Saturday, August 19, 2017

M/M Work in Progress~ Evelise Archer

Here's a small snippet from my current work in progress. M/M. still untitled.

Felipe slumped onto the seat of the scarred wooden chair, the legs scrapping a few inches across the luminescent dark stain of the floor.
Tears welled in his eyes as he read the note, handed to him by his good friend Brother Francisco- again.
Mi querido hijo. Es con un corazón pesado que necesito informarle de un accidente de vehículo que tomó la vida de nuestra amada Adelina…
It stated his sister did not survive an unfortunate vehicle accident and he needed to return to his family’s estate post haste. And would not return to the monastery.
Leave the only home he’d known since his thirteenth birthday and return to the family estate, Vides Enredadas- Tangled Vines. His tears finally spilled over. Felipe wasn’t sure which he cried more for- his sister’s death or that he’d have to leave the security of his home for the past nine years.

Evelise Archer is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a new-found lover of tea, and don’t look in her office because what you find may astound you. She currently has twenty tins of tealeaves just waiting to be brewed for her drinking pleasure. She is bilingual, lives in one of the original thirteen colonies, and is a lover of the cold weather and snow. It’s a safe bet that you may find her on the beach in the autumn and winter, but rarely in the summer. She’s been married for over thirty years to a loving man who puts up with her obsession to clean—she currently owns three vacuum cleaners—, read, and spin a tale when the voices speak to her. When she’s not in front of the computer, search her out in the local gym.

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Tina Donahue said...

I like what you provided, Evelise. I've seen a lot of interest in MM romances but have never tried to write any. Are there any tips you can offer on what to do and what NOT to do?