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Simply The Best - a look back #RB4U #MFRWauthor #erotica

Back in 2006 I was a relatively new writer in the world of erotic romance, and I was still enjoying it a lot. In the years since then, the novelty has worn off and I write it a LOT less than I used to. So, I thought it would be kind of interesting to revisit the one and only erotic novel I’ve ever written. It’s got elements of spies and espionage, action/adventure, and a whole lot of hot sex! If you like your stories steamy, meet Max Richmonte… he’s…

Action/Adventure Erotic Romance Novel

In the most unlikely of places, Kaylee Masterson encounters the man who will be the inspiration for an erotic fantasy novel. Little does she know when she makes Max Richmonte the subject of her book that reality is going to prove even better than she could have imagined it.

But, Max has a dark side to his life, and when that secret world clashes, violently, with the happiness he’s found, the handsome commander is forced to face not only his past—but also the future he wants with Kaylee. A future filled with love, smoldering passion, and endless nights of hot, mind-blowing sex...


“Would you have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked, curious about her reaction more than her response. There it was, the near terror in her pale eyes as she considered his invitation, and her desire to accept it. The light grey of her gaze clouded, then the set of her jaw gave him his answer a moment before she politely declined, for the second time.

“What are you afraid of, Kaylee?” he questioned, refusing to be put off this time.

“Nothing,” she returned firmly. “I simply don’t want to see you socially, Max.”

“Because you’re afraid you might actually like me?” He grinned, and one eyebrow rose. “Or is it something a little more basic that’s scaring you?”

“There’s that word again,” she stated, voice little more than a whisper between them. “I am not afraid of you, Max Richmonte,” she asserted. “If you require some kind of proof, feel free to stay for a while.”

“Thanks,” he grinned. “I’d like to.”

She groaned inwardly, but pasted a smile on her face and showed him fully into the living room. He dropped his tall, lean frame into a comfortable chair and looked up at her, that devastating smile coming into full play over his stunning features.

“How about a movie?”

She shook her head. “Do you like old radio shows?”

Max’s surprise brought a rush of sweet, feminine giggles from her and he watched her cross the room and switch the sound system over to tapes. She popped in a cassette, handed him a huge bowl of popcorn, and poured two glasses of red wine. She handed one to him, then dimmed the lighting again before settling on the couch adjacent to his seat in the armchair.

Max gave the old audio program half his attention, the other half was focused on the woman sitting a couple of feet away. She’d set aside the wine glass and was listening, her eyes closed. Her wrap had fallen open and he was drinking in the view of her breasts encased in the filmy silk and lace bodice of her gown. Her nipples were a dark shadow, and he watched them harden as he stared at her, as though her body was in perfect synch with his desire to touch her.

He left his chair, silent and graceful, and reseated himself next to her on the sofa. Her eyes opened and she looked at him, her breath a soft rush of air between them. Max leaned into her, his lips finding hers as he pulled her close to him. His tongue slipped into the wine-tainted warmth of her mouth, drawing her into the kiss, deepening it to something exquisitely erotic as he tasted and teased her. One hand held her head, the other glided over her until his fingers found the softness of her breast, and he began to stroke and caress, his fingers circling the taut nipple continuously.

Kaylee moaned softly when he began to squeeze her breast, and the sound mutated into a gasp of pleasure when he ended their kiss and both his hands caressed her, and tugged at her sensitive nipples. Max slid the wrap off her shoulders and slowly peeled away the clingy material that covered her skin. When her breasts were bared, he touched her again, shuddering at the intense hunger the feel of her soft tits in his hands was creating. He caught one of her dark buds in his teeth and nibbled, making her tremble and whisper his name. He licked at her nipples repeatedly, first one then the other, sucking intently, then hardly touching her. She was breathing so fast after a few minutes that he wondered if she was going to faint.

“Kaylee? Are you all right, honey?”

She nodded, and her passion bright eyes locked with his. “Why are you here, Max?”

“I want you, baby, isn’t that obvious?” His voice was rough with need, but gentle, too.

“You could have any woman you wanted,” she murmured. “You’re amazing. Why do you want me?”

Max laughed softly at her perplexity in her tone. “When was the last time you really looked at yourself, Kaylee? Jesus, baby! You’re the kind of beautiful most men lust after.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

His smile was indulgent. “Ridiculous? I’ve been called a helluva lot of things, but that one’s a first in this situation.”

“And what, precisely, do you think this situation is?”

“Well.” He smiled, one eyebrow quirked in teasing humor. “I’m hoping this situation is about to evolve into you... me... and all kinds of wonderful...”

To make his point, one hand disappeared under her gown and she tensed slightly, eyes wide with combined anticipation and a shade of uncertainty.

“I don’t think I want this to happen like this, Max.”

Max’s other hand slid behind her back and he eased her toward him. He lifted her and turned, settling into the sofa cushions as he put her astride his hips. Her fingers curled over his shoulders and she looked down at herself, the reaction unconscious. She bit her bottom lip at the sight; her naked breasts dangling before him, his hands barely visible beneath the sheer silk of her gown. He was stroking her thighs now, his caress slow and seductive.

