is lust wrong?
I was asked this question. And I must admit I have sometimes wondered how I can be both spiritual and an avid author -and reader- of BDSM novels.
Do these two see eye to eye? I could never work it out. Until I was asked the question, “Shouldn’t we transcend lust?”
How can you transcend something that needs healing first? It is a very limiting belief that we need to transcend lust. It is exactly that belief that has caused many problems relating sexuality to begin with.

For thousands of years we were made to feel bad about having sexual desires. It was a sin for which you had to repent, yet at the same time we were told to go forth and multiply. What a way to mess people up: It is wrong, it is a sin, feel guilty for it. Now please go home and do it anyway.

Let’s dig a bit deeper
We incarnate to have physical experiences, from pain, sickness, death, sex, desire, orgasm, hunger, to lust. Being made to believe it is wrong to feel any of these is ridiculous. We have a brain and common sense. We have norms and values, we can decide for ourselves what is right for us and what isn't. But that freedom choice has been taken away from us for thousands of years just so that the ones in power could control us.
The thing is, many of us -especially the feminine- have had a lot of sexual abuse in past lives. Many others -both men and women- lived lives in celibacy, oftentimes not out of free will. Like it being mandatory for the 3rd or 4th son to become a priest. The poor bastards had not choice in the matter. Many women ended up being a nun in a similar fashion.
This means our sexuality, which used to be a Sacred part of being human, has gotten damaged. Severely damaged. And this needs to be healed.
Did you know that many of us still wear (plural) energetic chastity belts from past lives? I was shocked when I learnt that. As long as these are still there we cannot experience healthy, fulfilling sex lives, and sexuality will remain an issue.

The thought that lust needs to be transcended does not help. If nothing else, it would make matters worse for many of us, because it is exactly that thought that caused these problems to begin with. We need to liberate ourselves from that limiting thought so we can come to freedom of will and freedom of choice concerning sexuality. It may appear as if we have that freedom, and in a way we do, but we are all still being affected by what happened to us during many past lives, so how 'free' are our choices really?
This is a huge collective wound in both the masculine and feminine that needs to be healed for mankind to be able to move to higher plains.

I believe that BDSM can be part of that process. Not for everyone maybe, but for many it works a treat. I even know of spiritual people who endeavoured in the realms of BDSM for a while to obtain healing concerning sexuality. And they did get the healing they so needed.

In that sense, I feel I am contributing to the process too by writing about it. And yes, my novels are hot as hell, but I also like to sink my teeth into why my heroes and heroines need and crave to be a sub or a Dom/Master.

If you want a taste of that, get your copy of “Free me, Master!”, the first in the Club Serenity series, and read all about Rebecca’s story.
The 2nd novel introduces Sellie, a spicy redhead with a serious dislike of BDSM, but then she meets Kyle, weathered Master and owner of Club Serenity.
Sellie’s adventures will be available soon!

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Which leaves me to wish you a happy day
and remember...

Never lose your lust for life!

Dani Rose

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Guest Post from Jazz Michaels: Their Memoriam Sneak Peek #FirstLook #ReverseHarem

Wow! Thank you Heather Long for letting me share my first release due out on February 26th. It's Kindle only, and reverse harem. Their Memoriam is the first of three planned books, and I'm terrified, breathless, nervous, and excited all at once when it comes to people reading it. With that in mind, I wanted to share a first look inside the pages right here on Sweet and Sexy Divas.

Available 2/26
Valda Bashan woke to the inexplicable—a biosphere where she and four others were the only occupants. She had a life before she woke, a life which seemed many years away and just like yesterday. A computerized voice welcomed her to Memoriam, the biosphere’s name and the job she’d accepted. The terms were clear, she and her companions had to make it work and only when they were complete would they be free to move on to the next task.

Andreas, Hatch, Oz, and Dirk couldn’t be more different, and each man seemed to be in the same boat as she. They didn’t remember agreeing to the project or what task it was they had to complete. If they can’t work together, they may never be able to escape. First, they have to learn to get a long, which might prove the most impossible task of all.

Sneak peek below!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Romance Writers and Marriage Counselors Agree #KensingtonRomance #historicalromance #theroughpatch

Hello, hope 2018 goes well for you with lots of books on your TBR pile. May I add one?

