Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Writer's Fengu Shui #writingfengshui #writerslife

Over the last few months I've found that I have a different part of my house  where I get the best writing or revising done. Which got me thinking, is there such a thing as writer's feng shui?

I've heard other writers talk about the best places for them to get work done, and especially about the importance of changing up their scenery. While that is often just as much of a comment on the need to take breaks, which are also very important, I'm not sure if anyone else has ever discussed how certain areas of their home might work better for different types of writing.

The purpose of Feng Shui is harmonize you with your surround area. Most people think about it as moving furniture around, which is supposed to direct energy either through a room or your entire home. But for me, it appears different areas of my home exert different energies. Some for writing, some for revising, others for eating or sleeping.

Like every other part of writing, I'm sure which spaces are help with which function changes depending on the writer, but for me the best place to write is at my desk. Somewhere quiet and out of the way, where hopefully my cat won't bother me too much (I set up a bed next to my chair where she can look out the window but that's only of interest to her about a third of time) and I can really pound out the words.

(I wish my desk looked this neat)

I also do really well writing outside of the house, like at a Starbucks or my favorite Panera (they even have outlets at every booth so I can stay for hours). I go there so often the Panera staff recognizes me. Being away from the distractions at home (especially my furry child) helps me focus on writing, also being in public adds the pleasure of forcing me to do what I came there to do. I try most of the time to not even log into the wifi, but that doesn't always work.

For revising I actually find the couch in front of the TV the best place. Since I hate revising, watching TV while I revise helps me not get too upset about it and encourages me to take breaks.

But there are a few rules about revising on the couch, mostly around what shows I watch. It can't be anything to engrossing or distracting, like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead, but something light and fluffy. If I've seen it before that's even better. My favorites are Parks and Recreation, or Big Bang Theory. Dancing with the Stars is also really good, since you only really have to watch two minutes out of every ten.

I've tried a few others locations that just didn't work. I went to the library but it was too quiet. I felt the whole time like I was distracting other people with my typing and I had trouble focusing. I also used to love to write in bed but gave that up a few years ago. I don't know why. It just doesn't happen anymore.

These are just the places that work for me. As with all things in writing I'm sure this will change over time, with each book and each new phase of my writing career.

Do you have any special places that you like to do a specific function, write, read, drink wine? Please stop by my website www.willaedwards.com to find out more about my writing and sign up for my newsletter to updates on all my future projects.


Tina Donahue said...

Years ago I read a Harlequin romance about Feng Shui. The city lady who did it for a living met a cowboy who was clueless. At the time, I'd never heard of FS. Cute book.

What I look for when I write is quiet. No screaming kids, pounding music, cars racing by, etc. Wish I knew how to Feng Shui noise.

jean hart stewart said...

I've got my favorite comfortable chair beside my bookcase...Only place I can write. I think partly though it's because I'm so comfortable there...