Friday, January 27, 2017

Yes, dahlink! TEA. We're serving it...with perhaps a spot of gin...or rum! Because it is 5 o'clock somewhere and we're drinking to it.

I have my buds with me. One or 2 each week and they'll talk about their newest and their oldies, too. All goodies! Plus we will have contests, prizes, SWAG.

Come join us! Wednesdays at 5 EASTERN!
Our next is February 8 with Eliza Lloyd!
On Facebook. Where else does one go? Here:

Who are my friends? 
Here's a list, for starters!

Feb. 8 Eliza Lloyd 
Feb. 15 Caroline Warfield
Feb. 22 Ella Quinn
Mar 1 Brenna Zinn
Mar 8 Sabrina York
Many more to come! 

I'm dressed for this event. Note gown to right. Corsets of...ooooui...stiff proportions, too!
Frederick Worth creation, circa 1880.
One needs a shot of gin wearing that all day. And these open knickers circa 1860, too! 

While we begin with many Regency authors, we will have contemporary too. And many of my pals write in many periods, so do stop by.

Show us your teapots, favorite teas, your corsets and...um...other unmentionables, maybe your Step-ins, too. (I have pix of men's step-ins that will elicit a giggle or an "OMG"

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Tina Donahue said...

OMG, the knickers. Thankfully, they're long gone. Great post.