I like to write about falling in love in the midst of family, knowing that it’s hard to get marriage and parenting right. Both are long-term relationships between distinct individuals that require of each person in the relationship his/her best qualities—thoughtfulness, kindness, and courage. No one knew that better than Jane Austen.

In her new book The Rough Patch: Marriage and the Art of Living Together, therapist Daphne de Marneffe says that most advice books don’t put the two pieces together: “the arc of the individual life course with the marriage piece.”

That’s precisely what Romance novels do put together through the plot. As she plots her novel, the Romance writer works with two protagonists whose individual journeys must mesh in a new relationship to create the happily ever after. Years ago writers Cowden, LaFever, and Viders described in The Complete Writer’s Guide to Heroes & Heroines how the romance plot is structured around three relational stages between the hero and heroine: “They clash; they mesh; they change.” As therapist Marneffe puts it, “We’re always trying to mesh our relational lives and our individual journeys.”

Once again, in my new Husband Hunter series from Kensington, I’m interested in meshing those individual journeys with the relational lives of my heroes and heroines, for Hazelwood the disgraced Viscount and spy and Jane, the outsider in London society; for Harry Clare, spy and soldier who has never quite come home, and Lucy Holbrook, an innkeeper who has never ventured far from her inn; and for Ajax Lynley and Emily Radstock, each of whom has reason to doubt that happiness can exist in marriage.

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Happy reading all! 

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Bargain Anthologies--Limited time only!

Last Chance to Snag these Anthologies!

Last year I published a LIMITED TIME collection of Hot Alpha Heroes and Hot Dominant Heroes. These books are available on Kindle Unlimited for free, or at a bargain price of $5.99.

I wanted to let you know that in February 2018, they will disappear forever.

If you are interested, snag them now!

Hot Alpha Heroes includes a collection of shorts and novellas that are steamy and snarky. This is a great collection for readers who are new to my work.

Hot Dominant Heroes includes my HOTTEST stories (featuring couples exploring sugarkink and BDSM). This collection is not for the faint of heart, and a great choice for readers who discovered me after some of these books disappeared from the marketplace, and for readers who really like a super steamy romance. As I said, many of them are not available anywhere else.
Both collections will only be available on Amazon. They will be on sale for a short time.
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Hot Alpha Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology
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  • Whipped: Dane Coulter is determined to avoid love at all costs…until he meets a woman he can’t resist. It’s a damn shame she is the one woman he can never have. A scorching contemporary romance.
  • Pool Man: This luxurious contemporary romance romp features exotic locations, a steamy flirtation and a hilarious twist that will have you laughing out loud. A scorching contemporary romance.
  • Man Hungry: Blind dates can be a crapshoot, but for Jessica and Justin, it’s like winning the lottery. The lust lottery at least! A scorching contemporary romance.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Dark Fancy: Running away from an unwanted marriage, Helena unwittingly runs directly into the arms of the most dangerous man in Regency England. And he refuses to let her go. A scorching Regency romance.

Don’t miss Hot Dominant Heroes as well…if you dare.

Hot Dominant Heroes: A Sabrina York Anthology
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This anthology includes exclusive content, not available anywhere else and will only be available for a limited time.
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  • Adam’s Obsession:  When Adam Trillo discovers his buttoned-up co-worker is actually Wildcat, his kinky online lover, he is determined to seduce her in real life, even though it’s strictly against the rules. Book One of the scorching Wired Series!
  • Pushing Her Buttons: Tangling with a blazingly handsome stranger in an elevator leads to a dark passion Samantha cannot resist.  Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Her Royal Comeuppance: Furious at the betrayal of her once-loyal woodsman, Queen Cressida intends to make him pay. But Nicholas turns the tables, determined to thaw his Ice Queen with the heat of a passion she cannot resist.
  • Training Tess: When hardcore Dom Jared Mittlebank discovers sweet Tess’ curiosity about his, ahem, lifestyle, he cannot resist the opportunity to…instruct her. Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • Trickery: Tricked into seducing a yummy mortal, young witch Willow has no idea what is in store for her—magical domination by one of the most powerful wizards in the witching world. And he will use all his powers to win her.
  • Extreme Couponing: Imagine receiving a coupon book for kinky explorations. Would you be brave enough to redeem them? Exclusive content, not available anywhere else!
  • BONUS CONTENT! Dark Duke: Edward Weyth is notorious for his hedonistic lifestyle, but everything turns upside down when his cousins come to stay with him. Until he notices his cousin’s mousy companion isn’t mousy in the least. He cannot resist introducing her to his dark desires. From Sabrina’s scorching Noble Passions Series.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Travels with Cerise, Part I: How I spend my (historical research) vacations!

