Wednesday, August 9, 2017

New from Bestselling M/M Author Maggie Walsh
co-written with M/M Author Cree Storm

The next installment of their Bestselling, Award Winning Eternal Flames Series is now out.

                                                       "The Power Of Love"
                                                          Eternal Flames 8

Police Chief Nash Savino and his mate Toby Everly have spent five years teasing and flirting with one another. That is, when Toby wasn’t avoiding Nash at every turn. Nash has had many reservations about letting Toby in and getting close to the little hottie. 

One, he knows his mate is lying and hiding things, and as the Police Chief for the town of Crystal, as well as being mates, that is unacceptable. And two, Nash knows that once he lets Toby in, the little Santorini Fox will have him wrapped around his little finger, and that thought scares Nash.

When Toby is brutally attacked and left for dead, everything changes. Nash realizes that all of the games have been useless and he could very well spend the rest of his life alone, never knowing the true love of a mate. Sitting by his mate’s hospital bed, praying for Toby to come back to him, Nash knows that if he is lucky enough for his mate to survive, then he would gladly give his heart to his mate, and all the crap from the past can be worked out, allowing them to move forward together.

At least, that was his thought until a new danger comes to Crystal, threatening not just his mate, but all the residents of Crystal.

Nash gritted his teeth and grunted. A burning sensation was growing and the tattoo covering his entire left side was changing. Turning toward the mirror, both Toby and Nash watched as the exact same tattoo on the exact same side as Toby's was completed.
Gently, Toby brushed his cool fingers on the marking, whispering, "We are officially mates. I mean, I knew we were mates but this seals the deal." Lowering his eyes, Toby softly said, "I just hope you don't regret having me for a mate."
Nash let out a deep breath as the burning lessened. Placing two fingers under Toby's chin, Nash raised his mate's eyes to look into his own. "I will never regret the gift I was given today, osito. You need to stop being so hard on yourself. I've told you, what you did you did to protect those you love. We will address the council together and move forward."
Toby gnawed on his bottom lip, asking, "What if they order me away from Crystal, Nash? I know I didn't give Fallon much information but I still betrayed Illan and Justice's trust, as well as everyone in Crystal and Maddox."
Nash brushed Toby's lips with his, stopping his mate from harming himself. "Then we will leave together. Where you go, I go."
"You both are so sweet you might need a dentist. For now, I need Toby brought back in here. Since I'm already here, I might as well do his check up," Dr. Rob said with a loud sigh at the end.
Toby went to get off the sink, but Nash picked him back up. Toby wrapped his arms around Nash's neck, smiling as he said, "You know, I can walk."
Nodding, Nash replied, "Yep. However, you should know that I like carrying you. It allows me to have you in my arms." Giving Toby a wink, Nash said, "Besides, it makes me feel all kinds of manly."
Toby giggled. "You are always manly."
Nash gently laid Toby back on the bed, gave him a soft kiss, and stepped back so Dr. Rob could perform his exam. The doctor checked Toby's heart and pulse, then he asked Toby a bunch of questions. A few minutes later, Dr Rob said, "Things seem to be looking good, but I am hesitant on allowing Toby to leave at the moment. I still don't understand what kept him from waking, and I don't want to take a chance that it might happen again."
Toby opened his mouth to speak, but the doctor held his hand up, saying, "I know, you feel great. You feel fantastic. You want to go home. The thing is, Toby, you know as well as we do that it is not normal for a shifter to take so long to heal. So, I'm keeping you here for at least another day or two. You can walk the hospital, but no more than thirty minutes every four hours. You need your rest."
Dr. Rob started to walk to the door, then stopped and turned, "And no boinking! I'm serious. I understand the need to mate causing your brain to shut down and you acting instead of thinking. However, I'm serious about Toby needing rest. Besides, you both have centuries to bump uglies. Toby's healing time is important."
"Boinking?" Toby asked at the same time Nash said, "Bump uglies?"
Dr. Rob rolled his eyes, and actually blushed. "You two know exactly what I'm saying. If you want to ca-doodle or play hide the salami, do it after you leave this hospital."
Nash laughed. " Ca-doodle──Hide the salami, seriously doc?"
Ollie snickered. "You mean, do the mambo number five."
"Or thread the needle," Jett said laughing harder.
Ollie burst out laughing. "No! No! Wind the clock!"
"Sex! I am saying no more sex until Toby is released from the hospital!" Dr. Rob shouted so loud that all sound from outside the now open door stopped.
Sighing heavily, the man walked out the door. However, Jett grabbed his arm, saying, "Doc, all kidding aside, I know you're busy, but the ER looked a little backed up. You might be needed down there."
Dr. Rob nodded and left. Nash looked at the two men and they both looked like shit. However, Day looked even worse as he walked in still covered in soot and what looked like blood.
"What the fuck happened to you guys?" Nash asked with a snarl.
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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Maggie (and Cree)! You go, girls. :)

jean hart stewart said...

You writ good, girl. I enjoyed the excerpt very much.