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Hiya, y'all. Happy July almost 4th and Independence Day. This is my birthday month woop. I'll be errr, well, like mid-forties, but let's pretend I'm still rocking in the thirties, shall we :)
Last month I got to hang out with some amazing people at Lori Foster's RAGT17 and let me tell you it was AWESOME.
Of course we kicked it off with a bang...Caitlynn O'Leary, Alanea Alder and I by hosting the Rocking Out 80's style at the Thursday Night Party. I think it's safe to say it was a huge success. If you weren't there, I'm soo sorry you missed a great party, but there is always next year, cause we were asked to host the party again for RAGT 18 woop.

Okay, now for the fun stuff...pics. 


This month I'll be releasing a book along with a host of other amazing authors in Paige Tyler's Dallas Fire & Rescue Kindle World.
My story is also part of my Miami Nights world, and is Fernando Delgado's aka Ando's story.
Holy buckets, y'all...this story truly had me by the heartstrings. I hadn't planned to tell his story yet, but once I decided, it was all systems go.
I hope y'all love him and his tale of love lost and a true love found. Oh, and the heroine Jules is amazing as well.
Check out the cover and the 2 excerpts. Ps. One is an Adult and one is a Story Excerpt LOL.
You know I love to share the dirty dirty with y'all.

Rescuing Miami

Story Excerpt

“You’re awfully quiet. Are you sure you’re okay?” Jules asked as the sign for the hospital came into view.

He nodded, taking a deep breath. “I’m fine, just thinking.” Turning to see how she was reacting to the situation, Ando decided to be honest with her, or at least marginally. “I lost my fiancée in a boating accident. She fell overboard, hitting her head. I held her while she…anyway, I don’t think this little scratch is going to do me in.” He touched the bandage, his fingers came away with a red stain.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine losing someone you love like that.” She pressed trembling lips together.

Ando saw her eyes glitter with tears. Holy shit, this woman who didn’t know him or anything about his past was ready to cry for his loss. Without thinking he put his hand on her thigh. “It was a long time ago.” No longer did his heart squeeze at the words. No longer did he want to go back to the past and shake Melanie, demanding answers. No, only a sense of grief for the loss of life, hers and the child even though it wasn’t his, hit him.

Jules swallowed audibly. “I’m still sorry. Losing a loved one, no matter how long ago, hurts.”

He wondered who she’d lost and if it was a lover. His thoughts were cut off as she pulled into the ER entrance. “I can drop you at the doors and park, or park and we can go in together?” she asked.

Realizing his hand was still on her thigh, he pulled back. “Park and we’ll walk in together. I’m not an invalid even though I seem to be bleeding like a stuck pig.”

She laughed, easing the tension. “You really are, aren’t you?”

They found a spot in the front as another vehicle pulled out. “Eureka,” Jules said while they waited for the SUV to move. “This must be our lucky night.” She then looked at his bloody bandage, then grimaced. “Or not,” she corrected.

“Come on, woman, let’s get me stitched up so I don’t need to get a transfusion,” he joked, or at least hoped he wouldn’t need one. Hell, he honestly had no clue if he’d lost enough blood to need one.

“Nah, you won’t need one of those. It only seems like you’ve lost a shitton of the stuff.” She reached for the door handle. “You ready?”

“You bet. Let’s get this over with. I might need to hold your hand when they stitch me up.” He grinned.

Hopping down she met him in the front of the pickup, engaging the alarm with a press of the keyfob. “I highly doubt that, but I’ll stick by your side just in case you pass out.”

Ando couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk and joke with Jules, a woman he’d just met. Although it could be the knock to his head. However, he doubted that had anything to do with it.

The emergency room was bustling with activity. Jules seemed to know several of the workers and was immediately recognized. If they’d been in Miami, he’d have been whisked back to a private area in minutes. Now, he sat in a chair filling out paperwork while the woman who’d brought him in chatted with a man who looked old enough to be her damn uncle, or dad, and Ando didn’t like it one damn bit.