 Cerise at Ham House

 (All photographs are Cerise DeLand's. Copyright 2017-2018)

The biggest challenge to writing historical romances is getting all the facts right! The romance usually comes to you in a flash. The hero appears, the heroine startles or the conflict between them lives for you. But getting the details about their relationship correct and the setting is a huge challenge. Research, not just those facts found in the pages of a thick nonfiction tome, but those discovered on holiday abroad make my job as a writer a delight!

Traveling to “imbibe” the setting and atmosphere of the period is a great way to spend a vacation. I think so. I know many authors do.  Some go alone. Others take their friends or spouses. My husband, thank goodness, is tickled to go. And because he speaks French (and I speak German), we complement each other and get so much done!

My latest based on extensive research of artists in Montmartre at
at opening of Impressionist era.
Hero resembles Rodin.
Luckily, he likes my choices of places to visit and things to do. All of them, we research on-line and in printed references at home months before we catch the plane. This May is our next vacation when we do the Loire Valley for 3 weeks (and 12 castles, a vineyard and a monastery!) and then back to Paris to eat well, walk and visit old haunts.

What can you learn by doing this kind of research on the hoof?

Regency Town House,
Brunswick Square, Brighton
For one thing, you learn how far a house was from the center of royal court! In this first photo, I stand before Ham House in what is now suburban London. But in the early 17th century, this grand estate was far enough from the capital to be serene and close enough to allow the owners (earls of Dysart and Lauderdale) to respond to any summons from the monarch.

What you also learn from such a trip is a sense of terrain and social intercourse. Ham House is on the river. Very close to two other notable country homes, Ham sits so close, you can look across the river and imagine how members of the families visited—or argued—or fell in love with those nearby. You can also stroll through the kitchens (like the one where I’m standing in Kenwood House) and marvel at the huge roasting pit. You can examine the kitchen garden where the lady of the house painstakingly grew her vegetables. You can enjoy the stillroom where cooks dried herbs or the dairy room where maids separated cream and churned butter. You can admire the dolls that were Queen Victoria’s when she was a child. Or note the splendor of her bedroom when she visited Syon House. Even more intriguing is to stand next to the figure of Prince Albert her husband in all his court regalia (as he is in Kensington Palace) and note that he was rather short!
Vaux le Vicomte,
Sitting Room, south of Paris

You get to admire the true colors of a Regency library as at Kenwood House. Or the splendor of the dining rooms in their formal table service as in those at Syon House (owned by the dukes of Northumberland) and in the Imperial Palais de Compiegne (Bourbon kings and Bonaparte emperors) in suburban Paris. You go to Bath, as Jane Austen did, and have high tea in the Pump Room, drinking ‘the waters’. Tasting it, you discover it’s rather metallic and very unpleasantly warm! You go to Montmartre up on the windy hill in Paris and note that the Moulin Rouge beckons. So does the Moulin de la Galette where Parisians went to dance each night to escape their small rooms. Today, a restaurant stands there, but you can imagine yourself waltzing…and you can dream that your characters do too.
Ham House,
Library, Secret door to Duke's Bedroom

Farther up the Butte in Montmartre, you can enter the house that Auguste Renior once rented. Now a museum, the house displays the atelier of many an artist who gladly lived up in the suburb of Paris. Here the breezes cooled them and wealthier citizens came to buy their paintings and their sculptures.

Walking along the streets of Paris, you can imagine what hardship it must have been to walk the cobbles for miles in wooden shoes. Or how comforting to climb into a smart Briska Voyage carriage (made in Bath, England and now on display at Vaux-le-Vicomte, south of Paris). You imagine sitting in the library at Spencer House looking out on Green Park, so close that people would walk up and wave at the earls inside!

Housekeeper's Room,
below stairs, Regency Town House,
Brunswick Square,
You can see the effects of candles and smoke on the bright Regency colors of the walls, turning them dingy. You can smell the old, fine leather of the chairs and marvel at the original volumes of Ivanhoe and Pride and Prejudice on the library shelves.

