Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Spring holidays to everyone!

So we had family over today for an Easter celebration. It went very well.  MIL has been moved out of her house, after a long and protracted fight, since she kept falling while alone, resulting in one of her kids, usually my husband, having to take time off work to sit for extended time periods (sometimes 8+ hours) in the ER with her.  She's now in assisted living and the house is on the market.  But she still has to wear a neck brace after she dislocated 3 neck discs when she fell in January, which required emergency surgery. (This, after the major back surgery in December, which followed the 2nd hip replacement in the fall.)  But at least since she had the surgery, the prognosis is that she may not end up paralyzed.  Phew! 

But she hates the neck brace, hates the food at the assisted living place, and she can't make any friends because "no one can understand me with this damn brace on."  When we point out that we can understand her, she complains they can't hear her.  We point out that they probably need to turn their hearing aids up.  Then she says she doesn't want to make friends with them, because "they're just a bunch of old people."  Ahem.

I went through these problems 10 years ago, when I had to take care of both of my parents during their last days.  My brother's help was limited to an occasional visit with the "'rents." So it was all left to me: find them a place to live (and die) in, fix up and empty their house, sell it. invest the money, then take care of doctor visits, bills, etc. etc.  All the while I worked 2 jobs and had 3 teenagers still in my house, with one at college.  But that all is long in the past now.  That old saying is that whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  I should be superwoman, but still working 2 jobs, I usually just feel so, so very tired. 

But husband has 6 siblings, and only 1 is refusing to help.  So things are getting done.  It was my idea to have a brunch, since the MIL doesn't like to go out in public wearing her neck brace, and though we used to have family parties frequently for birthdays, we don't do that anymore.  It was fun to catch up with everyone who lives in the state, and we Skyped our daughter who lives near Denver, so she could chat with everyone also. 

Now everyone has gone home, and the house is quiet again.  I've finished all of the dishes, and the boys are back in their rooms on their computers, and husband is in his easy chair reading the paper,  probably headed for a nap.  I finally get a chance to say hello to everyone and wish you all a happy spring season, whatever holiday you might celebrate.  For some, like the husband's relatives, it's Easter.  For some it's Passover.  For others the spring equinox is a great reason for a party.  And for me, it's a gorgeous day, so it was fun to have everyone over, eat great food, and enjoy the breezes wafting through our screened-in porch.

I hope you had a great day, and feel optimistic about the coming week. In about 6 weeks school will be over, and I'll "only" be working 1 job.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some writing and promoting done.  My website needs updating, some of the links don't work anymore, and I need to make it more inviting for anyone who stumbles across it.  Then I need to get to work on giving people a reason to stop by. 

Enjoy the warming trend in the days to come.


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Tina Donahue said...

I'm glad you and yours had a Happy Easter, Fiona. Sorry about your MIL's problems. So many are facing the difficulties involved with aging parents and the medical problems involved. It's tough.