Monday, February 27, 2017

How much is marrying a duke worth? Victorian designers and heiresses of 19th century!

Evening gown, House of Worth, late 19th century
To be able to debut in European society in the 1870s up until 1910s, it was oh so important to dress the part. What better way to do it than to go to House of Worth where a girl could be measured and outfitted for a mere...oh...$50,000 for the Season!

Yes, it was vital to appear fabulous when shopping for a duke or a baron...or anyone else in between.  Jennie Jerome went to Worth. So did the Vanderbilts and the Astors. Anyone who was anyone went and acquired one of Worth's vendeuses (personal sales girls).

Frederick Worth was considered the first fashion designer but many, like Madame Pacquin, very close by in the Rue de la Paix were just as good and just as
Madame Pacquin, French designer
late 19th century, Paris
Frederick Worth, Englishman and designer,
#7 Rue de la Paix, Paris
Walking dress, late 19th century
House of Worth

Corset and bustle!
Late 19th century

#7 Rue de la Paix today!
(Cerise DeLand photo from my research trip!
As expensive looking as it was then. Near Opera Garnier and Tiffany's, among others.


Tina Donahue said...

Wow. Is that 50 grand in dollars back then or today's dollars? If it's back then, it'd be like millions now. Wow.

jean hart stewart said...

Mind-boggling. Me, I shops at Chico's!

Cerise DeLand said...

Tina! Yes, that is $50,000 back then and MILLIONS now! Makes you drool...and wonder what they spent on dinner and shoes and servants!!!

Cerise DeLand said...

Jean, I'm with you! I look for comfortable, easily washed and ironed clothes that are on sale!!!