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Elle Boon's Freebie Fest and Giveaways

Hiya... y,all. Do I have some amazing things to share with you today. First up…how about some AWESOME shifter freebies. That’s right FREE books for everyone. The Wolf Pack Authors put together another run with a HUGE giveaway (Giveaway over). The link will be at the bottom with the cool graphic. Be sure and check that they are all still FREE as some may not as this was until the end of August and today is
September 1st.

I’m also part of another HUGE giveaway that starts September 1st and runs through September 15th. Why? Cause I love y’all so much and want to give you a chance to snatch up some of my books along with a bunch of others for either FREE to $.99. You may not see it on this landing page, but I’ve added Dark Lovers to the $.99 promotion. So, if you haven’t picked it up yet, go grab it at your choice of retailer.
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All this is in celebration of my latest release
Turo’s Fated Mate, Iron Wolves 7
Y’all, I love this book soo hard. And, if the reviews are anything to go by, so do you. If you haven’t gotten it yet “blink blink” then you are totally missing out, cause Turo and Joz are an amazing couple. Check out the blurb and excerpts below. Ps. I’m gonna share some dirty with y’all, cause that’s how I roll. <3

Turo’s Fated Mate
Story Excerpt 2

“Hello, Jozlyn,” he rumbled.
Yep, just like that, her ovaries did a jig. What the hell did he do? Go to school and learn how to pitch his voice to the seduction level of panty-melting or what? Maybe she was drunk enough, traumatized enough, that it was affecting her and making her act like something she wasn’t. Sure, she’d had sex. Mediocre at best with a college boyfriend. He was older, as was almost everyone she’d gone to school with. Lyric and Syn had told her having her V-card was a good thing, but they didn’t understand what it was like being the only one in her sorority with it. When she’d finally done the deed, it wasn’t like she’d read in books. She sure as shit didn’t see stars, or feel the clenching of her vagina begging for more. Nope, Joz could only lay there hoping he’d hurry and finish. 
Turo snapped his fingers in her face. “Earth to Jozlyn. Come on, I’m taking you home.”
She blinked a few times, her brain fuzzy from one too many shots. “Do you know that tequila is made from blue agave and the core of the plant contains aquamiel or honey water, which is used for syrup and tequila production?” 
The big tattooed man blinked down at her, a slight grin on his too gorgeous face. “Is that right?” he asked.
“Yep. And did you know the agave plant can weigh up to two hundred pounds when harvested?” she licked her lips. Focusing on his full and very kissable mouth. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him.
“Ah, Ko’u uuku hahai, you play with fire,” he mumbled.
“The Hawaiian language is so lyrical. Why do you call me your little butterfly? I’m not really that small.” She slapped a hand over her mouth. “I should shut up now. When I drink I tend to spout things. Nonsensical things.”
“Like wondering what it would be like for me to kiss you?” His head bent and he brushed his lips over hers.
Words tumbled around in her fogged brain, first and foremost was the fact she clearly spoke her desire out loud. Second was the man was an expert kisser, and his lips were soft as velvet.
He chuckled against her lips. “Quit thinking and kiss me back, hahai.”
Turo lifted her to the top of the bar. The others around her disappeared, or at least in her mind, they did. 
“Hey you two, get a room.” Reeves smirked at them from across the bar as he cleaned a glass and set it back on the shelf.
Jozlyn was stunned to find herself with a very aroused Turo between her thighs. “What the hell are we doing?”
Turo shook his head like he’d just come out of a daze himself. “You make me lose my mind.”
She smiled. “I can fix you. It’s my profession.” Where this playful side to her came from she had no idea, but the thought of bringing a smile to the too serious man in front of her was appealing.
He pulled her in closer to him. “You want to play doctor with me?”
Heat sizzled where they touched. “Why do I get the idea you’re not talking the same kind of doctor as me?”
The naughty look he gave made her squirm in his embrace and had him inhaling. “Fuck, you smell so damn delicious. I could lick you all damn day and still want more,” he growled just as the music stopped.
