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New from Maggie Walsh: Hanging by a Thread @maggiewalsh68 #PNR

New from Maggie Walsh

"Hanging By A Thread"
Clearnight Haven 2

The follow up to Her Amazon Bestselling book "The Coterie"

"Hanging On By A Thread"
Clearnight Haven 2
Now Available

BLURB: Fabian Valentine knew that when his best friend, king of the paranormals, Raven Stone, sent him to Clearnight Haven that he would have a big mess to clean up to get this coven back on track, but he never would have guessed what was really going on. Fabian, along with his four brothers, arrive in Clearnight ready to take on the task but are at a complete loss when they start uncovering the true depth of evil that has gripped this town.
Atticus Lovering has always been quiet and shy. Being the smallest vampire in his coven and having an abusive mother had him feeling inadequate most of his life. But when Atty decides to take a chance on love, it turns out to be the biggest mistake of his life and he finds himself trapped in the clutches of human traffickers.
Now it is up to Fabian to track down Atticus and others who have fallen victim. But Fabian's urgency to save Atticus soon takes on a whole new meaning when he discovers the cute little vampire is more important to him than he realized.

  Standing from the bed he ripped the sheet off and haphazardly wrapped it around his waist. Whoever it was, this better be good or he was going to slam the door in their face and get back to his lustful fantasy about his mate.
  When he opened the door and found Atticus standing there, his eyes full of hunger and need and smelling of arousal, Fabian was beyond shocked. Happy, but shocked. He could see in Atticus’ eyes that he had come for one reason, and that was to be claimed.
  If pressed to answer what exactly happened after that, Fabian was sure he wouldn’t be able to tell. The smell of Atticus and his need filled Fabian and he lost all thought. His mate came to him, said that he wanted him and the next thing he knew they were both naked and Atticus was on his knees, sucking his cock and swallowing him down the back of his throat.
  He must have fallen asleep while he was jerking off and this was all only a dream. As much as he longed for it to be reality a part of him was convinced he was dreaming. But as his orgasm built and he exploded down Atticus’ throat he knew it was real. He looked down at his mate as Atticus licked his cock clean then met his gaze. His mate looked like a fallen angel with swollen, wet lips, breathing heavily, and hair mussed. He looked totally debauched and the sight had Fabian’s cock coming back to life.
  He wanted to take his time with his mate and make him feel loved and cherished, but in that moment Fabian didn’t think he could go slow. His true vampire was riding him hard, demanding they claim what was theirs.
  “I need you so bad, mate. Tell me you want this, too. That you want me, too,” Fabian said in a low, husky voice.
  Atticus stood and pressed his body against Fabian’s as he looked up at him with hunger and... was that love? “I want you. I want you to claim me and make me yours forever. I want to wear your mark and shout it from the rooftops that you are my man, my mate, and let the world know how happy that makes me. Take me, mate. Fuck me and make me yours. As much as I want us to take our time, I don’t think I can wait a minute longer. I need you inside me, now. So, fuck me, mate. Fuck me so hard I feel you inside me for days after.”
  That was it for Fabian. Using his vampire speed, he grabbed Atticus around the waist and hauled him onto the bed then crawled between his spread legs as Atticus opened for him. Atticus gasped in surprise, but the gasp turned to a fucking sexy moan when their bodies pressed together.
  “I don’t think I can go slow, baby. I want you so bad,” Fabian said and was surprised to hear the need in his voice.
  “Then don’t. Take me. Make me yours. We can go slow later,” Atticus replied giving him a saucy smile that grabbed a hold of his heart. God, he really did already love this wonderful man.
  Fabian reached over and grabbed the lube that he had left on the nightstand earlier and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers. He was not small, but Atticus was and he didn’t want to hurt him. He knew he would fit because Atticus was made just for him, and he wanted to claim him fast, but he still refused to cause his man pain.
  “That was handy,” Atticus said and Fabian looked up, meeting his eyes and saw that his cute mate was trying to hold in a smile.
  “I was...um…”
  “Taking matters into your own hands before I interrupted,” Atticus said as a statement as he smirked at him.
  Fabian chuckled as he pushed up onto his knees between Atticus’ spread thighs and wrapped his hand around his cock, giving it a few tugs as he made sure he was properly covered. “Such a smart mate I have.”
  “I thought I tasted a hint of lube when I swallowed that gorgeous cock of yours. That’s so hot thinking you were in here pleasuring yourself before I came.”
  “I’ll be pleasuring you now before you come,” Fabian replied huskily as he leaned forward and took Atticus’ cock down his throat in one move. At the same time, he pressed the tip of one finger against Atticus’ tight hole and began to loosen him. Atticus hissed as his body arched off the mattress.

LINK: https://www.amazon.com/Hanging-Thread-Clearnight-Haven-Book-ebook/dp/B075ZRLZF9/

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Tina Donahue said...

Wonderful excerpt, Maggie! Congrats on your latest release. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Can't write that hot myself, but admire those who do...Much success with your latest release....