Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lei'd Hawaiian Style....NEW RELEASE!

And that's just what happens to my heroine Jimi Calloway in A Cowboy In Paradise. Coming out March 2017 with Harlequin Blaze. Yes, it's my last Blaze :( I'm so sad Blaze is no more because there was more to this tale in Hawaii. Dallas Wilde has a feisty sister and a sexy, extreme living cowboy brother. Maybe one day their story will be told.

Jimi and Dallas have a great story together. Full of passion, unpredictability, surprises and hot sex. Amazing what you can get up to with a pineapple ;) I hope you give their story a chance! I'm having a giveaway for a signed copy of A Cowboy in Paradise for one of my newsletter subscribers. Please click to sign up. I promise I don't spam and only send out once a month - and always with a prize of some sort :)

In her designer dress and high-heeled shoes, Jimi clearly didn’t belong on a dusty Hawaiian ranch. Or with rugged cowboy Dallas Wilde. Dallas may be a delicious temptation, but could a city girl ever trade Laboutins for lassoes?

Her island nights are heating up! 
Losing her luggage was Jimi Calloway's first clue that her friend's Hawaiian destination wedding would be a nightmare. The fact that it's at a ranch instead of on the beach and she'll be "glamping"? It's officially the Vacation from Hell. Until this city girl gets a glimpse of her smokin'-hot cowboy guide. Suddenly this vacation is looking up…
Sure, Jimi's designer wardrobe is lost somewhere over the ocean, but she's too busy learning just how incredible—and incredibly wicked—"roughing it" with the sexy, rugged Dallas Wilde can be to care. Besides, it's only a vacation fling… Only, no one warned Jimi how easy it was to fall for a cowboy in paradise.

Mini Excerpt

Dallas couldn’t believe his eyes. A vision like that wasn’t something you saw every day. He’d grown used to the daily ritual of horses, ranch hands and mountains. In all the years he’d been running the guest ranch, never had he walked by a tent to see a near naked and fantastically gorgeous woman. He’d watched her for only a few moments. Just long enough for his cock sit up and take notice, and make him feel like a peeping tom. Hell, could you blame a man? Standing in her lacy and very see through ivory bra and panties for all the world to see was totally unexpected. He was captivated.

He couldn’t look away from this woman, like a lioness ready to pounce. Her blonde curls fell wild around her shoulders and down her back, his fingers twitched with the urge to bury his fingers in the strands. It juxtaposed the virginal image against an untamed sexuality that oozed from her, it reached deep down inside and grabbed him by the balls. Her smoking hot body was anything but virginal. It was a body made for pleasure. And he’d be at the front of the line if given the opportunity.

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release. Sounds wonderful. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Smokin' excerpt.....Lots of luck...