Monday, April 24, 2017

Packing boxes for a blog move @kayelleallen #amwriting

I created the Romance Lives Forever blog seven years ago to provide a place for authors, whether traditionally or self-published, or some hybrid of the two, to talk about their books. Since then, the readership has climbed steadily.

Once I added the blog to Triberr, readership skyrocketed. I've done all sorts of promotions for authors there to increase that. We have an annual Cancer Awareness week during which authors who have or have had cancer, or have friends / family who have, share their stories of perseverance and encouragement. There's an annual salute to veteran authors. On the first of each month, I present the author who had the most visits with a graphic award and a month of free cover ad space. The annual winner gets a year's worth.

Because I'm always looking for ways to improve, I'm moving the Romance Lives Forever blog from Blogspot to Wordpress on May 17, 2017. If you hate moving as much as I do, you'll be happy to know all the heavy lifting will be done by professionals. Your part will be to grab a favorite drink, sit back, take it easy, and come read the posts in beautiful new surroundings.

Once the move completes, all posts currently on the Blogspot version of Romance Lives Forever will appear on the new site also. On the Blogspot site, a note at the top will redirect readers to the new Wordpress location. Links to the original posts will remain active, and all posts will remain on the Blogspot old blog while also appearing on the Wordpress blog.

Want a sneak peek of the new blog? It's under construction so it doesn't look now the way it will when it opens. But here's a peek: https://rlfblog.com/ Go ahead. I'll wait.
Okay, welcome back! Do you want to know more? Here you go.

For Readers

On the new site, you'll have a listing of genres so you can find your favorite. Each book will be listed by name, author, and genre. Character interviews will have their own home. As always, you'll be able to leave comments, share posts, and find great books. The new site will be available on Kindle, RSS, email, and other programs.

I'll still post here and on my own blog, but I'll also appear on Romance Lives Forever. I hope you'll bookmark the site and look for the announcement of it opening. 

The new URL is rlfblog.com. Why? Because the official hashtag for the site has always been #RLFblog. This makes it even more official.

My sincere thanks to the other Sweet N Sexy Divas who let me come and share every month. I hope all of you will come over to "my house" and do the same!

Kayelle Allen
Author and Graphic Artist
Romance Lives Forever https://rlfblog.com/
Original Romance Lives Forever https://romancelivesforever.blogspot.com/


Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks for letting me share today. :)

Tina Donahue said...

Always wonderful to have you here, Kayelle! Romance Lives Forever is great. Hope your move to Wordpress is easy. :)

jbiggar said...

Love the new look! Best of luck with your move, Kayelle!

Kayelle Allen said...

Thank you! Amazing how much work goes into something like this. But totally worth it.