You can imagine your hero and heroine waltzing in the ballroom at Syon House. Or see them strolling along South Moulton Street in London to go to the dressmakers or the tailors. Or climb into the high tester bed swathed in yards of stiff brocade as they retire for the night.

Painting with words without such rich sensations would be creating from whole cloth, poor representations and bland.

Travel abroad adds color, enrichment and accuracy to our novels. And aren’t you glad, authors take such time and care to show you what life was like for those characters who ‘existences’ we choose to enrich by having them fall in love?

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Cerise DeLand loves to cook, hates to dust, lives to travel, read and write!
She pens #1 Bestselling Regencies and spicy romances starring SEALs! Yep. She loves a dashing, hunky man paired with a sassy woman.

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Dark Deception by Zoe Blake

A dark romance from USAT Bestselling author, Zoe Blake.

She wants him dead.
Mirage is a master jewel thief but tonight she is an assassin.

His life was ruined by her lies.
Now he will make her pay.
He will have her on her knees, begging for forgiveness.
It's time she learned why they call him, Paine.

🔥🔥🔥 TINY TEASE 🔥🔥🔥
He whispered darkly into her ear, “I knew if I waited and made myself enough of a target, the person who set me up would strike again.” 
Mirage felt sick with fear. Her knees buckled, but his restraining arm kept her upright. 
“I’m going to make you pay.” His sharp teeth nipped at the delicate curve of her ear as Paine hissed his malicious threat.
Mirage closed her eyes. 
Clasped in Paine’s strong, unrelenting grasp, she knew…she was a dead woman.


Wow!  I don’t know how she does it, but Ms. Zoe Blake just keeps on upping her game and bringing us, her readers, amazing stories.  I loved Dark Deception and its high octane scenes, passionate characters, and all the angst with erotic intensity.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  The story will take the reader on a roller-coaster ride into the world of thieves.  Meet the players, Mirage and Paine, two people who both works for an organization known only as The Syndicate. 

Paine:  “A man of his skills was hard to find.  A trained fighter, thief, and hacker.  A criminal renaissance man.”  Sometimes, in his line of work for The Syndicate, it includes taking out certain operatives, ones who may have crossed a line, as Dev has done. Now someone has trashed his name and reputation, sending out the word to the underground that he has switched sides and has gone rogue.  “The Syndicate was beginning to doubt that Paine had betrayed them.”

Mirage: “He respected her for her skills, and he wanted her for her beauty.  Like the thief he was, Paine appreciated something precious and rare; Mirage was both.  She was simply stunning.  Her petite frame matched her gamine, almost other-worldly features.  Skin so pale it was almost translucent.  Dark, obsidian eyes which matched her silky, black hair.  Her lips dominated her delicate face, almost appearing too large and always painted a crimson red.”

“The Syndicate was rich beyond measure organization of criminals, politicians, and businessmen.  A cross between the Knights Templar, the Skull, and Bones society and some evil Bond villain.”

Now that you know the players, understand the angst, Mirage is determined to take out Paine, and she has devised her plan of revenge.  “It had all been perfect.  The perfect setup.  The perfect deception.  The perfect revenge.”  But even perfect sometimes has its downfall, and that is Paine when he thwarts her plan.  Paine is a man who lives up to his name, and now he will exact his revenge.  “He would find his bad little kitten and make her pay for all her misdeeds.”

The story is a cat and mouse game between Paine and Mirage, and while he punishes her for her actions, he also learns more about her.  She fascinates him, and he is determined to own her as his.  The sex between them is controlling and forceful.  There isn’t a part of her he doesn’t master and claim.

“Sex with Paine had all the elements of a great heist.  Anticipation, danger, tension, euphoria.  She secretly loved how he bent her to his will, made her beg for the pleasure and pain.  The only way she would or could be completely submissive was to a strong, dominating man like Paine who took that submission from her by force.  She needed to focus on all the reasons why she hated him—on how much he angered her—not the reasons why she was falling in love with him.”

The story is life and risk, love and hate, talent and execution, pain and pleasure, give and take, raw, edgy, dark and dirty with two people who learn that there can be honor among thieves, you just have to find the right one.  The story has explicit sex scenes with forced submission, unequal power exchange, and extremely sizzling hot sex between this pair. She thrives off of his dominance and control, and he knows exactly how to control her.  For them, it will become a win-win dynamic. 

