Saturday, July 15, 2017

Brand New Release!!!!! - Fire and Fog

Carlisle police officer Dwayne knows what Robin is doing the moment he lays eyes on the young man at Bronco’s club. But he doesn’t know that, like him, Robin also comes from a family who cast him out for being gay, or that he’s still lugging around the pain of that rejection. Robin leaves the club, and soon after Dwayne decides to as well—and is close by when things between Robin and his client turn violent.

When Dwayne finds out Robin is the victim of a scam that lost him his apartment, he can’t leave Robin to fend for himself on the streets. Despite Dwayne’s offer of help and even opening up his home, it’s hard for Robin to trust anything good. The friendship between them grows, and just as the two men start warming up to each other, Robin’s sister passes away, naming Robin to care for her son. Worse yet, their pasts creep back in to tear down the family and sense of belonging both of them long for.

Will their fledgling romance dissipate like fog in the sun before it has a chance to burn bright?


Robin’s jaw set and he finally reached into his pocket to pull out a driver’s license. He handed it over, and Dwayne checked it closely. It looked real, and according to the date of birth, yesterday was Robin Cartwright’s birthday.
“Problem?” Bull asked without looking at Dwayne, who handed him the ID.
“It seems legit.”
“Of course it is,” Robin protested. “I’m old enough to be here.”
“Maybe, but hustling isn’t allowed and you know it.” Dwayne stared bullets at Robin because it would be a damn shame for a guy as pretty as him to get messed up with crap like that.
“You can’t blame a guy for trying,” Robin said with a shrug.
“You got this?” Bull asked, and Dwayne nodded.
“If I need anything, I’ll get someone,” he promised, and Bull hurried back to the front door. “You need to quit that shit. It won’t end well.” God, he felt like a father giving his kid a lecture.
“What would you know about it?” Robin snapped.
“Plenty,” he shot back, though he wasn’t up to sharing his personal story with a complete stranger.
Robin studied him and seemed to see what he needed to, because his posture relaxed a little.
“Now, can you play by the rules?”
Robin huffed and nodded. “I won’t try anything. I really came here to dance anyway.” Dwayne wasn’t sure how much of that he bought, but he released Robin and stepped back.
“You know I’ll be watching.”
Robin turned and made his way through the crowd. Damn, Dwayne hated to see him go. There was something in those eyes that mirrored the shock and pain Dwayne had been dealing with, but there was nothing he could do. He’d already learned the hard way he couldn’t fix everything and everyone.
He went back to the table and sat down.
“Hard to forget, isn’t he?” Zach asked.
“Yeah, I guess so.” Dwayne forced his attention back to the guys next to him rather than scanning the floor to see where Robin had gone. He intended to keep an eye on him but figured any misbehaving would happen later in the evening.

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Andrew! This sounds as great as your other wonderful books. :)