He finished the last of the paperwork, then got up to turn it into the nurse at the front. She glanced up, smiled then he was taken back to a small room marked triage made up of glass enclosures. Jules was still locked in a conversation with the older man and another had joined them. So much for her sticking next to him.

“Your blood pressure is a little high,” the nurse said making notes.

Taking a deep breath, he looked away from Jules and the spectacle she was making. He smiled at the middle-aged nurse wearing the red scrubs, thinking it was a truly poor choice in color choice. “Sorry, try it again. I was a bit nervous.” He steadied his breathing and thought of nothing in particular.

“Much better.” She made the correction, then led him into another room down the hall after getting all his vitals. “Alright, the ER Doc will be with you shortly. I’d offer you something to drink, but just in case you need surgery, which I don’t think you will, we can’t just yet.” She winked. “Now, if you need anything just press this here button. My name is Louise.” The woman left as quickly as she ushered him in.

He looked at the bed and the lone chair in the small cubicle they called a room, then decided the bed looked like the best option since he’d have to sit there when the doctor came in anyway. Pulling his cellphone out of his pocket, he decided to text his sister a pic of himself with the wound. If nothing else, she’d get a kick out of his predicament.

Gia’s immediate response brought a smile to his lips. Only a sister would tell her brother it was an improvement to his regular ugly mug, followed by a ‘how you doin’ meme.

He let her know he was fine, and would update on the number of stiches afterwards. Of course, she wants all the details, which he’d gloss over as best he could when he got home.

The sound of the curtain being pulled open had him looking up from his phone to find Jules there.

“Hey there,” Jules said.


Jules tried to paste on a happy appearance, but being waylaid by one of the officers who’d worked the night she’d saved Marietta brought her mood south. To top it off, she then had to deal with Sean, a guy she’d dated off and on, more off than on asking her about Ando and her. Jeez, couldn’t a girl catch a break from all the drama?

“Hey,” Ando said.

If artic glare could describe the way his dark eyes stared at her, then that was what he gave her.

“Sorry I left you earlier. That was one of the cops who was on duty on a case I was involved in. He was giving me an update on it.” She shut her mouth when he narrowed his eyes.

“I thought you were an EMT?”

In for a penny and all that she thought. “I am, but sometimes life brings you into situations out of your control. I was walking along the beach one night and stumbled upon a scene straight out of a nightmare. Suffice it to say, I inadvertently saved a young woman’s life.”

When Ando opened his mouth to ask more questions she was sure, the curtain was pulled back, saving her from having to answer and relive the horrifying night again.

“Good evening, Mr. Delgado. What do we have here?”

Jules stood to the side while a man in scrubs came in, his name tag said his name was Dr. Torres.

“Evening, Dr. Torres. I fell off the end of the boat dock and hit my head.” Ando indicated his head.

Dr. Torres went through some routine questions and tests, then pulled the bandage away. “Looks like someone cleaned you up pretty good,” he stated.

“Jules here is an EMT with Dallas Fire and Rescue.” Ando’s gaze landed on her.

If she didn’t know better she’d swear he sounded proud of her. “I cleaned it out and made sure there wasn’t any foreign bodies in the wound, then got him here as quickly as safety allowed.”

“You did a good job. Head wounds tend to bleed like a sieve. Let’s get you stitched up and out of here quickly, son.”

She met Ando’s eyes as Dr. Torres and the nurse set up the instruments needed. “You doing okay?”

Ando nodded. “Yeah, I can handle it. You gonna hold my hand?”

Her breath stalled in her throat. “Sure.” The word came out breathlessly.

“Alright, Suzy is going to clean it up a bit more just to make sure it’s one hundred percent clean. Not that I don’t trust your abilities, young lady, but we don’t want to have anything foreign inside there when we seal him up. I’d say you’ll have about five stitches.” Dr. Torres took off his gloves and made some notes while the nurse named Suzy came forward.