She looked around to see if anyone was watching them, only to gasp as several were indeed staring. “Oh my god, everyone is watching us.”
Turo looked over his shoulder and growled. “Would you like to say hello to my little friend?”
Jozlyn smacked his chest. “Why are you offering me to them?”
He laughed along with the bartender he’d called Reeves.
“Should I show her your little friend, Turo?” Reeves reached below the bar, pulling out the largest gun she’d ever seen outside of television.
“What the heck is that?” Her fingers lifted to touch, but then she snatched her arm back. “Is that even legal?”
Another chuckle came from the man between her legs. “You truly are a treasure.”
Her addled brain was having a hard time processing everything, which was a first for her. “I think I might be sick,” she announced, placing a palm to her stomach.
Instantly the smile was replaced with concern. Turo swept her off the bar and began moving through the throng of people.
“Don’t let him tap your bootyhole, girl. The wolves all like bootyhole action.”
“Reeva, pipe the fuck down or I’ll have your brother woop your ass,” Turo snarled at the woman who yelled.
“What’s she talking about?” Jozlyn rested her head on Turo’s shoulder, the lurching sensation had her gulping in great big breaths of air, hoping she didn’t throw up all over him.
“Ignore her,” he said as he entered the ladies’ room. Several women scattered as he made his way into the first stall. “Out, all of you,” he ordered.
Her world spun as she was placed on her feet, but she was happy to see the toilet was clean, although her hair swung down in front of her. A second later a hand came in front of her, gathering the heavy mass and then she didn’t care what or who was there as she retched into the porcelain. 
“Oh god, I’m never drinking tequila again. Ever,” she moaned after a few minutes.
Turo flushed a couple times so she didn’t have to stare at her stomachs contents, which she was eternally grateful for.
“You probably shouldn’t have drunk so much on an empty stomach. Tequila isn’t bad when you do it slowly and with something to soak it up.” He helped her stand. “You ready to wash your face?”
She placed both palms on either side of the stall, not daring to look behind her at the big man who’d held her hair while she tossed her cookies. Nope, never had she thrown up in front of anyone except her parents. Heck, she’d never even done it while out with Lyric and the girls. Now, this gorgeous hunk of a man not only had seen her, but he’d held her hair and flushed the yuck down the toilet a few times. Yeah, not the sexiest thing she’d ever done. “I’m fine now, you can go back…wherever you were going.”
He grunted, his fingers tightened in her hair. “I was coming to find you, so I’m right where I want to be.”
Chancing a look over her shoulder, she could see he was staring intently at her. “In the ladies’ room with me while I said hello to the porcelain god?”
A humor filled grin split his lips. “Well, I will admit, I hadn’t expected that, but you are still sexy as hell.”
“You’re slightly crazy. That’s my official diagnosis as a doctor,” she said covering her mouth with her hand. “I need to rinse my mouth out. I feel like I have swamp breath.”
Turo raised a brow but stepped back, his hand still holding her hair. “Come on.”
“You gonna let me go?” Her fogged brain was beginning to clear the tiniest bit.
“Do I gotta?”
His little boy lost look probably got him all kinds of things, like between any woman’s thighs he wanted. The thought had her straightening to her full height, which only brought her to his chin. “Yes,” she agreed.
He nodded, letting go but sifting his fingers through her hair slowly, the tips caught on a few snarls. “I love your hair. It’s like black silk.”
Not sure how to answer that, she went to the sink and splashed cold water on her overheated face then brought her cupped hands filled with water to her mouth, swishing the cool liquid around over and over and spit it out, repeating a couple times before she felt like her mouth was cleanish. Gah, she hated throwing up.
“Here.” Turo offered her a piece of gum.
Her hands shook a little as she took the wrapped rectangular piece of minty goodness. “You’re a lifesaver.”
“That’s what all the ladies say. Come on, let’s get out of here.” He held the door open.
“I need to check on Egypt.” She didn’t know where she was going to go. If the man chasing them was the little girl’s dad, he probably knew where she lived. She’d have to check into a hotel, but if he was smart enough to get into a secured psychiatric wing of a hospital, he could probably figure out how to track her. 
