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Coming August 1st Rule Breaker Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T

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I have been super busy this summer, but it's totally worth it. Sometimes, a little pressure doesn't hurt anything, right? And, right now, I've got myself under deadlines and waiting for more edits. ;) Today, I would like to share with you something Michele and I wrote. It's called Rule Breaker. It's the first book in our Black Ops series, and I hope you all enjoy it. We're thinking it should be about 250 pages--give or take a few.

Quick overview. Asher Rainer is the commander of R.O.O.T he takes all the jobs no one wants or when the government suspect foul play, they send in his team to uncover what they're missing. They're kind of like a CSI team crossed with detectives. All of the information along with evidence they collect during their missions, is turned over the Senate Arms committee for a thorough investigation.

In Rule Breaker, what should be a simple observation and report mission, goes horribly wrong. There are two witnesses and one person Asher can't trust but also can't not trust. Michele and I hope you enjoy the story. Here is a sneak peek of what's in store for you.

Asher Rainer, a tough as nails commander, leads an undercover black ops group: Project R.O.O.T. sanctioned by the U.S. government. What should have been a routine mission to obtain reconnaissance, devolves into a mass casualty situation. The whys of which are unknown. His only eyewitnesses to the crimes committed by the rogue mercenary unit are Dr. Rae Kenzie and one of Barclay’s own members, Joseph Franks.

Rae Kenzie, a physician with Doctors Without Borders, is currently on rotation in South American. What should have been a routine inspection by the local guerilla army, turns into a bloodbath.

Without any thought to her wellbeing, Rae rushes to protect the village children in the clinic from certain death—unwittingly thrusting herself and them into the middle an ongoing power struggle. Rae has to trust someone with what she knows, but it doesn’t mean she has to like them—even if she finds Commander Asher Rainer devilishly handsome.

Asher has no time for love. His dedication is to his team, his country, and protecting the innocent. But, when the heart desires what he shouldn’t be lusting after, will one night with Rae be enough to satisfy his baser needs? Or will he be the one to break all the rules?


“Well, would you look at that.” She pointed to the area where the break had knitted together. “Almost healed. I think we can do a soft cast now. No more plaster.” She guided Isabella back to her room, then went to the storage area and grabbed a soft cast. A couple more weeks and she'd be good to go.
As she opened the door, the rev of jeep engines sounded in front of the office. She closed her eyes. Not now. Today isn't the day for this bullshit. The patient room door behind her opened and the twins' father stepped out.
“Always come. You hide. Kids.” He patted her arm. “We fix.”
“I can't let you do—”
“We fix.” He hurried her to the room. He spoke to his wife who handed over their daughter while Maria gathered up their son. “Go.”
“Get Juan.” She went back to grab Isabella and her mother while Maria went for the other little boy then hurried to their safe place.
The slamming of doors accompanied shouts. Her heart pounded. She had no protection here expect for the police, and she realized quickly they were as corrupt as the guerillas supposedly protecting the jungle around them. More like the cocoa fields. Rae placed her finger to her mouth as she grabbed Isabella by the hand and hurried to the back near the X-ray machine.
The voices grew louder. Anger laced their words. The kids were looking to her for help and she had no idea what to do. In the six months they'd been there, they'd never been subject to anything like this. The only reason she knew about the guerillas was because a couple kids who’d gotten into the cocoa plants appeared at her door sicker than shit, puking their guts up. Those who weren’t sick had been shot or stabbed. Maria had to explain it to her.
Crack! The first shot rang out, followed by another. The screams of frightened children along with the adults rent the air. She hurried to get them to the safe room below ground. “Hurry.” She glanced over her shoulder and watched through the window as the men began shooting each other, which made no sense at all. When standing at the door to hurry more people into the clinic, she saw more men coming down out of the hills in front of them, their uniforms the same as those the guerillas wore. The baby in her arms squealed and cried out, drawing the attention of one of the men.
His eyes narrowed as a slow, devious grin twisted his features. He raised his gun, pointing it at her. Her heart lodged in her throat. She couldn't move. She stared down the barrel of his long rifle, her death becoming an inevitable situation.
None of the stuff people say in the movies happened. Her life didn't flash in front of her eyes. She didn't have a chance to lament about not talking to her mother last weekend when she said she'd call home, but overslept.
Thwack! The man's body fell forward. She expected to see another person behind him, however, no one was there. She muffled her relieved cry and hustled Isabella to the back room. After opening the trap door in the floor, she climbed in with the children. “Stay in the darkness.”

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Tina Donahue said...

I love stories like this! Keeping them coming. L(

TL Reeve said...

We will probably start book 2 next spring. We have so much to do. lol