“This is definitely going to hurt a little.” Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, true regret rang through in her tone.

Ando held his hand out toward Jules. Without hesitation she took it, entwining their fingers. “I’ll hold still, just work quickly.”

Rescuing Miami
Adult Excerpt

Jules needed to wipe the look of denial from Ando’s gorgeous features. If she only had this brief slice of time with the Spanish hero, which is what he was in her mind, then she was going to take it. “Don’t argue with me, Fernando, you won’t win. You can ask my parents. I am as stubborn as a mule, and even more obstinate.” She moved to stand in front of him, making him look down into her face so he couldn’t miss the sincerity. “Do I look like the type to bullshit for the sake of bullshitting?”
He grinned. “I’m gonna have to say no.”
She lifted onto her toes, placing her palms on his chest. “I’m glad we can agree on that. Now, I want you to listen to me very clearly. Nod if you understand.” She waited for him to nod, watching the corner of his mouth twitch on one side. “Good. Okay, I’m gonna lay this out for you. You’re a good man, who I find sexier than any I’ve seen outside of movies. I’d like to explore more of those seductive kisses you’ve given me, but I don’t want to be the one leading. What do you think about that?”
When she’d heard he’d gone to rehab for his addiction to sex she was scared he’d sworn off sex all together. Now, she didn’t want to do anything that would make him hate her, yet she didn’t want to regret not doing something.
Ando growled. “Dios, yes.” He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up till they were eye level. “You sure about this? I never had unprotected sex in all my…anytime I indulged. I’ve been tested and am clean, I swear.”
If she hadn’t already fell a little in love with the man before, she would have then as he stared at her with the look of uncertainty in his eyes, fear she’d still reject him stamped all over his face. “I believe you and trust you.” Truer words had never fell from her lips.
Wrapping her legs around his waist, she held on as he carried her back through the house, the door closing as he made the way to the hallway toward the bedrooms made her breath catch. “Which room are you using?”
“Second suite on the right,” she pointed out.
Nerves fluttered through her the closer to the bedroom they got. Hell, she hadn’t even worn matching bra and panties.
He kicked the door shut, the bang made her jump. “You nervous? We don’t have to do this.”
“I want this. You don’t? Does this go against your…rehab?” Shoot, she was probably setting him back like months or something.
Ando laughed. “Bellissimo, trust me, I’m fine. I want you and this so badly I’m ready to split my jeans. Hell, my dick is probably permanently scarred from the button and zipper on my fly.”
She’d felt the hard ridge when they’d stood on the overlook, and then on the deck. Yeah, the man was definitely well-endowed that was for sure. “Aw, poor baby. Do I need to kiss it better?”
“If you put your lips on my cock, I’m liable to come in two point three seconds. I’m afraid that would completely embarrass me. No, we’ll save that for round three or four.”
“I like the sound of that, but aren’t you being a little presumptuous?” She liked teasing him, watching his eyes light with mirth was fun.
He gave her ass a squeeze, then tossed her onto the bed, coming over her moments later. “Oh, I plan to make it so good for you, you’ll be more than ready for those rounds.”
Jules opened her mouth to say something witty, but closed it around his tongue. The man was truly the best kisser she’d ever had the pleasure of kissing. With his body braced above her on his elbows, she ran her hands up and down his back, bringing his T-shirt up to feel his skin under her palms. Ando knowing what she wanted reared back on his knees and whipped his shirt over his head. God, she loved watching a man raise his arms, and take their shirt off from behind their head. She’d tried it, but somehow it never seemed to come off the same way.
“What are you thinking about?” he asked, his fingers moving to the front of her tank.
When she told him, he smiled. “I think it’s the boobs.” He lifted her out of her top, and unhooked the front clasp of her bra, running his thumbs over the distended tips.
“You think?” Coherent thought was leaving her.
“Hmm,” he murmured, then bent and licked across one hardened tip.
Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head from the pleasure of his mouth on her. When he grazed his nails across her nipples, then kneaded them, she couldn’t control the moan. “Oh god, Ando,” she said breathlessly.
“Do you like that?” he asked, his dark eyes glinting down at her.
Like was too tame a word, but she nodded eagerly. “Very much so.” She wiggled beneath him.”
“Your skin is softer than silk,” he rasped, his fingers moving down her body, skimming over her belly, one finger circling her navel. He unsnapped the button on her jeans, pulling the edges apart.
“I hope you’re not expecting me to be in some fancy matching lace.” She squeezed her eyes shut, hating the uncertainty in her voice.
“Ah, I like what you’re wearing, but I think I’ll like you out of them even better. Lift your hips.”
While she’d been worried about disappointing him, knowing he’d probably been with women who wore things that probably cost more than she made in a month, he’d moved so he could strip her completely. Now, with his fingers hooked into the sides of her jeans she did as he asked. When he whisked the pants and panties off; left only in her bra, she felt unbelievably shy.
“Ay dios mio, you truly are the bellissimo I call you.” His eyes trailed from her face, to between her thighs. “I love this,” he said brushing his fingers over the neatly trimmed hair between her legs.
Her body jerked upward. “That feels so good.”
“I haven’t even touched you yet.” He gave a laugh that was filled with strain.
“I’m afraid I’m going to combust before you do,” she whimpered.
He trailed his hand down farther, circling her pussy. “I like this. You’re smooth down here, nothing to block my fingers or tongue.”
How can the man continue to string words together? His words, his touch was driving her closer to an orgasm and he hadn’t even touched the heart of her yet. With one finger, he circled her clit, then pressed inside. She was so wet he slid in easily. Lord, she’d be embarrassed, but it felt too good.
“You have me on the edge of coming in my damn jeans, have been since I first spied you.”
Hearing he was on the edge like her made her feel better. “You’re wearing too many damn clothes.”
“If I take them off, the brink I’m on will evaporate. I want to make this good for you.” He pumped his finger in and out, adding a second along the first.