“Egypt is staying with her mother at the clinic. They’ll be guarded by…the club members. You can rest assured nothing will be able to get to them. As for where you’re going,” he paused to pin her with his steady gaze. “You’re coming home with me, and before you object, think. You’ll be safe, since he won’t think to track you there, and even if he did, I’m more than prepared to deal with anyone who dares touch what’s mine.”
“But, I’m nobody to you,” she denied.
“You keep thinking that, hahai.” He guided her through the throng of people.

And now for the dirty excerpt. I did warn you LOL 😊
Adult Excerpt

Joz woke to find herself wrapped in the warm embrace of her mate. She was still finding it hard to wrap her head around everything that’s happened. She inhaled, loving his smells. Lord, she hadn’t really noticed other men had unique scents, other than whatever cologne they wore. However, Turo smelled divine.
“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up,” his voice rumbled.
She looked up, seeing he was wide awake. “How long you been up?”
He looked at the clock. “About an hour. You’re cute when you snore.”
Joz was mortified, then she saw the glimmer of amusement in his stare. She pinched his side, or tried. “No fair. You have no fat. Look,” her fingers tried gripping him again, slipping off to snap instead. “How is that even fair?”
“I have something else you can wrap your fingers around,” he said.
She blinked up at him, sleep clouding her brain. After they’d gotten enough clothes, the charger for her phone, along with her laptop and bathroom supplies, she was wiped out. She didn’t even remember the ride back to his place. Now, she let his words sink in and grinned.
“Oh really? Would you like me to pinch your fatty?” She trailed her hand down his stomach, 
He grinned. “Well, pinching wouldn’t be my first option, but your fingers wrapping around him sure sounds nice.” Then his eyes widened. “Wait, we don’t call him fatty.”
Joz tried to wrap her fingers around his hardness, but she couldn’t quite encircle him. “Hey, I’m just going along with what you called it.”
His hand covered hers, showing her the motion he liked. “No, I just suggested something else you could…” he moaned as her thumb swiped over the tip. “Damn, what was I saying?”
“I’ve no clue,” she said looking down at her hand and his. When she went to move her head down, wanting to taste him, he stopped her.
“I want to taste you, too.” His grin was positively wicked. “Sixty-nine is truly the best number.”
She squeezed the head of his dick. “Oh really?”
He grunted, putting his hand over hers. “Anyone before you were nothing but a memory. You are my everything. You’re my present, my gift, my future. My reason for living.”
“See, you go and say the sweetest things and make me all weepy.” Joz kissed his chest.
“I hope you’re weepy down south, cause you’re also the sweetest pussy in all the universes and I’m a starving man. Sit on my face, woman.”
Jozlyn laughed, then groaned as he lifted her, positioning her legs on either side of his face as if she weighed nothing. “You really are a dirty man, Arturo. And, I love it,” she moaned, leaning forward to grip his cock in her hand.
As he used his hands to spread her pussy lips open for him teasing and licking, taking her up to heights of pleasure that had her screaming his name; she used her mouth to bring him pleasure. Together they worked in tandem, sucking, licking, driving each other wild with hands and mouths.
“I will fill this ass one day, Joz.” He licked her clit and trailed a finger over her ass.
Joz looked over her shoulder. “Reeva said you’d want to fuck my bootyhole.” She rolled his balls in one hand while she pumped his dick with the other.
“Oh yes, I will fuck your bootyhole and you’ll love it. Not today, but soon.” He pressed one finger into her ass, making her flinch then relax.
She laughed, then turned back to his gorgeous cock. Pearly fluid leaked from the tip, the salty goodness something she could get addicted to. She felt his fingers slip into her vagina and then another into her ass. Oh, her mate was definitely gonna be claiming her bootyhole and she was gonna be screaming his name when she came.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come, Turo,” she gasped.
“That’s a dirty mouth you got on you.” He moved his fingers faster. “I like it, come for me, Joz.”