“Tell me what you want, honey.”

She shook her head and he bent to take a nipple between his lips. He opened his mouth wider and she gasped loudly when he began to suck the entire peak of her breast, his tongue flicking furiously at the pebble hard point. Her body convulsed a moment later when the sensation of his mouth on her was overshadowed by the dizzying pleasure of his fingers buried in the tight channel between her legs.

“Tell me what you want, Max,” she repeated his words, and he saw the surge of power and challenge in her eyes when he lifted his head and locked his gaze with hers.

“What I want?” His voice was a textured, gravelly purr of sensuous hunger. “What I want, Kaylee Masterson, is to fuck you until you can’t walk without thinking about what it felt like to have my cock so far inside you that you want to scream.” Passion lit in her eyes and he could see how turned on she was by his words. He let them keep coming. “I want to shove my dick into your dripping little pussy, over and over again, baby.” He was punctuating every syllable with his hand, his fingers moving in and out of her tight heat, the sounds slick and wet, so exciting he wondered if he’d be able to exert any real control over his lust.

“What then?” She was fucking his fingers now, her hips meeting him thrust for thrust. He knew she was close to an amazing, intense orgasm. He also knew that she didn’t give a damn what he said, as long as he kept on talking, probably telling her things no man had ever uttered to her.

“Then,” he let his fingers slip free of her, and began to stroke her wet slit, his thumb slowly caressing her pulsing clit. “I want you to suck me, Kaylee. I want my cock in your mouth, honey, and your finger up my ass. Do you think you can do that for me, baby? Make me so crazy I lose control.”

She shuddered as she came, suddenly and so violently she almost fell off the sofa. Her choking moan muffled as she leaned forward, her head against his, foreheads touching. Max didn’t give her much time to recover, he moved again, sitting her on the sofa cushions. He stood up, unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, and hissed in relief at the easing of the pressure in his crotch. He shed his clothes quickly and smiled at the appreciation in her eyes when she took a long look at him.

“You’re as gorgeous as I knew you’d be, Max,” she told him, voice husky and seductive.

“Spread your legs for me, Kaylee,” he directed, enjoying the sexy image she presented to him, with her silky gown draped around her, her beautiful tits with their jutting peaks begging for his mouth again. She started to stand, no doubt to remove the gown, but he shook his head. “Leave it, honey.” She grinned at him and pulled the material up around her waist like a cloud of shimmering gauze. When she spread her legs wide and parted her folds to his hungry gaze, Max’s hand closed on his cock and he started to stroke his rigid length as he walked toward her. She was caressing herself, her middle finger slipping in and out of the wet tunnel between her thighs, the sound soft and slick, making the head of his cock weep an oozing bead.

Kaylee smiled and pushed herself off the sofa. He stopped and she knelt in front of him. Max’s breath escaped him as a hiss of sound when her tongue licked the swollen head of his cock, flicking rapidly at the tiny slit as it continued to spill droplets of moisture that she eagerly lapped up. She pushed his hands away and his knees shook when she began to massage between his thighs, squeezing carefully, rubbing with precise gentleness. Her wet finger, sticky with her own orgasm, stroked the sensitive strip behind his balls, slowly making her way to the tight hole that was her target zone. Max groaned softly and his hands tangled in her hair, holding her while he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She started sucking and his heart pounded so loudly that he wondered if she could actually hear it.

Her finger was probing delicately and Max was sure his legs were going to give out if she penetrated him. He was willing to risk it, he decided, and spread his legs wider, using the shift in position to anchor him to the floor. The pressure of her mouth was an exquisite torture, and her tongue was twirling around the throbbing head of his dick, finding the spots that made him tremble, lingering over them until he was gasping and pushing deeper into her throat. She opened her mouth wider, took him in as far as she could, and sucked harder. Her finger slid into him, the sensation electric as it shot unbelievable pleasure to every nerve ending he possessed. He felt like he was going to explode, not just in her throat but into about a million flames of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.

Fighting down the orgasm that was about to burst from him, Max pulled her away. He shivered when her finger slipped free of him and she stared in surprise from her position on the floor.

“I want to be buried to the hilt in your pussy when I come, baby,” he told her, barely recognizing the rasp of his voice.

Before she could reply, the sound of his cellphone ringing brought reality crashing back. The stereo had gone silent without notice, and the sudden stillness in the room was shocking.

Max was furious, but he also knew he had to take the call. If it hadn’t been important, the phone wouldn’t be ringing. He looked at her, saw the dazed glimmer of thwarted desire in her smoky eyes and wondered if he’d be able to make this right with her. He grabbed his jeans and dug his phone from a pocket.


jean hart stewart said...

Very hot stuff... you're so good at writing love scenes...

Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpt, Denyse. I'm sure fans of erotic romance miss your stories.

Denysé Bridger said...

Thank you so much, ladies. :)