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New From Bestselling M/M author Maggie Walsh
                                                           Coming Soon
Book two of her  Eternal Fulfillment Sires "A Bite To Remember", which is a popular spin off series of The Eternal Flame Series co-written with M/M author Cree Storm. 

Book 1 - Adding Fuel to the Flames
Two years ago, Day and Ethan were the first of the Dragon & Phoenix to mate in over a hundred years and, according to Angelo, they are fated to bring the paranormals back together. 
Rhys has spent years seeking his mates by kissing every man he can. Until, one day, he heeds his instincts and refuses to kiss a man who doesn’t take no for an answer, and leaves Rhys bloody and beaten. 
When Twix asks Day and Ethan to help his cousin in Maddox, they agree to look into who is stalking Rhys. Imagine their surprise when they meet the gorgeous pixie and unexpected feelings emerge. 
Day and Ethan don't know what's more shocking. Wanting another man, or discovering who the stalker actually is?

In book two, "A Bite to Remember" we step back into Maddox where strange things begin to happen to the new fire Chief Nick Holt when he finds and claims his vampire mate. Things he never knew could happen. Suddenly Nick's shifter senses go on overload and he can see great distances, hear the drop of a pin, and his strength increases exponentially. His new abilities become a source of great pain, especially when dealing with fires. 
  But while Nick is out battle a fire and trying to figure out what has happened to him, what he doesn't know is his vampire mate has been affected as well in a very different way.
  To try to control what is happening to them, they are told they shouldn't drink from one another, which doesn't sit well with Jagger seeing as he is a vampire and once mated can only drink from his mate or he will die.
  A series of fires around Maddox has Nick and his men scrambling to figure out if it is the work of an arsonist . But when the new paranormal council steps in and brings back someone from Jagger's past, all hell breaks loose and it threatens the future of this newly formed town for paranormals.

                                      "A BITE TO REMEMBER"
                                          Eternal Fulfillment 2
                               By Maggie Walsh and Cree storm
                                            COMING SOON
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And don't forget to check out Maggie's #1 International Bestselling Series The Angel Pack On Amazon. "The Angel Pack Series is more than a series of M/M erotic romance, it's an adventure."
*** The Angel Pack has a sister series called Beyond the Angel Pack and the story ARC goes through both series and should be read in order seen below.
To see what's coming next from Maggie please check out her website at: www.maggiewalshauthor.weebly.com


Tina Donahue said...

Your books are positively awesome, Maggie! Love the covers. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Like your one word titles....Really catches the eye.

Patty Curry said...

Thanks for the giveaway !

Patty Curry said...

Thanks for the giveaway !