She wanted him to come with her. Her fingers slid between his thighs, saliva wetting them as she rubbed against his ass. He froze, but then she swallowed as much of his cock as she could, feeling him bump the back of her throat and let her throat constrict around the head of him.
“Fuck, girl, what’re you doing?” Turo’s hips lifted, giving her access to slip her finger a little into him.
In the next heartbeat, he was coming down her throat. The fingers in her ass pistoned in and out, while his lips latched onto her clit and sucked, tossing her over the edge. She could do nothing but drink him down and come along with him.
Her body was still twitching when he lifted her off of him, tossing her onto her back and coming over her. She stared up at his dark eyes, eyes gone wild and hungry. “Fucking love you, Jozlyn. Stay with me forever.”
His arms bracketed her head while he pushed his cock into her spasming pussy. God, how had she ever gone without this? Without Turo?
“We’re complete together, Joz. Don’t you feel it?” He stroked in and out, letting her feel the glide of his dick as he almost left her then the full force of his possession as he entered her again. “I don’t just mean like this, but every way. You’re in my heart, my mind and my soul.”
Again...in case you missed it, here are the BUY LINKS
Turo's Fated Mate

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I’m also working on 2 books at once. Well, sorta. I gave a teaser of the first chapter to Jenna and the Cordell’s book at the end of Turo’s book, and let me tell ya, that book is ready to be written. But…first I must finish Jace's story from SEAL Team Phantom series. Book 6, Delta Redemption is coming at the end of October so be ready for an explosive story with secrets and lies exposed. You’ll see Kai and the other guys make an appearance, along with some friends from Susan Stoker’s series popping in to help out (Yes, I have her permission). I’ll be revealing that cover next month. Ps. It is #AHMAYZING.
In case you didn’t buy Turo and you would like to read the first chapter of Jenna’s book, well here you go. Now, this book is hopefully gonna release in December (Fingers crossed, y’all) I must stay off the shiny.


The Dark Legacy Series, Book 1

Jenna rolled to the side, the taste of copper filled her mouth. She squinted, trying to figure out where she was without making too much noise. The room she was in was huge. Like something out of a fairytale. The thought had the breath freezing in her throat. Her hand went to her cheek, feeling for the cut that had burned like acid soaking straight to her bones. When her fingers felt nothing other than smooth skin, she exhaled, thinking it had only been a nightmare. “Then where the fuckity fuck am I?” she whispered into the quiet of the room.
Shoving the blanket off her legs, Jenna scooted to the edge, her main thought was to blink her way back to her realm now that her mind was clearing. With every inhale of breath, she knew her guys were near, but she couldn’t get a clear read on where exactly. As her feet touched the ground, her legs wobbled then gave out. The feel of the cold tile slapping against her palms made her cry out even as her knees slammed into the unforgiving surface. “Shit,” she moaned.
Why nobody had come at her cry was a little alarming, but it gave her a moment to get her bearings and to stand up, or attempt to stand. Hell, she’d take leaning on her two feet at the moment as a step in the right direction. “You can do this, Jennaveve,” she cheered herself on but in all reality, it took more effort than she’d thought. “What the hell happened to me?” 
She remembered allowing herself to be kidnapped by a scumsucking vampire freak who’d mated with a panther shifter. He’d tried to kill his wife, but was going to make his daughter watch to teach her a lesson or something. She rubbed at her temples as she thought back to the night in question. Yes, she’d only been in his clutches for a couple hours. Her Iron Wolves were coming, she remembered sensing them, along with Damien and Lucas. Everything was going according to plan, until a stranger came out of the darkness. 
Fear had her looking around the quiet room, opening her senses in search of the being who’d come out of nowhere that night. His essence had reminded her of the Cordell’s only darker. Sinister. Goddess, she’d never felt such a being before and didn’t want to ever again. A shiver stole up her spine. “Please tell me I’m not his prisoner?”
No, she couldn’t allow herself to think that way or she’d lose whatever sanity she had. She needed to get to the Fey Realm and recharge. Once she was back to herself, she’d come back and speak, or mate, whatever the wolpires did. Jenna nodded, then opened her heart reaching for her home. When nothing happened and she was still leaning against the large four-poster bed, real anxiety nearly felled her. “I’m just overly tired. Lula can come and help a girl out.” Like before, she reached out for her friend, only a vast emptiness met her quest.
