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Hiya... I hope y’all are ready for some awesome pics cause I just got back from WWW17 hosted by the Belle Femme authors, and I had a fabulous time. I got to hang out with some awesome people and met new friends.

What’s new for me? Well, I just finished Wild And Dirty, my book that’s releasing in Mari Carr’s Wild Irish Kindle World April 8th, 2016. I’m really excited for this book #WildIrish cause it takes me back to my ménage roots. It's also book 2 in my Miami Nights series, which you'll get to see the younger brother from Miami Inferno. I'm going to tackle a real life issue of drugs and alcohol, and how it can affect a person. I’m also starting book 4 in my Mystic Wolves. This is Bronx’s story, and I am sooo excited to get back to this series. It’s been way too long and y’all will hopefully love the love story between Taya and Bronx. She’s from the Iron Wolves, so you’ll see some of the wolves from them, as well as Fey Queen Jenna.  

For now, I thought I’d share an unedited snippet from Wild And Dirty, which is off to my editor as I type, so don’t mind the typos. Also, if you haven’t snatched up books 1&2 of my Iron Wolves…Lyric’s Accidental Mate and Xan’s Feisty Mate, now is your chance as they are both FREE right now.



Adult Excerpt
Wild And Dirty

Her world spun as Van lifted her from the couch and onto his lap, her legs draped over Alex’s, she swore she was going to go up in flames. Two men, bent on giving her pleasure was something she had never truly contemplated, but now, with two sets of hands rubbing up and down her legs, their mouths kissing, and licking at her, she wasn’t sure she’d survive.
“Oh, you’ll survive, sweets,” Van murmured between drugging kisses.
Wren pulled away from Van, licking her lips, tasting him once more as she smiled. “Did I say that out loud?”
Alex’s hands ran up the outside of her thighs, tugging at the waistband of her jeans. “Yep. Feel free to talk as much as you want. We like to hear what you’re thinking, feeling. We really want to hear you scream our names when you come.”
The button came undone, and she lifted up to help him tug her pants down, leaving her in a pair of lace panties and her top.
Van cupped her face in his palms, easing her head toward his. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Wren.” He drew her toward him and kissed her gently, pressing her lips apart with his until his tongue was sliding inside. She moaned into his mouth, her hands rising to grasp one of his wrists, and the back of Alex’s head as he lifted her blouse and began sucking her nipple through her bra. It was almost too much at once, yet not enough.
“Alex,” she whispered against Van as the other man bit down.
“Is he playing with those beautiful nipples?” Van asked against her lips.
She nodded with a sigh, releasing the tight grip she had on his wrist to grab two fistfuls of Alex’s hair. Van’s hands slid into her hair, fisting it gently. These men both took great care in being gentle with her, tilting her head to the perfect angle as his lips descended onto her mouth once more. “Good,” he muttered.
One of Van’s hands released her hair, slipping down her body and into her panties. There was no way he would miss the fact she was wet. At the first touch of his fingers sliding through her folds, she bucked up. “Oh, fuck,” she yelled, her fingers twisting in Alex’s hair as Van teased her clit.
“I think we should move this to one of the bedrooms,” Alex said lifting from her breasts.
Van’s eyes met hers, his dark eyes full of need. “You ready for this?” His thumb rubbed along the waistband of her panties.
She nodded, then swallowed as Alex leaned down and kissed her stomach.
“I love these little things, but if we don’t get you out of them soon, I think I’m probably going to ruin them.” Alex’s fingers traced the seam of her black lace briefs.
“I don’t think I’d mind if you did, although they’re not too cheap.”
“I’ll buy you ten more pairs,” Van promised, but he didn’t rip them off. Instead, he stood with her in his arms. “My room?” He looked over at Alex, a conversation being spoken between the two men without words.
For the first time, she wondered how many women they’d had in this apartment, and how many they’d shared in their beds.
“Hey, remember what I said about no more lies, or secrets?” Van brought her attention back to him.
She bit her lip. “I was just thinking this wasn’t new to you guys or this apartment.” The insecurity that laced her voice made her angry.
Alex came to stand next to them. “First of all, let’s get a few things straight. One, you’re correct. We’ve done this before and for that we can’t change or apologize. Two, you’re the first woman we’ve had here in our home. Three, for us, I think I can speak for both Van and I, you are special. Yeah, we’ve shared women, but none have truly meant anything to us. Not to say we didn’t treat each and every one of them with respect, because we did. However, it was never like it is with you. I look at you and see more. I see building a future if you’ll have us. Right, Van?”
Van held her closer. “What he says is true. We don’t want to hurt you. If you don’t want to do this, then we don’t. But understand this isn’t a one off for us. You’re someone special, and we want to make a relationship with you outside of the bedroom. We thought we were doing that for the past two weeks.”
Truth and hurt was in Van’s voice. Neither of which she could ignore. God, she wanted to believe they wanted her as much as she wanted them. “I do want this and you both,” her voice went breathless.
“Good, cause we weren’t gonna let you get away. I was already formulating a plan B,” Alex said.
She looked over at the gorgeous man she’d only just met, but couldn’t imagine not knowing. “Oh, and what was that?”
Alex grabbed her from Van, lowering his head, he kissed her. Finally, he lifted his head. “I planned for us to spend the next lifetime or longer kissing and showing you how much you mean to us.
She laughed. “Well, that sounds like a great plan.”
While they’d been kissing, he’d been walking toward Van’s room. He stood her next to the large bed that Van had already turned down. Nerves threatened to make her legs buckle, but she forced them to lock in place. The sound of a zipper being lowered brought her gaze to Van as he eased his jeans open, exposing the lower half of him.
“Trying to give my poor dick some room,” he murmured, a wicked smile on his face.
He had a beautiful cock. Long, thick and hard. He’d already divested himself of his shirt, standing in nothing but his bare feet and jeans. Damn, she swore nothing was sexier until Van took a step back and began undressing. Within seconds she had two men standing in nothing but jeans, both with six pack abs and all hers.
“I feel a little overdressed,” she said holding onto the bottom of her top.
Van dropped to his knees. “We can’t have that.” He kissed above the waistline of her panties and lifted the top over her head, tossing it behind him. With expertise, he unfastened her bra, it too landing in the pile of discarded clothing.
“Did you know we like black lace?” Alex asked as he sat on the bed, his hand tracing the curve of her ass.
The action made her arch her back. “No,” she moaned.
Van’s mouth opened, placing wet kisses over every inch of her stomach until he latched onto her sensitive nipples. “We do. But we like naked better.” With those words he inserted his thumbs in the sides of her panties and pushed them down.
She kicked them off to the side.
Alex brushed the hair off her shoulder, trailing kisses along her exposed flesh while he traced the crack of her ass with his finger. “Spread your legs for us.”
Her arousal had her instantly obeying, wanting them to have easy access to whatever part of her body they wanted.
“Good girl,” Van said. He latched onto one nipple with his mouth, sucking hard while he pinched the other. Alex turned her head to face him, sitting her on his thighs. The rough denim a decadent contrast to her overloaded senses.
“She looks really good, too.” Van trailed kiss up to her lips. “I bet she tastes even better.”


Alex looked over her shoulder at his best friend. “Look at that bare pussy, all sweet and glistening with arousal. Is that all for us? Tell Van to lick your pussy.”
Wren’s body tensed.
Van twisted her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Don’t you want me to lick that sweet pussy, Wren?”
She clutched at Alex’s forearms and nodded. “I do,” she whispered.

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Great heat in this excerpt,,,,wishing you lots of luck with your book...

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