Ando couldn’t believe how tight she was. His entire being was screaming at him to take her, but he needed to make sure she was ready. Using all the finesse he knew, he moved the digits inside her, finding the soft spongy area that would have her body arching into him. She gave a throaty moan and nearly bucked him from his place between her legs.
“Right there, ohhh, Ando.”
Her words were music to his ears; breaths now heaving in and out of her mouth, he kept up the rhythm, making sure not to take her over too soon. “Do you need to come, bellissimo?”
“Yes, yes!”
He wanted to strip her and plunge inside, but he wasn’t going to lose control. Her body needed a little more preparation. No, she wasn’t a virgin, but she was tight and he’d cut off his left arm before he’d hurt her. Bending he captured one hardened nipple in his mouth, at the same time he circled her clit while she rocked on his fingers, fucking herself back and forth. “Make yourself come, Jules, just like that.”
He rubbed her clit, sucked one breast then the other while she rocked back and forth. “Come for me. Do it, bellissimo.”
“Oh, yes, I’m coming.”
Ando felt the tensing of her body, the flexing of her inner walls and then she screamed as she came. “Fuck yeah, come for me.”
Her body was flushed with her recent orgasm, her eyes glittered with renewed need. He’d had countless women, but none looked at him like Jules did. This tiny Texas woman could bring his Cuban ass to his knees. Not a prospect he despised. God no, he had visions of being on his knees for her often. Of course, he would like it if she stood naked before him, one leg over his shoulder while he feasted on her. Yeah, that he could get behind.
“What are you thinking?” she asked.
Giving her nipple one last suck, he scooted back then stood. His breath uneven, he needed to free his dick. “I was thinking you were the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.”

Turo's Fated Mate is coming SOON: How about a sneak peak at the cover?