When she reached for the familiar link with her friend Kellen Styles, the one she’d created and could reach in her sleep, the same thing happened. Never in all her thousands of years had she not been able to communicate with whom she wanted, when she wanted. Never had she been unable to move between realms. Until now.
The door opened to the right, it’s slight creak like a shotgun in the quiet room. Jenna raised her right hand, preparing to defend herself. With what, she had no clue as she could barely stand on her own two feet, but she’d be damned if she’d go down without a fight. Of course, she’d probably go down in a stiff wind, but the young female who entered paused, her startled gaze appeared friendly.
“Good afternoon, miss. I came to check on you. We weren’t sure you’d be awake just yet. Let me go get…”
“Who are you and where am I?” Jenna demanded.
Eyes as wide as a baby doe, the girl kept one hand on the door. “My name is Beth. I’ll just go let the others know you’re awake. Is there anything I can bring for you?”
Jenna wanted to run across the room and make the girl stay, but her body was shaking from standing already. “Please, tell me where I am.” 
“You’re in the guest wing, of course. I’ll just go tell them you’re awake.” Beth began walking out the door.
“Wait. Who are you going to tell?” 
“The Cordell twins of course.” Beth bowed and backed out as if she thought Jenna was a crazy person.
Hearing the name Cordell had her relaxing. If she was in their home then she was safe. They’d help her figure out why she couldn’t access her realm, or reach out to anyone. The way she was feeling, it was as if she was…human.
The air stirred near the large fireplace. What made her look she wasn’t sure, only knew something seemed familiar. She expected to see Damien or Lucas, heck her heart actually sped up at the thought of seeing them. However, her body froze as the man from the darkness appeared. “What are you doing here?”
She whipped her head toward the door the young girl had gone out. Although Jenna’s senses weren’t on track, she was sure she’d been a human, especially since it was daylight. The being in front of her came out of the shadows, allowing her to get her first real glimpse of him without the cover of darkness or a trick of his keeping his identity hidden. Oh, he was gorgeous, there was no doubt of that. But, what was most startling was his resemblance to Damien and Lucas.
“Hello again, Fey. You are looking slightly ill. Are my…family not treating you well?” His eyes flashed from obsidian to red. Where her men had gorgeous eyes, she wanted to get lost in, this man’s were cold and lifeless.
His words finally registered. “Your family?”
He raked his claws together, making them clack in a way Jenna was sure he did to scare his victims. Newsflash asshole, I’ve faced bigger, badder, uglier, and hopefully deadlier foes, she thought. 
“I’d love for us to stay here and chat, but I fear the big guy is waking, and well, I’m not in the mood for a reunion just yet. By the way. Sorry, my pet. I don’t usually put females as pawns, but in this instance, it’s a must.” He flew across the room, eliminating the space separating them.
Jenna fell back against the bed, nearly falling on her ass. His quick reflexes kept her upright. “What the hell are you talking about?” She pressed her hand to his chest, trying to put space between them.
He shook his head. “You’ll find out in due time, my pet. Now, we must go before father-what-a-waste, awakes.”
She knew the telltale signs of magic and could feel it as the man in front of her began to manipulate the fabrics of time and space. “Who are you?”
He flashed her a smile, white teeth with two canines much longer than the others prevalent. “My name is Khan, son of Zahidda. Bastard son of Damikan at your service.”
The door flew open, giving her hope she’d be saved. The sight of Damien and Lucas had her shoving harder against the rock-hard chest. “Let me go, asshole. I’m not your pawn.” It was like trying to move a mountain if you were a mere human. Goddess, she hated being so weak.
“Jenna, flash away,” Damien growled.
“Ah, but your female can’t. It seems I’m her cure, little brothers,” Khan taunted.
Lucas stepped forward. “Who are you and what do you want?”