Zoe Blake:  USA Today and International Bestselling Author in Dark Romance

We are all attracted to the forbidden, addicted to the rush we get from reading something naughty. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The Scottish laird who prefers to make love in the wild. I write those romantic fantasies.

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Love US Football? Medical Romance? Legal Romance? Here's one for you! by Suz deMello (@suzdemello #medicalromance #sportsromane #legalromance)

I started writing in late 1996 and wanted to write a classic romance, "Boy Meets Girl, Boy Loses Girl, Boy Gets Girl Back" sort of thing. I wanted it to be a contemporary, even though I really loved Regency--I just didn't think I could write a historical yet, because I was a total newbie. Unfortunately, I didn't know much about romance other than that formula, so when I sat down and thought about what kind of hero I though would be appealing, I cane up with...a football quarterback. Not only a quarterback, but an injured one.

That's common fare now, but back in the 90s, no one but Susan Elizabeth Phillips could make a sports hero work. I found the book unsaleable for nearly a decade, before Five Star published it in a lovely first edition.

The hardcover edition of Walk Like A Man is still available on Amazon--print never quite goes away. It may yet be sitting on the shelves of your local library.

It got pretty good reviews:

...a very enjoyable contemporary romance between a major sports figure and the therapist whose skill is all that stands between him and life in a wheelchair. 

Lynn Welch, Booklist

Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

Sue Swift...is an author to watch. WALK LIKE A MAN is an altogether enjoyable reading experience. Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

"... such a delight to read...tantalizing sexual tension, witty banter... not only a beautiful love story, great characterization and a good plot, but ...emotions that will reach in and squeeze the breath out of the reader... a fiery read. A must buy, a must read, this story is not to be missed!!" 


(In case you're wondering who Sue Swift is--that's me. Just a different pen name.)

But time marches on, and, delightfully, reversions happen. That the rights to the book returned to me gave me the opportunity to update and re-edit the book...and here it is. Hope you love it!

Buy it here:

Barnes and Noble
Apple iTunes

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New Kid On The Blog

Nice to meet you! As a new blogger at Sweet 'N Sexy Divas, I thought I'd tell you a bit about myself. Don't worry. It won't be a life story or anything remotely as long and detailed as that. If you're so inclined, you can read more about me on my website.

I write paranormal/urban fantasy romance mostly, but just published my first sweet Christmas story at the behest of my book club members the end of last year. I think they just wanted to challenge me. Those of you who've read my stories know that I do not write "sweet," so that was a new and fun adventure for me. In fact, the story was so much fun to write, and so well-received, I've decided to write a new sweet Christmas romance each year from now on. In case you haven't had quite enough Christmas yet, I've posted it below. It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy all over.

If you take a look at it, visit my Amazon author page for more about my books as well. I'd love for you to follow me for updates, too. Right now, I've got two new releases coming up, and both are urban fantasy romance bargains! First, on January 28th, "At All Cost," a multi-author shifter set, will be released. It's my first co-author story with my fabulous friend, Muffy Wilson. Our story in the anthology is "The Scales Of Kiamet." 

As you might have guessed from the title, it's about a dragon. I'll have the links and more information about its release in a few days, and I'll share it in my VIP Book Club newsletter. What? Not a member of my book club? Join now, and in addition to updates, ARC offers, sneak peeks, exclusive giveaways, and info about my upcoming releases, you'll receive a 3-book starter library FREE! Here's the link to join my VIP book club for updates, and a look at the set cover.

The second release, and this one is a 20-author boxed-set, is "Mystic Realms." We would really appreciate if you help us get the word out about it by supporting our Thunderclap and Daycause campaigns. This is an exciting set, and I can't wait for it to go LIVE in April! 


What goes bump in the night? What causes you a fright?
While the answers for each may vary, I promise that these stories will not leave you wary.
From vampires and demons to shifters and creatures that you’d never suspect, this set will leave you breathless in the best possible ways.
So, don’t be afraid. Come, step inside our realm. Allow the mysticism of romance in many shapes and forms fall over you like a veil of sweet, soothing, spine tingling comfort.

We promise… you won’t be sorry.