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New from Bestselling author Maggie Walsh

"Summer With Shifters" Anthology

All proceeds to benefit -Barnardo's - a UK children's charity.

Maggie is joined by author's: 
Cree Storm
Georgiana Pallett
Mackenzie Raye
Daniella Whitehorse, and
Genefer Castleow

"When two become three."
GammaKind Series - Beta, Enforcer, Gamma by Genefer Castleow

"Can a she-wolf, a Pirate's Daughter, quell his yearning heart?"
Godfrey Brother's Series - A Wolf's Claim by Georgiana Pallett

" One cruise, two stubborn cats, and years of tradition prohibiting their love —Kael and Adriana chose to sail down the forbidden path of mating."
Cruising Into Love by Mackenzie Raye

"His bite is worse than his claws...or is it?" 
His Kitten Has Claws by Cree Storm

"After the raging winds of a tumultuous storm, the dawn of a new day breaks, bringing unexpected love."
Omega Island by Maggie Walsh 

"All is not what it seems with a merman and his beloved."
Mate Series  - A Merman's Mate by Daniella Whitehorse. 

Now Available for Pre-order

A little snippet from Maggie's book: Omega Island:
 “Flynn! Flynn!” Casey yelled as he ran through the main house.
  Flynn and Aiden walked out of the kitchen looking toward Casey, their faces showing their concern. “Casey, what’s wrong?” Flynn asked.
  “Flynn, we were coming back from salvaging whatever we could from the boathouse and we smelled a fire. So, we went to investigate, and we came upon three large men. And, Flynn, I could smell alpha on the one and beta on the other. I don’t know about the third guy because he was too far away and he was unconscious. But they were definitely wolves,” Casey said in a hurry.
  “Fuck! Where are they now?”
  “Luka got pissed at the one guy’s attitude and sent them on a wild goose chase,” Casey replied with a laugh, causing Aiden to chuckle.
  “Where are the others?” Flynn asked as he headed toward the front of the house with Aiden and Casey following.
  “They went to put the supplies in the shed. They should be in any minute.”
  “Get everyone in the great room now. We need to find these strangers and get rid of them,” Flynn announced.
  Aiden stopped short and grabbed Flynn’s arm, stopping him. Flynn turned to face him. “Get rid of them? How are we supposed to do that? The boat is gone.”
  “They had to have gotten here somehow. We find their boat and send them on their way. If they fight us, then we’ll have to get rid of them a different way. We need to search the island to see if there are others.”
  “The alpha guy, he said his name was Jake, he said they were on a fishing trip, and the boat they were on lost all power, then the storm came, and the next thing they knew they were washed up on shore. They claim it’s just the three of them,” Casey explained.
  “We need to make sure. Aiden, are the cells in the barn still stable?” Flynn asked.
  “Yeah. What do you want to do, Flynn?”
  Just as the question left Aiden’s lips, all the other boys entered, joining them.
  “The sun will be down soon and I don’t want everyone running around in the dark looking for strangers. Luka, Casey said you sent these men on a wild goose chase. Where did you send them?” Flynn asked.
  “They should end up at the jetty before they realize I was fucking with them,” Luka answered with a smirk.
  “Good. Luka, Blaine, Mace, Ansel, and I will go collect our guests. Aiden, you and Shilo make sure the cells will hold and cast a few spells over them to make sure our guests can’t escape. Aryn, you, Casey, and Gilbert get cots and fresh linens set up in the cells. Clovis, Chad, Val, and Enzo, finish preparing dinner and make extra. We should probably feed them,” Flynn instructed.
  “What about me, Flynn?” Teagan asked.
  “If what they said was true and these men washed up on shore, they may have some injuries.”
  “Yeah, they did. The one guy had a messed-up leg and another was unconscious,” Blaine added.
  “Then we’ll need you to rest up, Teagan, in case you need to heal them.”
  “I can help in the kitchen and that won’t wear me out, Flynn,” Teagan offered with a shy smile.
  Flynn gave the smaller man a bright smile. “Of course. Thanks, Teagan, but not too much, okay?” Teagan nodded.
  “Okay, everyone, let’s get going.”
  “Flynn, what if there are others? Casey said he smelled wolf on them,” Val asked nervously.
  “We take care of the three we can find, then head out in the morning and start looking for others. We can’t go out tripping around in the dark,” Flynn replied.
  Everyone agreed and headed out to do what they were told. Flynn, Luka, Blaine, Mace, and Ansel grabbed a few rifles on their way out the front door.

                                                                    *    *    *    *

  “You have got to be kidding me,” Theo ground out as he stared out over the great expanse of rippling blue water. “If I get my hands on that little shit, I’m gonna wring his neck.”
  “Shit. This is our own fault. We should have just stayed where we were until morning, then one of us could have come to check it out and come back with help. Maybe we should have waited until Landis woke up? It’s too late now to do anything and we stupidly left our camp and fire behind,” Jake said in frustration.
  “So now what, Jake? The sun will be down soon and the chill could kill him.”
  “First, we get off this damn beach again and find somewhere to hunker down for the night. We can’t start another fire, there’s not enough daylight left to go scrounging for more wood, so we’ll have to do whatever we can to keep Landis and ourselves warm. Let’s go.”
  They each grabbed a pole from the stretcher they made from sticks and large leaves to transport Landis. Lifting the one side up, while the bottom dragged across the ground, they turned, and stopped dead in their tracks as they looked down the barrels of five rifles pointed at them.
  “If you want to live, follow us. Try anything, and one of us will shoot your dick off,”

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