Friday, February 24, 2017

Recipe: invisibility and secrets @kayelleallen #freebook #scifi

When you can make yourself invisible, invisible truths are revealed.


Take two brothers
Separate them at birth
Make one a half-blood thief
The other a pleasure slave
Mix in angst and longing
Drop a chance comment
Stir in ancient secrets
Add a powerful immortal
Insert happy ending
Sprinkle liberally with humor
Serve warm with smiles

Optional but recommended:
Membership in the Thieves' Guild
Invisibility Cloak (blue suggested)

Bro, the Story Behind the Antonello Brothers

Dramatic, funny, touching, Bro takes you inside the Tarthian Empire and introduces you to three of its major characters: brothers Senth and Khyff Antonello, and Luc Saint-Cyr. You'll find them in many stories in the Empire. Come and meet them in Bro. You'll get two more books the next day.
Kayelle Allen is a best-selling American author. Her unstoppable heroes and heroines include contemporary every day folk, role-playing immortal gamers, futuristic covert agents, and warriors who purr.
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Kayelle Allen said...

Happy to be here today!

Tina Donahue said...

Also a pleasure to read your posts, Kayelle. LOVE your recipe. :)

Kayelle Allen said...

Thank you, Tina. ;) I had fun figuring out which parts of the story I could include without giving away the plot!

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds irresistably great!

Kayelle Allen said...

Thank you, Jean!