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If you love Daddy Dom and little girl books check out this one by Maggie Ryan and review by Redrabbitt

Daddy Says by Maggie Ryan

When twenty-four-year-old Jane Knight is assigned wealthy, handsome businessman Sawyer Masterson's table at the upscale restaurant where she works, she quickly finds herself breathless, blushing, and tongue-tied, and it is only his warm, calming demeanor that keeps her from humiliating herself completely. What truly catches her off guard, however, is the card he leaves behind to let her know that he would like to be the daddy she clearly needs so desperately.

The mere thought of a strict daddy taking her in hand--and over his knee--leaves Jane's heart racing and her panties soaked, but when Sawyer bares her bottom for the first spanking of her life it is only the beginning of his plans for her. He is going to teach her to be his obedient little girl, and she is going to discover the pleasure of being made to do exactly as daddy says.

Publisher's Note: Daddy Says includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Maggie Ryan is one of the authors that when you see her name, you know you are in for a wonderful tale. Her ageplay stories can be contemporary or historical and take the reader on a journey.  Here is my review on her newest book, Daddy Says.


I enjoyed the story of Jane and Sawyer and their journey into a relationship that includes a DD/lg relationship of age-play.  We don’t learn too much about her parents except that she was a late in life an only child that was more an inconvenience than a cherished child.  While Jane enjoys reading domestic discipline erotica on her Kindle, she honestly has never had much experience, even when it comes to relationships, she lacks much experience.

Sawyer Masterson is a self-made millionaire and knows what he wants.  Having a good friend who lives the lifestyle with his little wife, he will go to dinner and meet Jane at a high-end restaurant.  Jane is their server, but she is so flustered from the moment she goes to the table, that she makes one mistake after another.  Thinking this will be the end of her job, she is shocked to have the checked paid in cash, a nice tip, and a business card that has the word Favored and a web address.

The plot will have Sawyer seeking his own little and meeting Jane, where she is nervous and says and does everything wrong, but he finds it amusing, and her blushing is cute.  Leaving her the business card and then waiting for her to access the site will open the door, but just when he thinks they have a chance, she exits the site in fear.  He is a patient man who refuses to give up on her and asserts his presence at the restaurant and in her station each night until she finally acquiesces to listen to him. 

“You are the only young woman I’ve seen as favored, and the only one who is important to me now.”

The story focuses on the development of their relationship and her acceptance as his little girl.  She will learn that he is sincere in this relationship, and in her.  Sawyer will always tell her when she is to be punished why and makes sure she understands the situation.  The story has many scenes of punishment, some medical play, anal play, humiliation, and explicit sex scenes. 

“I realize I am asking a great deal—but know that I am committed to guiding you, to disciplining you, and to teach you all about the pleasures and joy found in submission.  I am asking for your honesty and your trust.  I promise I will treasure each and never abuse either.”

There is a great cast of characters, detailed, open and honest conversations, and while some of the punishments may seem harsh and painful, he never harms her.  He doesn’t want to rob her of her independence, respects her desire to attend culinary school, and respects her hard limits.  Best of all, the story has a happy ending.

Readers, the Daddy Dom/little girl stories have more on the way.  On Saturday, December 30th, Maggie Ryan's next book, DADDY COMMANDS will be released.  

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