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New From Bestselling Author Maggie Walsh

Book two from her Amazon bestselling Dragon Realm Series.

                                                 "Rescue of the Dragon King"


Leigh is the King of the Adaquo Clan of dragons, but he is unlike the other kings. Instead of being big, strong warriors, like his friends, he is a tall, slender, twink, who is very feminine in his features, and has the mouth of a champion in sarcasm. Due to Leigh’s looks, his father, the previous king, taught Leigh how to fight so that he could not only lead his people, but defend himself.

Leigh has always had a crush on Grin, a soldier and warrior for the Ingenium Clan. When Grin comes to Leigh one night flirting, it shocks Leigh to his very core. The man of his dreams wants him too, and Leigh will not let this opportunity pass. Leigh and Grin declare their undying love for each other and claim one another as mate, but a new evil in Leigh’s clan threatens to pull these two lovebirds apart.

When members of Leigh’s clan go missing, he knows it is up to him as their king to protect them and stop this evil force, but to face it he must leave his warrior mate behind and fight this battle without him. When Leigh becomes a victim of the very evil that is threatening his people, Grin calls upon their friends, the other kings, as well as two magics, to aid him in his search for his missing mate.

Leigh finds himself in a very strange palace, surrounded by a veil of fog created by a very powerful sorcerer, with no hope of escape, and no hope of rescue. Can Leigh fight his way out of the hands of this madman? Is he destined to live his life without the man he loves? Or will his mate Rescue the Dragon King?

  Thank the Dragon Gods he had fallen asleep immediately upon lying in bed and cuddling up in Grin’s arms. He had fallen asleep earlier than usual, and now he had gotten up early again and was able to get a little time to lay in the early morning sun before the magics arrived for their meeting. The early sun wasn’t as strong and potent as the midday sun, but it would be enough to give him some much-needed energy.

  Leigh lay there with his eyes closed loving the feel of the sun licking his skin as he listened to the soft waves roll onto the shore. He was so comfortable that within minutes he felt his body completely relax as his breathing slowed, and he could feel himself growing tired. A nice nap in the sun would be wonderful.

  “Hello, handsome.”

  Leigh jumped from the strange voice, and instantly his eyes snapped open as he sat up straight, eyes locking on the very large, naked, stranger. “How did you get here? This is the private beach of the palace.”

  “I was out for a morning swim, and I came upon the beach for a rest and what do I find but the most delicious man I have ever seen,” the large man said huskily.

  Leigh grabbed the shorts that he had discarded earlier and placed them over his exposed groin. “You were out for a morning swim from where? No one should have access to this beach except through the back door of the castle.”

  The man sat a few feet from him, resting on his hip while bending his legs and holding himself up on one arm. “I came from around the rocks over there and spotted the beach and thought it would be a great place to rest for a bit before I head back,” the man said nonchalantly and gave Leigh a bright smile.

  Leigh wasn’t fooled by that smile, not one bit. There was no way the man would be able to swim around the rocks he had pointed out and make it back here. The closest place he could have left from would have been from the clan village fifteen kilometers up the shoreline, swimming against some of the harshest currents in their realm. It was impossible for anyone in human form to do. Only in their dragon forms could someone do it and everyone in his clan knew that if they even attempted it, there would be hell to pay because it led to the king's private beach. Because of them being water dragons and needing the sun, all water dragons took time out every day to bath in the sun, but for the king to do it in public view was not acceptable. Not only because no one should see the king's naked form in that manner, but also for safety reasons. Sure, his guardsmen had seen him naked when shifting, but that was different. That was going out to do their duty and not there to check out each other’s goods. It was just bad form.

  Plus, there was the fact that Leigh had never seen this man before. He was not of Leigh’s clan, because if he were, he would know the laws against what he claims he had done, and he would know who Leigh was, and this man had no idea who he was talking to. Then there was the fact that this man wasn’t a dragon period. Leigh couldn’t smell dragon of any type on this man. And even if he were another dragon, he would still know who Leigh was.

  So, who was this stranger and what did he want? Was he one of the ones making his people disappear? Was he working for those who did? Leigh narrowed his eyes at the man and asked, “Why are you really here?” Not hiding his suspicions in any way.

  The big smile fell slightly, and Leigh could see something pass over the man’s eyes, but was unsure what it was. “As I said, I came upon your beach for some much-needed rest. I never expected to find such a stunning creature as you lying here.”

  “Well, then I think you have rested enough and need to go on your way now. This is the private beach of the king,” Leigh said as he got to his feet, without taking his eyes from the man.

  “The king? Well, maybe I should go and introduce myself and thank him for the use of his beach,” the man stated and stood.

  Leigh kept his face neutral not wanting to give away that the man was already speaking with the king. He was also starting to get a weird feeling like this man was exactly who they had been looking for. But Leigh needed to be very careful, because if this was the one responsible, then he was a powerful magic if what his men said about the merpeople were true. “Maybe you should. If you take those stairs there up to the top, you’ll find the door. Just knock, and the house servant will answer,” Leigh replied with a calmness that surprised even him. He was hoping the man would tuck tail and run. Or in this case swim, then Leigh could put the call out to his guard to join him and follow.

  “That sounds like a great idea,” the stranger said joyfully as his face lit up. He moved quickly and grabbed Leigh’s wrist before Leigh could react. Then the man started to speak in a strange language. Leigh felt the stranger's hot breath against his cheek, and his legs began to grow weak just as his eyes got heavy, then nothing.

This title along with book 1 "Return of the Dragon King" available on Amazon.
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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Maggie, on your newest release! Great excerpt. :)

Maggie Walsh said...

Thank you Tina. :)