Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Happy Birthday.....to Harlie!

Yes, my birthday is Friday, February 10th and I will be the big 5-0!!!! To most people, I'm a youngster.  Still wet behind the ears.  No life experiences, still have a lot to learn.  Will let me tell you, I've got life experiences.  Let me share some highlights:

1.  I had two boyfriends in high school.  First one was named Jeff and he was a senior.  I was a sophomore.  He broke up with me during my junior year, right before a football game.  Not good because I cried all during halftime.  (I was on drill team)  By the time, I got home, I was hysterical.  Teenage hormones.  My second boyfriend was Geoff.  We both were seniors and we had known each other since the 4th grade.  I punched him when we first met.  Ha Ha!  I broke up with him during after our second year of college.

2.  I didn't seriously date anyone until I meet my now husband.  We meet in 1999 and I had dated anyone since 1987.  I know, that's a long time for most, but my 20's were a blast, had a great job and had a few "friends" during that time.

3.  I had some friends that were in rock bands back in my 20's.  I saw things, experienced things and unfortunately, in my 30's buried two of my friends from those days.  To this day, it's why I DON'T ever read rock star romances.  Too much baggage and tears.

4.  I used to work for the Dallas Stars Hockey Club from 1998-2004.  I saw them win the Stanley Cup and then lose the Cup.  I still can't get Scott Stevens from the New Jersey Devils skating the Cup at Reunion Arena out of my head.  Sad times but I meet so many great people, hockey players and learned a ton about professional sports.  Again, this is why I DON'T read hockey romances.  Seen the ugly side of cheating, fighting, and backstabbing.

5.  Once I meet my future husband, things started popping for me.  I was stubborn when it came to actually dating him.  We did stuff together but our first kiss didn't happen until July 3, 2003.  Why so long?  Well, he's almost 7 years younger than me.  Yes, I was hung up on the age difference.  Silly me.  We've been married since 2004.

6.  Moving to East Texas has been a complete disaster for me professionally.  I gave up my career when we moved in 2006.  Sure, I substitute teach now and I love it.  But finding out that my career defined me and how I made my friends...well, I feel like I'm in kindergarten again trying to make friends.  It's hard when you are the oldest mother in the group, didn't grow up in East Texas and you had your one and only child at 38.  At times, I just don't fit in but I'm adjusting...still.

So as you can see, I do have life experiences.  I didn't include all the drama with my brother during all this time.  That has been emotionally draining but at least now, he's happy.  It just took him a while.

I know that everyone has different experiences but these are just the highlights.

Oh...I forgot.  My husband has planned a party for me on the 11th.  The guest list is semi-secret and he told me that I might cry when I get my present from him.

Until next month...

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Tina Donahue said...

Happy Birthday, Harlie. Sounds as if you've led an interesting life. You have a man you love and who loves you. That's way more than a lot of women have. Good for you.