Saturday, September 2, 2017

Riding the Curve by Veronica Bagby #MF #baseball #sportsromance #upcomingrelease #eroticaromance #interracialromance

Greetings all!

I'm finally ready to release my first story for my 4th muse, Veronica Bagby. For those that don't know, I've been promising to write for Veronica for EONS, but because I was busy with the other three, her work got pushed to the back.

Now, I have her book set for release September 20th as part of the Minor League Alphas erotica series with Remmy Duchene. These books are centered around our fictional team, the Taggart City Rebels, a minor league team with high aspirations and incredible sex drives. Right now, there are 4 books planned and if they do well, we'll do more.

Book one by Remmy is already out and I'll share the blurb and link down below. First, here is my blurb for Riding the Curve.

Tentative BlurbAs a reporter at WSEN, Sasha Preston has worked hard to fulfill her dream to become the top sportscaster. However, despite her knowledge of sports and beauty, she often finds herself getting the odd jobs, leading to nowhere. Finally, her boss gives her a break that could lead to something bigger and Sasha takes it without batting an eyelash.

Tatum Phelps dream to be a big league pitcher ended with a devastating knee injury years ago. Now, with his younger brother’s coaxing, he’s decided to give it another shot.

When the two meet at a local bar, sparks fly immediately and neither of them know their paths are to collide at a later date. More importantly, both Sasha and Tatum don’t realize fate has a funny way of bringing two hardworking people together. 

Here is a small snippet:

“Sasha? Hey, hon−,"
Sasha grimaced at the sound of her co-worker’s voice. She shifted in her chair to look at Bryce Danley wearing an apologetic look on his face. Hadn’t he learned not to call her that here? Sasha was no one’s honey. She'd made that clear to Bryce in the beginning.
Yes, dating where you worked was a big mistake, but what could she say? The well had been dry for who knows how long and Sasha needed a release.
Besides that, Bryce was handsome. He had a gorgeous smile and pearly white teeth. Unlike the young hottie in IT who slunk up to Sasha the week prior, he didn’t make her feel as if she’d robbed the cradle.
The total downer was finding out Bryce’s big feet didn’t translate to a larger bulge in his pants. Not that Sasha was overly concerned with penis sizes. Still, she cared if the man could please her in bed more than her battery-operated boyfriend could. Once she figured it wasn’t worth the risk, Sasha pulled out. Who needed a guy if they couldn’t measure up… literally.
Then, fear for her career. Most times workplace romances came with an expiration date. And since Sasha wished to be promoted, she figured she’d cut her losses before the emotions ruled their ugly head.
Hard enough she was one of the few females at the all sports network, WSEN, World Sports Entertainment Network. Harder, she was a black female who’d more than paid her dues, taking whatever assignment available just to get face time.
Sasha didn’t want to leave, WSEN. Still, if a better opportunity came along, she’d take it in a heartbeat.
“Sorry, um, the boss wants to see you. He called my desk.” Bryce said, shoulder hunching as he turned away from her.
“Thanks.” Sasha got up from her chair and grabbed her notebook from her drawer. She wondered what the assignment would it be this time.
An interview with yet another WNBA player?
Not that the WNBA was awful. She loved that a women's only league existed. If only she could get into that as much as men's basketball it would be great.
Then, there was the assignment interviewing an English soccer player. He was cute, really nice, but Sasha had to admit, soccer did nothing for her.
The last one was better. An interview with a golf legend who kept complimenting her curves. Once they were done, he had the nerve to ask if she dated old white men. She laughed it off and high tailed it out of there. Even though Sasha was down with the swirl, she didn’t want men older than her bra size.

Hope you enjoyed that little snippet. Again, look for the sexy short on 9/20.

Now, here's a look at Remmy Duchene's CATCHER, out now at Amazon!

After leaving Taggart City, Kade Quest never thought he’d return. His baseball career took off and life is good. When a collision at home plate lands him on the disabled list followed by a demotion to Triple A baseball until he was strong enough to return to the Crimsons, Kade sees this as a sign--to face up to the feelings he has for Lance Andrews.

Lance Andrews is a simple man. He loves a cold beer and a great game of baseball on a Saturday afternoon. When his old crush, Kade Quest, comes back to town, Lance isn’t prepared for anything to happen between them. But what’s a guy to do when Kade gives him an offer he should refuse but can’t?

**Disclaimer: This sexy short has a very naughty relationship between two grown men.***


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