Stay tuned to my facebook and newsletter for more reveals as I show you more of this amazing cover with model Warren Phillips :)

My girl Khloe Wren, and one of the sweetest red-haired vixens I have ever met asked me if I'd like to cross our worlds. I was stunned cause nobody had ever asked me to do that before. She said she loved my Iron Wolves and wanted to bring them into her Charon MC world. I too love her world and was so honored I said YEEEEESSSS. Check out the amazing cover of Fighting Mac with none other than Alfie on the cover. Holy Balls, but that man is not only gorgeous, but sweet as all get out to boot. In this story you'll get to see two or three of my beloved characters, including my crazy ass Jenna aka the Fey Queen, and yes, I definitely helped her write the scene with her and Kellen and Xan in it.

Fighting Mac

Charon MC Book 2 by Khloe Wren


She's no sleeping beauty, but then he's no prince--just a biker warrior to the rescue.

For the past three years Claire ‘Zara’ Flynn has been at the mercy of narcolepsy and cataplexy attacks. But after she witnesses a shooting by the ruthless Iron Hammers MC, her problems get a whole lot worse. She's now a marked woman, on the run for her life.

Former Marine Jacob ‘Mac’ Miller has a good life with the Charon MC. He works in the club gym and teaches self-defense classes--in hopes of saving other women from the violent death his sister suffered. When the pretty new waitress at a local café catches his attention, he wants her in his bed. But there’s a problem. She’s clearly scared of all bikers. Wanting to help her, he talks her into coming to his class. Mac soon realizes he wants to keep her close in more ways than one. But can he, when his club's worst enemies come after her?

When Zara disappears, Mac and his brothers must go to war to get her back. Because this time, she wakes up in a terrible place… surrounded by other desperate women, and guarded by the Iron Hammers MC. Can her leather-clad prince ride to the rescue in time to save her from hell?

Buy links:

iBooks: http://apple.co/2pnLLda

GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/2slE345



Zara intrigued me. She’d been all sweet blushes and stammered words until my club brothers came in. The moment Taz, Eagle and Arrow had entered the place, she’d nearly passed out, before scampering away. Guess she didn’t like bikers for some reason. I had no idea why, but I suddenly needed to find out.

I found myself watching her as she worked. She was a pretty little thing. Wide, hazel eyes, pale skin with a few freckles. She’d pulled her long, reddish-blonde hair back into a braid that hung down her back. I couldn’t help but wonder how it’d look loose, spread over her bare tits as she rode me.

That thought had me hard as a fucking rock. Dammit. I shifted my legs under the table, making sure my lower half stayed out of sight. Not like my gym shorts were gonna hide the fact my cock was hard as steel. I picked up my cup and took another mouthful of coffee, enjoying the bitter brew. Marie certainly knew what made a good cup of java.

It didn’t take long for my thoughts to wander back to Zara. I couldn’t help but smirk at how much of a little coward she’d been a short while ago, hiding behind the coffee machine so she wouldn’t have to serve my brothers when they went up to order. Funny thing was, for everyone else she’d been open and friendly. The fact she was even all smiles for the male customers had me thinking her issue was with the club, not with men in general. What the hell could have happened? The Charon MC never hurt women, at least not that I knew about.

“Are you even listening, Mac? Or am I just talking for the fucking hell of it?”

I turned my attention from the little waitress to Arrow, the club treasurer. “Sorry, man. What did you say?”

“I was saying how you were spot-on with the gym renovation. It won’t take long at all to cover the costs of doing up the fucking joint, then we’ll be making bank. But you don’t give a shit, do you?”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Of course I fucking give a shit. I’d be pretty pissed if we’d done all that work at my suggestion, only for it to fall flat and not benefit the club.”

I’ll be even more pissed if the classes don’t take off. That was the real reason I’d offered to take on the remodel. My gaze caught on Zara again. She’d been watching us, but jerked around when I caught her. She could really use a class or two―dozen. If she knew she could take care of herself, she wouldn’t have to act like a scared rabbit.

