Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Don't Cry for me....Barcelona!

Sorry my post it late. I'm in Barcelona! Arrived yesterday morning 17th at 855am, and away for a eleven days. After Barcelona we are taking the train to Beziers, France for a writing retreat in a French Chateau.

Day one, yesterday, in Barcelona was wonderful. After drama at the airport! we arrived at our hotel and it is wonderful. Had tapas, sangria - twice - then went on a little walk around and saw a beautiful Antoni Gaudi  house. Just stunning.
Right after taking this pic, I turned around and slipped off the curb, out of my flip flop and really hurt my foot. I was so afraid I'd broken it but thankfully after icing all night and good old Advil I was almost right as rain today. Lot's of walking in my ugly sandals!

Check out this food!

Did I say wonderful food and tapas? And we can't forget the sangria....best ever.
I'm here with author Loretta Lost and my Editor from Brazil, Editora Gutenburg who published Working Girl in Portuguese. Nilce Xavier is in London until June and she was able to come and join us. How wonderful to meet her and so crazy that we meet in Spain!
Today we had a fantastic one and visited the Erotic Museum, among some other wonderful sites.

In March my website was updated and it's brand spanking new! I hope you zip on over and take a look. All my books are there and it's like a one stop shop. Not to mention a new blog that I will start in May. You can also sign up for my newsletter. Click HERE

If you haven't checked out Working Girl, Mr Monday is still free in some locations. It won't be for long so make sure you grab a copy now! 


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, Spain! How I envy you for taking such a wonderful trip. Have fun!

jean hart stewart said...

Beautiful pictures. Enjoy yourself!!!