Khan tilted his head to the side. “You have nothing I want. Tell your father I’ll be in touch. Oh, here,” he tossed a necklace onto the bed. “He’ll know who I am with that. If not, then you’re little plaything will become mine…until I tire of her.” 
Blackness swirled around Jenna as she heard both Lucas and Damien roar her name. A sick feeling hit her square in the gut, one she knew all too well. Khan was playing a game with the Cordell’s. One only he knew the rules to, and he had zero compassion for anyone getting in his way. Jenna just happened to have gotten in his way, or more aptly, given him something to use. Shit, she so could use her Fey powers, or her bestie Kellen right about now. Or even better, if she’d not have been so stubborn and mated with Lucas and Damien, instead of waiting, then none of this would have happened. “Well, what if’s do nothing but make big girls cry over spilled milk,” she muttered to herself.
“What?” Khan asked as he opened the portal allowing light to filter in.
She blinked a few times. “Huh?”
“You mumbled something about girls crying and spilled milk.” He carried her over to a couch and set her down.
The light airy room reminded Jenna of a lake cabin, one that families would go to on vacation. “Oh, um, nothing. I talk to myself sometimes.”
Khan shrugged his shoulders. “Make yourself comfy, you’ll be here for a spell or two.” He winked.
A growl rumbled in her throat. “Hahaha, very funny.”
He was next to her in a blink. “No, I’m not funny at all. What I am is deadly. You will do best to remember that.” He raised his nails, the longer lengths looking ominous now, reminding her of the night he’d cut her cheek. 
“You did something to me when you sliced my cheek open.” If he was going to kill her, she’d at least know the hows and whys.
“I didn’t realize I’d poison you the same as those ghouls. I’d spelled these.” He clacked his nails together before continuing, “to kill with maximum efficiency. I thought I’d scented something different on you and was just going to take a taste. When I smelled my…the Cordell’s blood in you, I realized my chance to finally exact justice on them was now.”
Her world righted itself as she realized why he looked and smelled like her men. “You’re their brother?”
“Ding ding ding. Give the girl a prize.” Khan walked away, his stride not quite as smooth.
“But…how? I mean, are you?” She was at a loss for words. She’d met both the elder Cordell’s and couldn’t imagine either of them giving up one of their beloved children.
Khan turned around, his eyes glowing red. “Damikan seduced my mother, then left her for his queen, the shifter bitch. My mother was ruined in the eyes of her clan, tossed out like trash since the Vampire King wouldn’t acknowledge her or her child. We had to fend for ourselves, fight for everything we have, including the ability to sleep without fear we’d be staked at sunrise. All the while, his greatness lived in his grand home with his Hearts Love and created a new family, while me, his eldest son was a beggar in the streets. The things my mother had to do in order to keep us safe would turn your hair grey until I was old enough to help. Would you like me to tell you some of them, Fey?”
Jenna swallowed, knowing what he was implying. The thought of anyone, man, woman, or child being forced to do anything made her want to rip the nuts off of the ones who did the making. “No, I don’t need the details. However, I don’t believe for a second that Damikan knew. He’s an honorable man.” 
No sooner had the words left her mouth, before she found herself against the stone floor, an angry Khan looming above her. “You don’t know anything. What have you ever had to suffer?”
She wanted to reach out with her powers and soothe his pain away, but had nothing except her arms, yet she didn’t want to touch him. “I’m sorry, Khan.”
He flashed across the room. “They will come for you, and when they do, I’ll kill them and then Damikan will know what suffering is.”
Jenna gasped, a spark of her powers flared to life at the thought of Damien and Lucas being hurt. “Over my dead body.”
Khan raked his gaze over her prone form. “That can be arranged as well.”
In a blink he was gone, leaving her on the cold floor with nothing but a small bit of her former powers. “Goddess, wherever you are, help me please.” The last thing she wanted was for her guys to try to save her, only to be hurt or worse, killed in the process. No, she’d find her Fey spark, and she’d save herself, then figure out what the fuckity fuck happened all those years ago. How the heck could Damikan have fathered a child, a son, and left him with his mother without giving them his protection?
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