“Yeah, but you care more about the hot piece of ass over there. The one that scurried away like a mouse when we came in. Did we cock block you, bro?”

The smirk on the man’s face indicated he didn’t give a shit if he had.

“Yeah, I was totally planning on bending her over the table and taking her before you bastards came in and ruined things.” I gave him an eye roll. “This ain't the clubhouse. I’m curious about her. There’s something going on with her that I can’t figure out, that’s all.”

Arrow continued to smirk as he nudged Taz. “Your habits are rubbing off on your buddy, brother.”

Taz barked out a laugh. “Nah, mate. Mac’s just sitting there trying to hide his fucking hard-on. If I were him, I’d have her out back, already helping me relieve the issue.”

I highly doubted that. Sure, Taz buried himself in random sex regularly, but never outside the clubhouse. No way would he touch a woman like Zara unless he intended to keep her. And I couldn’t see Taz settling down with one woman any time soon.

Arrow shook his head with a chuckle. “Yeah, doubt Marie would like either one of you acting out that suggestion.” His expression turned serious as he focused in on me. “You planning on going after her? Probably should have Keys check her out if you are. Because, brother, that woman doesn’t look like the kind you fuck and throw away. That, right there, is old lady material.”

I nearly choked on my final mouthful of coffee.

“How would you know that? She’s like any other girl.”

Fuck, that was such a lie. I already knew she was special. Arrow shook his head. “Nope, she ain’t. You can see it in her eyes. True, she avoids us best she can, but when she’s forced to serve us? She holds strong, chin up and does her job. I’ve looked into that girl’s eyes. She ain’t no shallow bitch that’ll suck your cock in the parking lot just because you’re wearing colors. Nope, that one there is a full-on Miss Independent. Crack that shell of hers and you better wanna keep what you find inside for a long time.”

I sat back, stunned.

“Guess I know how you got your name.”

Bastard actually winked at me. “I shoot straight. Won’t blow smoke up your ass. I’ll catch you boys later.” With that, the man stood, and with a rap of his knuckles on the table, strolled out.

Taz let out a low whistle. “Well, there you go. So, Mac, you looking to settle down like Eagle here? She’s certainly pretty. Just need to work out what the fuck’s up with her and bikers. Any ideas?”

I relaxed into my seat. I was good with all my Charon brothers, but I’d known Eagle and Taz for over a decade. Our bond was stronger, and they knew nearly everything about me. Neither of them knew about my sister. But that was about the only thing I’d kept from them.

“No fucking clue. But watch her, she doesn’t have an issue talking to male customers, and she was fine with me until you assholes walked in wearing your cuts. It’s a biker thing, not a man thing. And how the fuck should I know if I want to claim the damn woman? Only met her today and we’ve barely spoken more than a handful of words, so all you fucking cupids need to settle the fuck down, okay?”

Taz raised his palms in surrender. “Whoa, mate. Settle down, it was just a question.” He cleared his throat and glanced around the cafe before he leaned in and spoke again. “Speaking of questions―I’ve got Mr. Smith on my case about this shooting. Wants to know anything we can dig up.”

Mr. Smith was the very original, very fake name of our FBI handler. The handler who’d somehow allowed the L.A. mob to discover the information we’d given him about them a month or so back. Since then all three of us were wary about telling the Feds anything.

“Did he tell you anything?”

“That they had an eyewitness finger the Iron Hammers for the Galveston shooting, and that she’s disappeared.”

Eagle leaned in. “Why the hell are the Feds even on this case?”

Taz shrugged a shoulder. “The way Mr. Smith tells it, the fact one of the bodies left behind was a Satan’s Cowboy is enough to have the Feds in the mix.”

I sat back and folded my arms over my chest. “I don’t like it. Them being involved this early on in the case stinks to me.”

Eagle nodded. “Wouldn’t surprise me if the Cowboys had an inside guy, or guys, with the Feds. Especially after the way the bastards let slip to the mob what we gave them. We don’t have anything to give them on this one yet, but we need to decide what we’re going to do if that changes.”

