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New form Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh

The latest installment of the Eternal Flames- Crystal, and Eternal Flames-Maddox, co-written with M/M author Cree Storm, is now available.

This is book 6 of the Eternal Flames Maddox series, you should read Eternal Flames 1-10 and book 1-5 of Eternal Flames Maddox before this book.

No one really knows what the future holds. Trusting that fate knows the way, is not always easy for people. However, for Ollie, trust doesn’t come easy. So, when Ollie discovers his mate in Maddox, he does everything he can to avoid the man, until he is forced to face him one on one. Wyndingo has lived a very lonely existence for a very long time. The only thing that has ever kept him going, is the thought that his mate was out there.
The second Ollie walked in the door, Wyndingo knew that fate had finally forgiven him, for his horrible actions, all those years ago. However, he never expected for his mate to say thanks, but no thanks.
Can Wyndingo and Ollie work out their differences or is all of Maddox and Crystal going to pay the price for them denying their fate.

"I call your two pocket lubes, and raise you a vibrating cock ring," Ollie said tossing his bid into the center of the table.
Casimir tossed his hand in. "That's too rich for my blood."
Pascal bit his bottom lip, tapped his fingers on the table, looked at Ollie. "I call your bid and raise you a chocolate body topping."
"Call," Donny said tossing in his bid.
"Yorkie, I don't know what to do," Timmy said anxiously biting his thumbnail as he bounced his legs up and down.
York shook his head. "Nugget you know the agreement. I can't play your hands. Just do what you think is best."
Timmy sighed, then tossed in Pascal's bid amount. "This is harder then milking Latte."
Pascal snickered at Donny's confused look, then explained, "Latte is his goat."
Donny opened his mouth wide, "Ahh."
 Zen shook his head. "I still can't believe you guys are playing with sex novelties."
Shrugging, Ollie said, "Hey you never know when strawberry flavored lube might come in handy."
"How do you think I always have the pocket lube on hand for those unplanned moments of yours?"  Pascal asked with a giggle.
Zen started nibbling on Pascal's ear, muttering, "You never seem to complain when those unplanned moments are taking place."
"Oh hell no! No nookie on the poker table. Now show your hand, Pas," Ollie grumbled.
Pascal laid his hand down, smirking at his brother. "You're just jealous that I found my sexy ass mate and you are still looking."
"Trust me, I don't want a mate," Ollie said, then looked at Pascal's hand. "Seriously, bro, you raised with a pair of twos?"
Shrugging, Pascal said, "I guess I'll be buying my lube this week."
Donny looked at Ollie, as he laid his hand down. "Aces and threes. Are you serious Ollie, you don't want a mate? Hell, I can be a dick and I still can't wait until I find my own mate."
Ollie laid his hand down. "Good luck with that, Donny. I spent too much time hidden away in caves, trees, and mud huts with just my brother and my hand for company. I want to live the single life for a long time. I want to be able to go out there, get laid, play the field and enjoy my life.The thought of being tied to one man makes my lungs tighten up, my heart race, and my stomach nauseous. Full house, boys, Queens over Jacks."
Casimir sat back. "Ollie, I was in the pixie realm for centuries and can honestly say if fate granted me the gift of a mate, I would snatch that man up and not look back."
Just as Ollie went to scoop in the pot, York placed his hand on his arm. "You have no clue what your missing when it comes to having a mate, Ollie. Having my nugget in my life has only made me understand what true freedom really is, and your forgetting my mate hasn't shown his hand yet."
Donny looked at Ollie, saying, "You do know that your reaction to a mating makes no sense. You think having a mate means you lose your freedom. However, we are taught that when we get our mate, our true lives begin. We get to share everything with them, always have someone there to have our backs, listen to our complaints and help us hold the burdens we carry."
Timmy sighed, "I love having my Yorkie in my life. I haven't had to wash my own body since he and I mated and it's so sweet how he sings love songs to me every night and dances naked, swinging his―"
"Nugget! Why don't you show the guys your hand," York interrupted as the others softly laughed.
Timmy shrugged, saying, "I don't have any pairs. So I guess I lose."
Timmy laid his cards down and York laughed as Ollie moaned and tossed his head back.
"What? Did I do something wrong?" Timmy asked nervously.
York leaned into the table taking the winning pot. "No baby, but a two, three, four, five, six of diamonds is a straight flush, and it definitely beats a full house."
Ollie watched as York whispered something in Timmy's ear making the little man giggle and Zen was trying to remove Pascal's tonsils with his tongue.
Ollie stood up and went to the bar. "Hey Blake, can I get a water?"
"Sure, Ollie," Blake replied, pulling a bottle out of the cooler, and setting it on the counter.
Ollie turned and sighed. Blake laughed, "All these mated pairs coming out of the woodwork sure leaves a shifter to wonder when their turn will come."
Twisting the cap off his water bottle, Ollie took a swig, but didn't say anything in return. The last thing Ollie wanted to do was get into a discussion about mates again. The less he talked about it the better his chances were that no one would find out that he had known for months who is mate was and had done everything, and more, to make sure the man didn't find out.

If you haven't checked out this bestselling series but would like to, all titles are available on Amazon.

****: Please note that the Eternal Flames Crystal and Eternal Flames Maddox is on ongoing series that takes place between two towns with characters crossing over, and should be read in order below.
1: EF-Crystal 1 Burning Desire
2: EF-Crystal 2 Rising from the Ashes
3: EF-Crystal 3 Courting the Phoenix
4: EF-Crystal 4 How to Claim your Dragon
5: EF-Crystal 5 A Higher Calling
6: EF-Crustal 6 Fear of Discovery
7: EF-Maddox 1 Adding Fuel to the Flames
8: EF-Maddox 2 A Bite to Remember
9: EF-Crystal 7 Phoenix Rising
10: EF-Maddox 3 Bound to the Enemy
11: EF-Crystal 8 Power of Love
12: EF-Maddox 4 Tiny Treasures
13: EF-Crystal 9 Partners in Crime
14: EF-Maddox 5 Sowing the Seeds of Love
15: EF-Crystal 10 Under Siege
16: EF-Maddox 6 Edge of Tomorrow
17: COMING SOON EF-Maddox 7 Divine Intervention
To find out more about Maggie Walsh and to check out her library of books, please visit her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com

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