Sunday, October 8, 2017

A New Way to Write a Series #Series #EroticRomance

Both as a reader and a writer I enjoy series. I'd even prefer to watch a television series over a movie most nights. Once I become attached to characters I don't want to let them go. If I've already read their story then I want to know how their happily ever after is going. If they are a supporting character in a story I've already read then I want to read how they get their happily ever after.

But as a writer I've struggled more with series than I like to admit. I'm great at starting them, and coming up with a great cast of characters and a bunch of stories I want to tell, but after writing one or two of the tales I often get distracted and move on to the next thing, leaving the series dangling in the wind.

So when I got the idea for a new series last Christmas I was determined not to let that happen again. I came up with a new way to write a series. I decided to write all the books before I revising or submitting any of them. It was an ambitious project that took me all year, but the results are finally in. If all goes according to plan, all four books in the series should be out this December.

The four stories revolve around four girls in Frostbite Falls during the night of the Frostbite Falls Christmas Ball. Like many of the other ball stories I've read (though my experience has been mostly with historicals) the characters have several scenes that intersect, some that are obvious and others that are not. That is one of the reasons that I decided to write all the books before submitting. Because I wanted to make sure all the scenes made sense together and no details were accidentally changed from book to book (and its a good thing that I did, because there were quite a few inaccuracies I had to change). But by forcing myself to write and revise all the books at the same time I might have just stumbled on the only way I can write a complete series without getting distracted by a shiny new idea.

Now I'll admit this process was far from a straight line. I wrote and revised several books in between writing this series, which was probably why it took me a whole year to write these four books. Maybe I needed to do that, to give myself a break from Frostbite Falls to keep myself interested. But either why, I'm just ecstatic to have finally found a way to write a series without leaving my readers, or characters, hanging.

Of course I won't be able to use this technique on every series. Sometimes it won't work, or my schedule won't accommodate expending such a chunk of time on one project. But its nice to have found a way that I can create a complete series that I hope will satisfy my readers on more levels than just the delivery of my novels. And to reaffirm once again how I'm always learning and evolving in my writing.

I'll share covers and excerpts as soon as I have them. And you can always stop by my website www.willaedwards.com to find out more about my writing and sign up for my newsletter to updates on all my future projects.


Tina Donahue said...

I love the idea for your newest series, Willa. Can't wait to see the cover art. :)

Tim Smith said...

Willa, this is a unique approach to writing a series! I hadn't thought of that with the series I write but may have to consider the idea. Best of luck!

jean hart stewart said...

Writing a series is a challenge. I find it helps a lot to have a chart going on all the characters and their characteristics... Then I an keep going without doing them all at once...