I nodded. “With both the Feds and Scout suspecting the witness will head this way, there’s a good chance she’ll end up here sooner or later. Did Mr. Smith give you details on the witness? Scout only had the name Claire Flynn and the fact she’s strawberry-blonde, whatever the hell color that is, with hazel eyes.”

Taz shook his head. “Bastard didn’t even give me a name. When I asked, he told me I must be confused, because it’s us that gives him information, not the other way around. Bastard.”

I clenched and stretched out my fingers a few times, thinking. “I don’t want to give them anything. They’ve already proven they’re fucking dirty, and if the club finds out we’re ratting them out? We’ll end up like Runt.”

Runt had been a spy sent into the Charons by the Iron Hammers. Poor bastard got pinned with the blame for giving the Feds the shit we did. I didn’t feel too guilty over it though, because the little shit had been funneling all sorts of information he shouldn’t have to the Hammers for years.

“I’m with you, brother. I don’t want to give the Feds another word of information. But I don’t think we can just go radio silence on them and they’ll go away.”

I ran a hand over the back of my neck. “I know. But that’s a problem for another day. Like Eagle pointed out, at this stage, we don’t have shit to tell them about it, anyway.”

I checked my watch. “Fuck. I gotta run. I should have already been back at the gym. I’ll talk to you two later.”

This lady right here is a USA Bestselling author, and truly a sweet lady who I am so honored to tell you about her latest and greatest trilogy. Check out this amazing book, and the title...well, hello it is my FAVORITE word, need I say more.

Mindfuck - A Bad Boy Romance With A Twist (Mind Games Book 1) Kindle Edition

Gabi Moore


The love story I’m about to tell you is the
purest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever done.
But it all began in the darkest, ugliest way possible.

Forget what you know about power and domination.
Yes, this is a story of submission,
but real submission,
where the stakes are real and the cost is high.

This is a story like all other good stories.
It has good guys and bad guys, scary parts and naughty parts.
And it has me,
someone who thought they knew how the story would end,
just like you think you do right now.

I’ve done some kinky shit in my time, believe me,
but nothing could have prepared me for that last taboo,
that deepest humiliation,
the pleasure I had long forbidden myself
... love.

It was revenge that led me to her at first, I’ll admit it.

I thought I had her pegged.
I thought I knew what I was getting into,
but I underestimated her.

I'm a powerful man. Getting others to bend to
my will is second nature to me.
But something about her made me want to tear away
at all that and see what was hiding underneath.

But she had no idea who I could be,
or how dark the truth really was...

Cutting myself off from the Cane empire?
Incurring the wrath of some of the most powerful men in the country?

I could abandon her;
let her take the fall and walk away from all of this.
Or I could run with her now and do my best to protect her...

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

***With this trilogy comes plenty of steam, money, danger, spies, corruption, subterfuge, and of course, a GUARANTEED HEA at the end!

Book 1: Mindfuck (told from Nora's perspective)
Book 2: Mind Games (told from Dean's perspective)
Book 3: Mindgasm (told from both Nora's and Dean's perspectives)

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Tammy said...

Stalking everywhere and also receive newsletter. Thank you for the opportunity!! <3

Vicki Pearce said...

Wow elle, so jealous of you getting to meet JR Ward of all people. ��
Looking for ward to your release this month and gonna grab chloe's book too. Have a fab birthday month.. Love you hard

coffeediva said...

I'm sorry I missed the party but You ladies sure know how to Party❣️

Elizabeth Morgan said...

Already stalking you everywhere 💜

Fedora said...

Done, and boy howdy, this was one action-packed post, Elle! Glad you got the chance to fangirl and to be fangirled ;)

Monica Martin said...

I cant wait to read em! Of COURSE I am a stalker of everything Elle! :) Done girl!

Kari George said...

Done and done! Thank you for the chance!!

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your latest, Elle! :)