Friday, September 8, 2017

Menage on the Rocks Now Available Everywhere #newrelease #menage #eroticromance #newexcerpt

My stand alone story "Menage on the Rocks" was released this week at all retail outlets. One of the best parts about having a story available as part of Totally Bound's anthologies is that you get two of everything. Two releases. Two covers. And two release days.

In celebration of my second release day with this story, here's a new juicy except that I hope will entice you to pick up a copy of my story, either as part of the anthology or on its own.


A few lights were turned on in the living room, giving the entire room an intimate quality. Ozzy stood in the center of the room in all his glory. Most of it, at least. Like Raj, he’d donned underwear. The clingy fabric conformed to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Her mouth watered at the miles of bronze skin, the hard muscles created from hours of back-breaking work—whipping, chopping and carving. He smiled as they walked into the room. A tightness she hadn’t even realized bound her chest loosened.

“I was wondering if you two were ever getting out of bed.” Ozzy’s gruff voice skittered across her nerves, settling a glow in the pit of her stomach. “I was about to head in there after you.”

Regardless of how many orgasms she’d already experienced today, her pussy dampened at the sound and her nipples beaded. His eyes dropped to her chest. And a big smile spread across his face. He’d definitely noticed.

The smell of herbs and sweet chocolate clouding the air distracted her. He’d spread a blanket across the living room floor for a makeshift picnic. Trays of bite-sized foods were set out, more elaborate than anything she could have created if given ten days to plan and two hours to cook.

“You made food.” It shouldn’t have surprised her. He was a chef after all. But she hadn’t expected him to hang around. Wasn’t that what people did after a one-night stand, head home as fast as they could? Did his cooking mean this was more?

Walking the three feet into the living room, she sat on the blanket. Ozzy followed her to the floor.

“I tried”—Ozzy pushed a plate of freshly cut strawberries and chocolate sauce in front of her—“the best I could with the options available.”

“Hey.” Raj settled across the blanket from her and grabbed a hunk of cheese off the plate beside him. “The fridge was pretty well stocked. I had some fruit. Even a few vegetables. That’s not too bad.”

Ozzy rolled his eyes. “What do you eat when your fridge isn’t stocked, ramen?”

Raj smiled. “Yeah. What of it?”

Ozzy shivered. “I can’t hear that. I was starting to like you.”

Stella and Raj laughed.

She picked up a piece of fruit, dipping it into the sauce  before bringing it to her lips. The sweetness of the strawberry combined with the creamy chocolate had her fighting a moan. If she hadn’t already spent most of the night moaning, she might have. But with two gorgeous men around her, she needed to save her groans of pleasure for a higher bar.

When she glanced up, Ozzy’s eyes were trained on her. From the look on his face, it was hard to tell which fascinated him more, watching her eat his food, or watching her come. “This is fantastic.” She decided to throw him a bone. She’d be asking for one herself soon enough. “If you keep cooking for us, we just might keep you around a little longer.”

“I’m hoping you want to keep me around for more than just my food.” He waggled his eyebrows and the corner of his lips turned up in a devilish grin.

It was meant to be a joke. Yet the mention of how he’d made her moan and cry and beg had her squirming in her seat. The dark need in Ozzy’s eyes proved the motion hadn’t gone unnoticed.

Raj grabbed a rolled-up salami slice and brought it to his mouth. A wicked glint filled Ozzy’s eyes and her stomach clenched from anticipation more than fear.

“Go eat that salami from Raj.” There was no mistaking the command in his words. His order flamed through her body like a road flare. She glanced over at Raj across the blanket, holding out the rolled-up meat for her.

Crawling , she closed the distance between them. He focused on her like a sniper on his target. She grabbed the meat between her teeth, nipping up the length till she met Raj’s fingers. She licked each digit before retreating to chew.

“That was fucking hot.” He drew his still-wet fingers to his lips, licking the skin she’d just brushed with her own tongue.

“Uh-huh.” Ozzy coasted a hand up her thigh, freezing her in place. His talented fingers traced lines of heat along her inner thighs, across her cheeks before heading down the other side. She whimpered, tingling with the need for more.

“Do it again.” Ozzy’s lips replaced his fingers, starting at the sensitive spot behind her knees and slowly traveling up.

Raj moved with more urgency, grabbing the closest round of salami and holding it out to her. Not wanting to let her captive audience down, Stella sucked the meat between her lips. Her movements were more determined this time as she stared into Raj’s eyes. She swallowed half the meat before Ozzy’s lips brushed across her ass. The long, sweet caress shivered across her entire body and she moaned.

“Now a pickle.”

Stella wasn’t sure if the order of foods he selected had any significance. Not that she minded either way. This wasn’t about food.

Raj grabbed a dill spear off the tray and held it out to her. She slid her tongue along the salty length and both men moaned. She flicked her tongue around the tip, drawing out the movements, enjoying the fun of teasing them.

They deserved it, after how they’d ambushed her with this whole threesome idea. That and a lot more.

She wrapped her mouth around the vegetable and bit down. Ozzy picked that moment to slide three broad fingers into her cunt. She screamed  at the sudden invasion, concentrating on not swallowing the pickle whole.

Raj only smiled, twisting the hair out of her face. “You like that, love?”

She panted, focusing on staying upright rather than answering Raj’s question. Her hands tangled in the blanket, the plates clinking together as she pressed against Ozzy’s fingers. Her pussy clenched. Her whole body shook, hungry for more.

“Please.” The word leaked from her lips, her hips shoving toward him.



Take two stubborn people, add another determined to make them all happy, mix in a creative use of chocolate and you get one hot Ménage on the Rocks.

As manager of the Rockshore Tavern and Grill, Stella Matthews has to deal with a lot of difficult personalities. But none are more difficult than the Rockshore’s demanding chef Ozzy DeMeer. Luckily, she has her boyfriend Raj Anand—the Rockshore’s most popular bartender—to keep her sane.

But when Raj suggests that maybe the reason she and Ozzy are so combative is because they are attracted to each other, she doesn’t know what to say, but no, no, no. NO! Not easily convinced, Raj approaches Ozzy with a special proposal and together they hatch a plan to give Stella what she really wants—a hot man sandwich—even if she doesn’t know it yet.

The chemistry between the three of them is explosive. But when fireworks in the bedroom turn into even bigger fireworks at the Rockshore, Stella walks away, unwilling to risk her reputation and position for a little bit of fun. Can two determined men convince her that love is worth the risk? Or is their blissful ménage determined to hit the rocks before they’ve even started?

Reader Advisory: This book contains double penetration, anal play, food play. 

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Tina Donahue said...

Love that title, Willa. Made me smile. Great excerpt and cover. May you burn up the net with your sales. :)

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Hot stuff....and great reading.....many sales to you!